OLTL Update Monday 7/15/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 7/15/02

By Beth

Blair prepares for her next attempt to seduce Troy away from Nora. She bought up all the remaining tickets for the Woman of the Year banquet so that Troy wouldn't be able to attend with Nora. She tells Starr to go put on a pretty dress for when Sam arrives.

After making love with Troy, Nora remembers she has to speak at the Woman of the Year banquet and can't stick around any longer. She tries to buy an extra ticket for Troy but learns that it's sold out--which has never happened before. He points out that she could always skip the banquet, but she insists she has to be there. It's always been a fiasco, but this year it will be fine, because Rae is such a great choice. After she leaves, Troy phones Blair and says they won't be there for Starr's pool party after all. When he admits that he won't be accompanying Nora to the banquet because he couldn't get a ticket, Blair urges him to come to the pool anyway, using a potentially disappointed Starr as the bait. Troy agrees he wouldn't want to disappoint her and decides he can be there after all.

Sam arrives wearing a tux and tells Starr she looks ravishing. Blair, on the other hand, is wearing a bathrobe and claims to be feeling a bit under the weather. This is the first Starr has heard about that. Blair claims she'd really like to be there since Rae has been such an important person in her life, but she simply doesn't feel like going. She wants Sam to take Starr to the banquet. A bit perturbed, he agrees and sends Starr to get a little package he brought. While she's gone, Sam confronts Blair. He knows the real reason she doesn't want to go; she wants to avoid questions about Todd. Starr returns with the package, which contains a corsage, and he pins it on her dress before they leave for the banquet.

Blair is determined to repay Sam for all he's done for her. She sets the scene with dimmed lights and mood music. When Troy arrives, she says that Starr is upstairs with Hedy and that he should go on out and enjoy the pool. After he takes a quick swim, he emerges from the pool and starts to dry off. Blair appears behind him wearing nothing but a towel, which she drops to the ground. Stunned, Troy doesn't seem remotely amused.

The banquet site is a veritable hub of activity. Asa is on the phone with his informant at the Sun. He's planning to pay a lot for this juicy piece of information. He wants a photographer and a reporter at the banquet. Renee can't believe her eyes; Asa is there, even though he swore he'd never put on a monkey suit on Rae's behalf. Asa claims he's celebrating Ben's improvement. Gretel Rae contemplates the recent turn of events and is glad that she's done at least some good. Hank, her date, says he has a surprise for her after the ceremony. Nora tells Rae that her client list will probably double and she won't have time for anything else. Rae assures her she'll always have time for her friends. Max approaches Nora, who tells him to be patient about his divorce. Roxy arrives on the scene. Gabrielle approaches Max to talk about Al's obsession with Jen, saying she thinks he needs professional help. When Max refuses to take her seriously, Gabrielle says she'll just have to talk to Rae herself. Overhearing this, Roxy thinks maybe Rae could give her and Max some marriage counseling. Nora tells Hank it's obvious he's interested in Rae, and although he doesn't admit it, he doesn't deny it either. Nora says she's probably one of the only women who can live to up his high standards. Sam thanks Asa for taking care of Ben. When Starr expresses her opinion that the banquet is boring, Asa tells her to be patient; it's going to get "real fun real soon." Her imagination runs wild as she conjures up a fantasy of being given the award for saving the man on the wheel. Rae tells herself that she may lose all her friends but at least she'll still have her dignity since she'll be the one who will tell them the truth. If they hear it from her, they might actually understand. Renee asks Asa to say a few words about Rae since she helped him accept Ben. She's hoping Asa will change.

Renee asks everyone to be seated, and it's obvious that although the banquet was sold out, many seats are empty. Nora begins her speech, referring to Rae as both highly trained and a consummate professional. Three words come to mind to describe Rae: integrity, honesty, and character. Asa is looking at Rae with amusement. Nora continues. Knowing Rae has been such an honor and privilege; she's a true credit to her profession. As she introduces Rae, to everyone's astonishment, Asa stands up and announces, "Dr. Ray Cummings is a man."

At the hospital, Jessica, Cristian, Rex, and Seth still await word on Ben's condition. Jessica constantly makes snide remarks accusing Natalie of being the one who pushed Ben out the window. Natalie gets enough of this and decides to leave, and Cristian follows. Ben has an episode but Larry responds with Diazepam. Ben opens his eyes and weakly speaks.

Niki removes some cash hidden in the fireplace and prepares to leave. Opening the door, she finds Bo on the other side. He heard that Ben is coming out of his coma and starting to talk. He questions the suitcase, but Niki says she was taking it to Ben. Bo gets a phone call and Niki silently urges him to leave. He returns with news that it was Larry, who said that Ben is out of his coma and talking. Niki faints. Bo carries her to the couch and puts a damp cloth on her forehead. When she comes to, he tells her she should go to the hospital and find out what Ben is saying. He won't let her go by herself; he insists on taking her. Her opportunity to escape gone, she decides to leave the suitcase in the house. They return to the hospital, where Jessica asks Niki whether she brought the fuzzy dice, but Niki claims she couldn't find them. Bo looks confused. Larry appears and says that Ben has been asking for Viki. Bo wants to go in as well, and Larry consents but cautions him not to pressure Ben. Niki throws herself against the door and says she can't go in. She's just too emotional. That couldn't be good for Ben. Bo and Larry think just seeing her will do him good. She reluctantly agrees, and they go inside.

Having followed Natalie all the way to the grounds of Llanfair, Cristian says he wanted to make sure she didn't decide to just take off. She admits she thought about it but she's too scared. What if she were alone in a strange town and one of her other personalities took over? Cristian chides her for believing she really has D.I.D. when she hasn't even seen a doctor about it. Whatever happens, he'll be there for her. She says she doesn't deserve him. She's always had a split personality. Two people have always lived inside her: one who scoffs at the idea of love and always wants to fight every second to get what she wants, and one that wants to be loved and accepted. Cristian says she's definitely the latter now and probably always has been. She reminds him of the Natalie who almost killed Ben. She challenges him to look her in the eyes and tell her he knows for a fact that she didn't do it. He meets her challenge; he's completely sure. Natalie can't say the same. She thinks it's probably her last night of freedom; she'll probably be arrested or institutionalized. She asks him to promise not to visit her. She wants to say their goodbyes now, but Cristian isn't going anywhere. He grabs her face and kisses her passionately.

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