OLTL Update Wednesday 7/17/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/17/02

By Beth

Troy is ready to tell Sam exactly what Blair did, but then Starr asks why he's mad at her mother. Troy assures her that they were just yelling about politics. He says he stopped by to thank Starr for his iguana, but she wasn't home. She gives him her "killer whale hug" before he leaves. Blair walks him out and thanks him for not saying anything. Troy explains that he did that for Starr's sake. He's crazy about her, but he doesn't think much of her mother. She asks whether he's going to tell Nora and Sam, but he declines to answer. Starr goes upstairs to set up her headless doll collection, which is the largest is the world. She wants Sam to see it. Sam asks Blair for the truth about what she and Troy were arguing about, and she says it was about him and Nora. She tells part of the story, saying Troy came over to see Starr and she laid into him about breaking up Sam and Nora. Sam doesn't like this and tells her to butt out. Starr returns with the news that her headless doll collection is ready, so Sam goes to check it out.

Nora goes back to Troy's loft, but he isn't there. Emily stops by to talk to her brother after her disastrous date with Chad. The two woman talk about Troy, and Emily mentions that although he's a good listener most of the time, there are exceptions. When he's mad at someone, he refuses to listen, and then he gets even. Troy arrives home just as Emily prepares to leave. She promises to call him in the morning. Nora explains that her date didn't go well. He's curious as to why Nora is back from the banquet so soon, and she says she'll tell him later. He says he went to see Starr, who turned out to be at the banquet. He says he and Blair just talked about Starr. While he takes a shower, Nora calls Blair, who assumes she's going to bawl her out. Instead, Nora wants her to have her paper back off. Nora can't believe Blair doesn't know what happened at the awards ceremony. She fills her in, and Blair is stunned. She promises to have the paper back off.

Blair realizes that Troy didn't tell Nora about what happened earlier. She decides to take full advantage of that. Sam returns and reminds her that she should butt out. Blair later goes to a motel with a reputation for being discreet. She tells the clerk she needs his help, and pulls out a wad of money.

Lindsay tells Allison that everything is set for them to break out of Statesville tomorrow. Allison comments on the strangeness of life. She thought she'd grow old and gray here, and now she's going to be with Dave on the outside. She actually has some hope. One of the guards brings her the paper, and she sees the shocking story about Ben's fall through the window. Lindsay reads the newspaper article aloud as Allison tries to sort it out. She doesn't know how he could have gone through a window. Now everything has changed. He's in a coma, and there's no reason to escape anymore. Lindsay tries to reason with her. Allison realizes that Niki must have pushed him out the window.

Keri goes to see R.J. upon returning from Hawaii. She happily informs him that she and Antonio are engaged. R.J. is shocked and tries to hide his displeasure. R.J. congratulates Antonio, who says Keri was shocked by his proposal. R.J. says any sane person would be, since they've known each other such a short time.

Lindsay feels sorry for herself as Allison paces in the background, ranting, raving, and throwing her fist in the air. Allison is afraid Niki will kill Dave while he's in the hospital, and there's nothing she can do about it. Lindsay informs her that she may be his only hope. She has to get out and protect Dave! Lindsay calls R.J. and starts speaking as soon as the phone is picked up. She says that everything's set for tomorrow.

Keri answers the phone while R.J. is in the kitchen. She asks the caller to identify herself, and Lindsy hangs up. Keri thinks they simply got disconnected. Keri tells R.J. about the call, which makes Antonio suspicious. After they leave, R.J. calls Lindsay, who says the escape is set for tomorrow. R.J. tries to come up with a way out of this.

At the hospital, Niki rails at Natalie in front of everyone else, trying to make the others believe she's guilty. Both Cristian and Bo try to stop her. Bo insists that he's in charge of the investigation and he can't have her questioning Natalie. Ben tells Larry that he remembers something. Larry informs Niki, who becomes upset. She thought there was no chance of him remembering anything. She blocks the door so that Bo can't go inside. She claims she's afraid Ben will have a relapse, but Larry insists that won't happen. Bo is going in there to talk to him. Natalie takes Rex aside to talk about what happened. He admits he saw red hair in the window. Jessica can't understand why her mother isn't dying to know what Ben remembers. Ben tells Bo he just remembered something from his fall. Niki turns to flee and runs into Cristian. Bo finds Niki and asks her to step inside Ben's room. Ben doesn't want to talk unless she's present. Ben says he remembers the sound of glass breaking. He also remembers red hair. Niki latches onto that and demands that Bo arrest Natalie.

After talking to Rex, Natalie runs off to be alone. Cristian goes after her. He tells again that he has no doubt that she's innocent.

Bo isn't going to arrest anyone; he doesn't have enough evidence. Besides, he doesn't think Natalie did this. She goes to get away, and she enters a room just as Natalie comes in from outside with Cristian. She tells Natalie that she doesn't need to know what Ben said--yet. Bo will tell her when he's ready. Natalie leaves, and Niki talks to herself happily, unaware that Cristian is watching her. Seeing him, she makes an excuse and says she's going back to Ben's room. Cristian is very suspicious of her behavior. He finds Natalie and tells her he thinks something's going on with her mother.


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