OLTL Update Tuesday 7/23/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/23/02

By Beth

Unable to bring himself to kill the crab for food, Todd shows it the photo of Jack and Starr and introduces it to his kids. He argues with himself over Tea. He's hungry but doesn't want to cooperate with Tea and Ross in order to obtain food. He holds a one-sided conversation with the crab and decides to go get all their food. He sets the crab on a rock in front of the kids' photo.

Tea is stunned at the news that the boat will hold only two of them and that Ross wants to leave Todd behind. Seeing the look on her face, Ross asks whether she's going with him or staying on the island with Todd. Tea says she can't go; she can't leave Todd by himself. Ross argues with her; of course she can leave Todd. She has to leave him. Tea insists he would never survive by himself. Ross points out that this is her one chance. There's only one boat and it's leaving now. He wants to know what her problem is. She says Todd will die. When he's hurt, he lashes out. He'll destroy everything, including himself. That's just the way he is. Ross reminds her that she's left him before, but she says it's different this time. Before, she knew he would survive. Now, she can't leave him. She's staying. Ross tells her to just admit that she loves Todd. Tea claims that she cares about him but isn't in love with him. She simply feels a sense of responsibility toward him. Ross reminds her that it was his own abilities that got her this far. She won't be able to survive on her own. Tea points out that she's watched him catch fish, and she knows where the fruit is. She also has his lighter. She knows he'll be back soon with help. Ross hands her the remainder of the food, insisting that she take it. Knowing she'll still be alive when he gets back will get him through. He sets off on his journey, promising he will make it. As she watches him ride into the ocean, Todd makes his presence known.

Blair recalls going to the sleazy motel and paying the clerk for his help. She's at the hospital, ready to see Troy, when Sam appears and asks what she's doing. She claims she's going to try to smooth things over with Troy for Starr's sake. Sam's glad Starr can turn to Troy, but Blair still doesn't like him because he broke up Sam and Nora's relationship, but Sam insists Troy couldn't have gotten between them if there hadn't already been a space for him to fill. They again talk about what good friends they are and how they would do anything for each other. When Sam leaves for his emergency meeting with the head of the hospital, Blair knocks on Troy's office door. He's wrapping up a phone call with Nora, who's at the student union. Seeing Blair, Troy accuses her of having a lot of nerve and asks what she wants. Did she come to apologize? Actually, she stopped by to give him some feeding and care instructions for the iguana Starr gave him. She does apologize for her behavior and thanks Troy for not saying anything to Sam about it. She asks whether he can forgive her someday, but Troy laughs at her nerve; she has no right to ask that of him. Blair claims she's ashamed of what she did. When he tells her she should have more self respect, she replies that his forgiveness might help. He reminds her that she isn't even attracted to him, and that she admitted only doing it for Sam and Nora. That was wrong of her, and he doesn't like to be manipulated. He's not one to hold grudges, but Blair needs to understand that he and Nora are a couple and that nothing will change that. She again asks him to forgive her, and he agrees. Blair claims that Sam has been in a lot of pain because of the breakup with Nora, and she found it easier to deal with his pain than with her own. Before leaving, Blair makes sure he has the instructions for his iguana, which he names Priscilla, after a girl from elementary school who used to stick her tongue out at him. They hug, and Blair slips the motel key into his pocket.

Wearing dark sunglasses and looking as if she wants to hide from the world, Rae carries a box of her belongings through the student union. Several students give her a hard time, with Shawna and Mollie as the ring leaders. Shawna calls her "Gretel" and asks where she's sneaking off to. The students surround her, chanting "Gretel." Nora hears the chanting and breaks it up, but the students don't leave. Hanging her head in shame, Rae is grateful to Nora for coming to her rescue. Shawna tells her off for her crimes against Shawna personally. Rae tells her not to worry, because the university fired her. Shawna announces that all the grades from Rae's courses are being changed to an "A." Several of the students are going together in a class-action suit against Rae and the university. They're suing for fraud, claiming they received an inferior education. Shawna advises Rae to get an attorney with a real degree. Rae turns to Nora, who says she can't represent her due to a conflict of interest. She's legal counsel to the university on retainer, and as such, she's obligated to represent them if they bring suit against Rae. She advises her friend to get the best attorney she can. At that moment, Sam shows up. Rae asks him to represent her but he can't do it either. He's representing the hospital, which is being sued in a class-action suit filed by a group of patients. Nora finally gets rid of the kids. Sam points out that the hospital will be suing Rae to recover any judgment paid to the patients. Rae is relieved that at least her malpractice insurance is paid up, but Sam alerts her to another potential problem. She obtained the policy fraudulently, so the insurer will probably refuse to cover this. Rae can't believe this is happening. Sam knows he shouldn't be telling her any of this, but he takes a chance as a friend and gives her a heads up. Rae tallies it all up; students, the university, her patients, and the hospital are all suing her, and her insurance will probably dump her. Is there anyone else she should know about?

