OLTL Update Friday 7/19/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 7/19/02

By Laura

Lindsay starts to cry and complain because the passageway is locked. Allison asks her if she comes in "any other flavors other than pathetic and pushy" and informs her that there's one more way out. They check, and it's not locked. Yet elsewhere, R.J. is asking Tilly to kill Lindsay. Although she's surprised that it has to be done that day, she's more than willing to oblige. Lindsay suspects something when Tilly stares her down but holds all verbal attacks, yet she doesn't catch on. Allison heads out, to finalize the plans, while Tilly plans her attack. The power goes out and Tilly lurks in a room alone with Lindsay.

Roxy gets a makeover, fantasizes about what Max's reaction will be, and then rushes home to make her dreams come true. He doesn't notice, but when she points it out, he gives her a semi-compliment. Then R.J. comes over and she overhears Max tell him what he really thinks of the makeover. When Roxanne runs out all upset, Max couldn't care less and changes the subject asking R.J. if he has fixed his 'problem'. He assures Max that he has, and that he could not have avoided a fight so he decided to 'get his shots in first'.

Max discusses Jen with Al, in attempt to get him to leave her alone. Al insists he knows what he's doing and asks to be left alone. Meanwhile, Jen and Natalie argue over Cristian. When Natalie tries again to leave, Jen pushes her. Natalie starts to fight back, but Al walks in and she chooses to escape instead. Jen falls into Al's arms and he holds and comforts her. Then Al goes after Natalie who turns the tables, naming Al as the one who truly wishes to break up Jen and Cristian.

At his bedside, Nikki asks Ben if he remembers anything yet, but he doesn't. Then she asks Bo about the investigation, who responds by interrogating her. He asks her where she was the night of the fall, and if she saw anyone there. After trying to be evasive, she tells him she was at the nursery, and that Roxanne Balsam saw her there. She adds that she and Ben had worked out their differences just before his fall. When Nikki once again accuses Natalie of attempted murder, Bo is truly surprised that she feels that way. Bo overhears Jessica tell her mother that Natalie has agreed to move out. After they leave, Bo and Hank discuss the list of calls Ben made on the day he fell, and the fact that one of them was to Natalie.

Cristian assures Jessica of Natalie's innocence, who isn't buying it and accuses him of siding against her in order to side with Natalie, despite his protestation. Rex overhears and asks Cristian if he really believes in Natalie's innocence. Then they begin to discuss Vicki, and all that Rex has observed. Nikki walks in on the discussion and Rex quickly disappears. She confronts Cristian, accusing him of causing trouble for the family as he's done in the past, and meddling into personal family affairs. She tries to find out what Rex told him and adds that if Rex mentioned that she and Ben were having marital problems before the fall, then he's a liar. Nikki then calls Roxanne to make sure she has the story straight, which she doesn't. And lastly, Nikki confronts Rex, who walks away instead of answering her questions regarding what he and Ben talked about on the day of the fall.

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