OLTL Update Wednesday 7/24/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/24/02

By Beth

Niki calls to remind Roxy to say she saw her at the nursery when Ben went out the window. Roxy agrees to help her, but she needs some advice. The makeover didn't go well and she's wondering what look she should try. Niki advises her not to let anyone tell her how she should look. She should just be herself; pretending to be someone else is hell. After hanging up, Niki says she wishes she could be herself. She goes to Ben, who's anxious to get out of the hospital and solve the mystery. He thinks he'll start remembering what happened as soon as he gets back into the bedroom. Niki doesn't want him to trouble himself over that. She had Lois prepare one of the guest rooms for him. Ben insists he's sleeping in their room. Renee stops by and Niki tells her she won't be using the nurse Renee and Asa hired to look after Ben. It's very important for her to do it all herself. While Renee visits with her son, Niki fantasizes about his death and her subsequent celebration. The nurse brings Ben out in a wheelchair, and he insists he won't have any peace until he remembers everything that happened. Niki assures him that nothing is more important than for him to be at peace.

Cristian and Natalie are going around to various nurseries, showing a photo of Viki at each one. There's only one more that would make sense, so they go there. The clerk recognizes Viki from the photo since she shops there all the time. They ask whether she was there on June 28, and the clerk knows without a doubt that she wasn't. In fact, she hasn't been in all summer, not even to pick up the rose bushes she ordered. They thank her for her help and leave. Cristian thinks it's obvious Niki knows a lot more about Ben's fall than she's admitting. Their next stop is the Mill House, where they insist on talking to Roxy about Niki's alibi. Natalie can't believe she really went to a garden center, but Roxy claims it was for Max's benefit. They ask her for the name of the nursery, and she names the one they just left. When they tell her what the clerk said, she says "he" is a jerk and dismisses them. Natalie wants to stay but Cristian says they got their answer. Then he asks what kind of flowers Roxy bought, and after thinking about it, she says it was "gerbilliums." There aren't any outside because she ended up killing them; she's the queen of black thumbs. After they leave, Roxy is glad she remembered the name of the flowers. Outside, Cristian suggests taking a photo of Roxy back to the nursery, but Natalie says that's unnecessary. She knows when Roxy's lying, and she was lying "from start to gerbilliums."

Blair slips the motel room key into the pocket of Troy's lab coat. At Blair's request, Nora shows up at Troy's office to talk about Rae. Troy doesn't like Blair's tone and says she should give Rae a break. Rae made a bad choice and has to live with it; that's tough enough without everyone persecuting her on top of it. When he goes to O.R., Nora uses his office to go over some files, and Blair stays to get in some digs. She doesn't understand why Nora cares about Rae after what she's done. Nora replies that her belief in fairness and justice help her sleep at night. Does Blair sleep well? Blair says people should get what they deserve. She goes home and calls Troy's office on the pretense of making sure Troy got the care instructions for his iguana. Nora doesn't see them on his desk, so Blair insists that she check his lab coat. Nora finds the instruction sheet and the motel room key.

Mrs. Sharp intends to put Lindsay in solitary for six months. Lindsay argues and tries to enlist Allison's help. Allison finally admits that Tillie was the one who attacked Lindsay, not the other way around. This doesn't change Mrs. Sharp's mind. Being in the hole could save Lindsay's life. If Tillie really wants her dead, she has plenty of friends who could do the job for her. Coming up with a plan to buy some time, Allison complains about having to do so much laundry all by herself. Mrs. Sharp agrees to leave Lindsay there for one hour, but she'll be back to take her to solitary when the hour's up. Allison gives Lindsay the cell phone and instructs her to call her contact, because they're making their escape now.

Sick with a bad cold, Keri is being pampered by both her fiance and her father. Antonio has to go to work, so she's staying at R.J.'s place and working on the guest list for the wedding. R.J. receives an urgent call from Lindsay, who needs him to be ready now. Plans have changed, and he has to meet them in an hour. He tries to get out of it but Lindsay threatens to tell everyone he was the source of the drug that she gave Nora. After R.J. orders a vehicle to be waiting at the old gas station in an hour, he and Keri sit down to work on the guest list.

As Lindsay removes the cover over their exit, Allison gets very excited about seeing Dave. Seeing rats inside, Lindsay screams and slams the cover back on. She can't bring herself to go in there with those rats. Allison informs her there's much worse than that in there; it's "a little nasty."

Niki takes Ben home but won't let him inside the room until she has finished setting things up. This statement stirs up a memory of the day he crashed through the window, but he doesn't remember enough, just a few words. Niki tries to stop him from remembering and he tells her to back off. He stares at the window and has some fleeting memories. As he tries to remember who was in the room with him, Niki gently informs him that it was Natalie. Ben is incredulous. He doesn't believe Natalie would have pushed him. Niki reminds him that he mentioned red hair. Besides, both Jessica and Rex saw Natalie in the room before he fell. Ben thinks something isn't right. He has a fuzzy memory of red hair but has a strong feeling it wasn't Natalie. Niki urges him to get some rest. Although he promises to remember what happened, she orders him not to strain. Leaving him alone, Niki has a change of plans. She had thought she could let him slowly slip away, but there's no time. She has to kill him now.


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