Alone again, Rae picks up her box and starts to leave, but Shawna stops her. She has a going-away present for her--something from the campus store that had her name written all over it. She puts it on top of the box and walks away. Rae looks down to see the book, "When Smart People Fail."

Gabrielle calls Joel Miranda, the publicist who offered her a substantial bribe to write a glowing article about one of his clients. She tells him they can do business, but she must have the full payment before writing the article. The man agrees to meet with her, then turns to Asa and informs him that she took the bait. Asa isn't surprised; he knew she would. He gives him a tape recorder with instructions to get every word on tape. Joel goes to Gabrielle's office, clarifying exactly what their business is. Gabrielle agrees to give his client a glowing review in return for the "gratuity." She wouldn't normally do this, but she has no choice. She desperately needs the money. She takes the envelope from his hand. As soon as she says the word "payoff," Bo enters her office and verifies that a payoff has occurred. Thanks to the wire worn by Joel, Asa is listening to the entire conversation, and he's tickled pink at his son's arrival on the scene. Now he won't even need to use the tape! He can't believe what happens next. Bo arrests Joel Miranda for bribery. The man claims it's her word against his, but Bo sets him straight. Gabrielle went to him after their first conversation and agreed to wear a wire. The tape is all the evidence a jury will need. He'll probably pull a two-year sentence. Bo calls Officer Murphy inside to mirandize Mr. Miranda. He thinks he and Gabrielle make a good team, and she agrees. The officer informs him that the man is also wearing a wire. Bo chuckles, realizing exactly what's going on. He goes to the microphone and says, "Nice try, Pa!" Asa's been foiled again! The officer takes his prisoner in for questioning, and Gabrielle asks how Bo can be sure of Asa's involvement. Bo laughs; this is Asa's M.O. The man didn't speak up because Asa pays his operatives very well. Bo admits it will be hard to prove, but he really wants to have Asa prosecuted for this. This makes Gabrielle wish she had taken care of it herself instead of involving the police. She admits she thought about taking the money, but she's started looking at herself through Bo's eyes, and the Gabrielle he sees wouldn't take the money.

Tillie's hands are around Lindsay's throat, strangling her. Lindsay sees first Sam's face taunting her, then Troy's, and finally Nora's. This gives her renewed determination to live. She fights off Tillie and runs, trying in vain to get out a locked door. Tillie goes after her and clamps a hand over her mouth as she tries to scream for help. Suddenly Allison is in the laundry room and orders Tillie to stop. Tillie refuses, threatening to make Allison next if she interferes. Allison leaves them alone. Lindsay gets away again, and two guards rush in and grab Tillie while Mrs. Sharp guards Lindsay. She wants to know what's going on. Tillie claims Lindsay went after her with a shiv. Allison gets a kick out of this. The guards drag Tillie off to solitary, and Mrs. Sharp tells Allison and Lindsay to stay put. Lindsay is grateful to Allison for saving her life, thinking Allison must really consider her a friend. Allison simply explains that she wouldn't be able to escape if Lindsay were dead. Lindsay says it's more important than ever that they escape as soon as possible. If Tillie gets another chance, she'll come after both of them. Mrs. Sharp returns with the news that Tillie is in lockdown, and now Lindsay is going there too. Lindsay doesn't want to go, and asks her cellmate to intervene, but Allison tries to signal her to let it go.

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