OLTL Update Tuesday 7/16/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/16/02

By Beth

When Nora introduces Rae as Llanview's Woman of the Year, Asa stands up and calls out, "Dr. Ray Cummings is a man." Renee and Nora both try to stop him, but he won't be stopped. Asa says he's the sanest person in the whole room, no thanks to that fraud. Confused, Nora thinks he's saying that Rae isn't a therapist but that she is a man. She tells him this is outrageous. Gretel Rae contradicts her and makes a startling confession. She steps down from the stage and walks over to Asa, holding up his copy of the Sun. The front page exposes her as a fraud. Roxy misunderstands and thinks Rae had a sex change, and she tries to get Max to bet $20 that she's right. She mentions Rae's square head and spiky hair as proof she used to be a man. Gabrielle is getting a kick out of their antics. Rae announces that she has never been a therapist. She explains how she came to be known as Dr. Rae Cummings, as Asa continues to heckle her. Hank finally puts a stop to it, telling him to be quiet or be thrown out. Sam thinks it's time to get Starr out of there before she hears something too "adult" for her. She understands that she doesn't deserve the award.

Rae asks Nora to forgive her someday, but Nora doesn't know what to say. She told Rae so many personal things. Rae promises she would never betray her, but Nora walks away in silence. Hank approaches his date and asks what he should call her: Rae or Gretel. He's very disappointed, because he thought they were heading toward a relationship. He advises her to get a lawyer, because he may have to file criminal charges against her. Renee gently approaches Rae to offer support. She has a past of her own, and it's not her place to judge others for the choices they've made. She tells her friend to keep her chin up and start over; it doesn't get any worse than it is right now. Roxy wants the award and thinks Max should get it for her. Before walking away, he tells her he doesn't like her one bit. Gabrielle tells her he's just afraid of his feelings; he's really crazy about her. She suggests that Roxy get a makeover if she wants Max to show his feelings. When no one's looking, Roxy takes the award for herself. Gloating, Asa asks Gretel to autograph his newspaper.

Sam brings Starr to the coffee shop. She's glad she doesn't have to be afraid anymore. She was afraid of having her head shrunk by Rae. Starr goes to tell off the counter person for not giving her double whipped cream as she ordered.

Chad is waiting for Emily at the coffee shop. When she's a half hour late, he assumes she's not coming after all. As he stands up to leave, she arrives and apologizes for being so late. They talk about second chances, and Emily admits she's done a few things in her time. Chad promises there's nothing else she can find out. Seeing Sam, he inquires about Blair. Sam spouts off his version of what happened the night he found the two of them in the alley. Starr returns and Sam decides it's time to leave. Chad turns around and sees Emily, who heard every word Sam said. He asks for a third chance, and she decides she's just too busy to spend any time with him.

Cristian insists he isn't going to leave Natalie to deal with this alone. He wants to help her. Overcome with passion, he kisses her, and it's very mutual. Afterward, he apologizes, but Natalie tells him he doesn't have to say anything. She wants him to leave, but he still refuses. She gets a call from Rex, who says that Ben is awake and talking. Natalie is convinced Ben will tell everyone that she pushed him out the window, but Cristian will never believe that.

Bo calmly informs Ben that he's in the hospital, and asks whether there's anything Ben would like to tell him. Ben looks at Niki and says she was in his dream. Bo asks who was with Ben when he went through the window, but Ben doesn't remember anything about it. Niki thinks he'll never remember, but Larry contradicts her. He may yet remember, although the longer it takes, the less likely it is.

Rex defends Natalie, and although Jessica claims to hope she's innocent, the smug look on her face says otherwise. Cristian and Natalie are back at the hospital. When Natalie promises not to tell Jen about their kiss, Rex overhears and takes his sister aside. He's protective of Natalie but she assures him that Cristian isn't a player. She peeks into Ben's room and asks him how he's doing. Niki keeps her out. Jessica refuses to believe Natalie could be innocent, and she can't believe the others are sticking up for her. In front of all of them, Niki accuses Natalie of hurting Ben.

After taking a quick swim in the pool, Troy towels himself off, unaware that Blair is on the prowl. He turns around and finds her behind him, wearing only a towel that she quickly lets drop to the ground. Troy is stunned. Blair asks whether he sees anything he likes. He tells her he's with Nora, but Blair replies that she doesn't see Nora anywhere. She begins to kiss him. Troy pulls away and tells her to put on some clothes, but she says she doesn't have any. He makes her cover up with a towel. She insists he must find her attractive, and he admits she's a beautiful woman but that he isn't interested. He's in love with Nora. Blair accuses him of not being entirely truthful; she knows he wants her. Troy realizes that Starr isn't really upstairs with Hedy after all. Blair planned this, and he wants to know why.

In the house, Blair tries to keep Troy from leaving. She claims to feel rejected. Troy admits he had a feeling she was interested in him but he tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, for Starr's sake. He's crazy about that little girl. But what Blair's asking is just too much. He tells her not to hold out any hope that they'll ever be together. This sets Blair off. Not seeing her own hypocrisy, she talks about his ego in thinking she would want him. She doesn't want him. She did this for Sam! Troy calls her on it and she changes her story, but he won't let up. He wants the truth. He figures it out and traps her into admitting it. When he says this is sick, she turns it around on him and reminds him of what he did to Lindsay. Sam brings Starr home and asks what all the shouting is about. Furious, Troy is ready to tell him. Blair stands there trying to look innocent and fails miserably.

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