OLTL Update Friday 7/26/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 7/19/02

By Laura

Allison is afraid that the car sounds are coming from a police car. Allison plans to leave Lindsay trapped, and hitchhike, but then the car stops and R.J. gets out. Allison yells at him for being late then lets Lindsay out of the tunnel. R.J. gives them money, car keys, fake I.D. cards, and an address for a safe place to stay, then starts to leave. Lindsay stops him when she reads the address and notices that it's Rae's house. R.J. swears that the house is empty. He explains that Rae's a fraud, which Allison says couldn't possibly be true, because she got her a free ticket out of St. Ann's. Lindsay asks R.J. about Tilly, but he denies it all. Allison decides that R.J. will go with she and the money, and Lindsay will take the car that R.J. came in, and they will meet at Rae's place. That way they'll know if R.J. is lying or not. They both agree, sirens wail, and the three escape, but something is dropped in the scurrying and thus left behind.

Blair is proud of herself for her plan, but worries when she calls the motel and they say they haven't heard from Nora yet. The man at the corner knows what he is to tell her if and when she does appear; the room needs a revolving door Troy has so many women coming and going from there. Nora calls Troy to invite him to dinner but he says he can't because he's agreed to work an extra shift since she was busy. Emily asks him why he's lying to Nora. Hank comes over to discuss Kerri's big news with Nora, unaware that she hadn't been informed yet. While he's there, they discuss Troy. She shows him the key and he asks her if he trusts Troy or not. She says that she didn't believe him that he's working that evening, but that of course she trusts him. Troy explains to Emily that he's planning a surprise romantic dinner for Nora at her home with a special chef.

Meanwhile, Sam and Matthew go to see Starr and Blair and to borrow some camping equipment. Starr invites them to the circus but Matthew says he can't because he's going with Dr. Troy. Once alone again, Blair calls Nora with a lame excuse, in attempt to find out why she hasn't been to the motel yet. Nora says she's in a hurry, on the way to deliver something to Troy's office before he gets out of surgery. A Sun reporter at the hospital tells Blair that Nora is there and Troy isn't. Nora puts the keys back but overhears a message being left on Troy's voice mail indicating that she is waiting for him at the hotel room.

Rae confronts Asa about his being thrilled for her demise. She says they both know that he's gloating because of his own sessions, that they both know she hit a nerve with him and was making progress.

Jen lashes out at Natalie. Natalie retaliates by explaining again that they are just friends and adding that Jen is too insecure, possessive, and jealous to truly appreciate what a great guy Cristian is and to realize that he could never cheat on someone. She reminds Jen that if she keeps it up, Cristian will run screaming in the opposite direction. After Natalie leaves, Jen wonders if she is really being too possessive, and cries in Al's arms. Al tells her to go find Cristian and work it out, but she admits she doesn't know where he is. Al offers to take her home, or to her father's house. Natalie calls Cristian who tells her that he'll meet her at the hotel after he finds evidence, and then he returns to his search. When Jen goes to freshen up, Rae confronts Al and tells him to watch out with Jen. He is very rude and insulting, telling her to get a life and adding that if he needed a shrink's advice, he'd go to a real one. Natalie comes back because she can't find her keys and makes a few comments at Al. After she leaves, Al finds her keys.

Nikki hears Cristian make a noise, but he hides until she leaves and then goes searching in the garden shed. Ben dreams about the gardener giving him the book on murder that Nikki left behind. Vicki tells Nikki that it is all going to be over soon, that she is going to come back, Ben is going to start remembering, and things are going to end badly for Nikki. Ben awakens and realizes that his dreams were actually memories. He screams for Vicki, causing Nikki to drop the poisoned bottle of wine. He tells her about the dream and then calls Bo. She takes the phone from him and insists that she be the one to call so he can rest. She pretends to call and find Bo temporarily away at the moment. She convinces him to take another nap. Meanwhile Cristian finds the 'bag of tricks.'

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