OLTL Update Thursday 7/18/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/18/02

By Laura

Al refuses to take his mother's job offer at the Banner. And he assures her that she has no need to be concerned for him because Jen and Cristian are going to break up very soon. She tries to talk some sense into him, but he refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Asa instructs Claire to put the squeeze on Gabrielle. Asa tells Claire that Gabrielle does stupid things in desperate situations and that this time he's going to help it along. He then gives an envelope to a man who next shows up at Gabrielle's office door. He offers her an envelope full of money to write a favorable article about a designer whose work Gabrielle believes to be atrocious. She agrees to consider it, and to call him when she's made a decision.

Cristian immediately calls Natalie upon awakening. Jen eavesdrops and gets angry. Cristian asks her not to be angry but they fight anyway. The phone rings and its Antonio, asking he and Jen to come to the diner because he has some news for them. She tells Cristian to go alone after she asks him to never see Natalie again, and he gets silent in refusal. Al calls Jen and tells her that he's coming over. But Natalie beats him to it, and Jen politely invites her in, planning to unleash her hostility upon her.

Jessica tells Natalie that Ben doesn't remember anything but insists that she move out of Llanfair. She assures Natalie that everyone knows she's guilty, but she disagrees, stating that Cristian believes in her. After putting up a small fight, Natalie deals with Jessica's cruelty long enough to agree to move out of the house, and then leaves. Cristian comes over, to see Natalie, and Jessica stops him. She informs him that Natalie has moved out and he defends her once again.

R.J. dreams that Kerri thinks he's the perfect father, until her husband arrests him, and then she professes her undying hatred toward him. Kerri and Antonio tell Carlotta about the engagement and she is thrilled. Cristian arrives and they momentarily celebrate before Kerri leaves, to visit her father. After Antonio makes his little brother spill that he and Jen aren't doing so well, Carlotta makes the elder son admit that being R.J.'s son-in-law will not be easy. He swears he'll make it work though, anything for Kerri. Kerri asks R.J. to forget the past, concentrate on the future, and give her away at her wedding. He had been about to explain his current situation, but at that point could no longer confess. He agrees with a smile to walk her down the isle, but then remembers his dream and begins to panic. He calls Tilly and asks her to make Lindsay disappear, permanently.

Lindsay lies to Allison about Ben's condition getting better so that they will still escape, and then they discuss the details. Lindsay assures her that R.J. will not fall through, then calls to finalize. Allison shows Lindsay the escape door, and finds it to be locked.

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