OLTL Update Thursday 7/25/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/25/02

By Laura

Nikki plots Ben’s murder. Rae comes over to inform Nikki of the new developments in her own life, which Nikki responds to with hysterical laughter until she realizes that the police may seize her own file. Nikki asks Rae to destroy the file because she doesn’t want anyone to know about letting Nikki Smith out. Asa walks in at the sound of that name. They throw him off, he throws a few insults in Rae’s direction, and she leaves. Then he tells Nikki his purpose for coming to Llanfair; to sit with Ben.  She persuades him to leave based on the fact that they always argue and Ben needs his rest, but Asa assures her that if Ben is still bad off the next day, he’s taking him back to the hospital.  

R.J. tries to leave to get to Lindsay’s aid, claiming he needs to get to the clubs books before the accountant does, but when Kerri insists on joining him he says he doesn’t have to go after all. He apologizes yet again for the past, and swears yet again that he’s changed, but adds that the past has a way of coming back to haunt him and that he hurt a woman they both know. She interrupts to inform him that the woman he must be talking about, her mother, will indeed be at the wedding, but has led a great life and harbors no resentment against R.J. Rae comes knocking before he has the chance to correct her. Kerri apologizes to Rae about the awards dinner. Rae asks her if they can stay friends, not demanding an answer right away, and half-jokingly warns R.J. to be careful about the past creeping up on you. After she leaves, Kerri tells R.J. that she doesn’t think she can still be friends with Rae. Kerri returns to her guest list but grows more and more tired. R.J. persuades her to go to sleep by promising that he’ll wake her up in time for the wedding television program that she’s been anticipating. Then he sets the VCR, changes the time on the clock, and unplugs the phone.   

Asa follows Rae, in order to gloat, and when she calls him on it, he admits to it.  

Lindsay is scared of what creatures may lurk in the escape tunnel, but braces the climb. Her foot gets stuck and Allison plans to leave her behind, but can’t get past her. Allison takes off Lindsay’s shoe to free her and they move again. Allison knows that they’re almost to the end when she sees a drawing that she made as a child. When they get out, R.J. isn’t there, and Allison thinks she’s been set up. Lindsay hides in the tunnel and Allison locks her in, feeling as though she’s been betrayed. The guard notices that they are gone, checks the tunnel, and asks for backup, realizing that the two have escaped.  

Cristian and Natalie play detective and become suspicious of Vicki. They begin to notice the pattern of all of Natalie’s strange behaviors being related to Vicki in one form or another. They decide that she’s been setting up Natalie all along, and that she even must own a red wig. Upon being asked, once again, Jessica assures Cristian that she’s sure it was Natalie she saw in the window. She also tells him about her mother’s call to her at that time. Meanwhile, Seth gets Natalie alone and tries to get her to admit to her foul play. Cristian intends to head to Llanfair, but is temporarily delayed by an angry girlfriend. He tells her about Antonio and Kerri, upon being asked, but says he has to go. He asks her, again, if he’s sure it was Natalie she saw that day at the shed, and she once again states that she’s sure. Jen gets frustrated being reminded that he’s still hung up on Natalie and swears that she won’t be there when Cristian comes home that night. He asks her to give him one more night and swears he’ll tell her everything tomorrow. She agrees to give it one more night only. After Cristian leaves for Llanfair, Jen corners Natalie and once again demands to know what secrets she’s keeping with Cristian and away from her. Meanwhile Cristian walks up to the shed, where Nikki is presently perusing the contents of ‘the bag of tricks’ including the wig, the bottle of wine, and the needle.

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