OLTL Update Monday 7/22/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 7/22/02

By Beth

Ross leads a blindfolded Tea to the boat he found. She's ecstatic at the prospect of getting off the island. She even kisses him on the mouth and hugs him. Once they're back at the cave, however, she learns that Ross isn't going to include Todd in their plans because there's only enough room on the boat for two people. Seeing the look on her face, Ross asks her whether she'll be leaving with him on the boat or staying behind.

Todd catches a crab and takes it back to the bunker to eat, but he finds that he doesn't have the heart to kill it. Lying down, he looks at the picture of his kids and admits that he may have come all this way just to die.

R.J. tells Keri he's going to miss her when she moves out. He likes having family around. Keri reminds him that he'll have even more family once she marries into the Vegas, but of course he didn't need reminding. He insists on throwing an engagement party at Capricorn. Keri doesn't want him to go to all that trouble when she already has a big favor to ask. She would like him to walk her down the aisle. R.J. is very pleased and agrees to do it. Hank stops by at Keri's request and is happy to hear about her engagement to Antonio. While Keri makes iced tea, he and R.J. talk about how they took different paths growing up, and Hank says he wishes things had been different. He always loved his brother, and now that Keri is in his life, maybe R.J. really can change. It's obvious that he wants to; he's a good man, and Hank is proud of him. R.J. is uncomfortable with this talk.

Lindsay is at work in the laundry room when the lights go out. She assumes it's another blackout and decides to continue with her task until Allison comes back for their escape. In the dark, Tillie darts from one hiding place to another. Lindsay gets spooked when she hears a noise, and when she opens the door to leave, Tillie is blocking her exit. Tillie backs her enemy inside the laundry room as Lindsay begs her not to hurt her. Tillie laughs. She isn't going to hurt her. She's going to kill her. It's just another job, but it's one she'll really enjoy doing. Lindsay confronts her about who put out the hit on her, insisting it must have been R.J. Not willing to point the finger at him, Tillie claims that all the girls on the block, and some of the guards as well, went together on it. As payment, Tillie will get enough cigarettes for two lifetimes. As she taunts Lindsay and backs her up against a wall, she puts her hands around her throat and begins to strangle her.

Cristian questions Jessica about Viki's whereabouts when Ben went through the window. Just because she said she was calling from the nursery doesn't mean she was really there. Jessica doesn't appreciate his questions. Niki overhears part of the conversation and decides to interrupt. She asks to speak to Cristian alone, at which time she orders him to stop interfering. Everyone else knows that Natalie was the one who pushed Ben, but she has Cristian fooled. Cristian doesn't buy this at all. He's very suspicious of the way "Viki" is acting, as well as some of the things she says. Niki gets rid of him and tells herself he'd better watch out before something bad happens to him, because accidents are going around. Jessica comes in and asks what's going on with Cristian. Niki says it's obviously Natalie's influence. On the phone with Ben's nurse, Niki feigns friendliness, then when Jessica leaves, goes back to her normal self.

At Break Bar, Al continues to harass Natalie, accusing her of trying to break up Jen and Cristian. Natalie points out that he's the guilty party in that regard. Al wants to know what the catfight was about, and he becomes even more irate when Natalie tells him that Jen started it. He wants to know what the secret is between her and Cristian. When she won't tell him, he feels justified in his belief that they're messing around behind Jen's back. She decides not to deal with him anymore, but as she turns to leave, he asks whether she really pushed Ben out the window. Natalie didn't expect this and doesn't know what to say. Al insists he's right about everything. Having had enough, Natalie storms out of the bar. As soon as she gets out the door, she gets a call from Cristian, who wants to meet her as soon as possible. She agrees, and Al follows her to the park. As she and Cristian talk, Al lurks in the background. Natalie is upset because she truly believes she must have pushed Ben out the window, and she's afraid of what she might do next. Cristian still says he knows she didn't do it. There's something strange going on with Viki. He just has a gut feeling about it.

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