OLTL Update Friday 7/12/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 7/12/02

By Laura

Ross throws the grenade back toward Todd and Tea follows Todd to find out what on earth is the matter with him. Todd refuses to deal with her and she walks back to the cave, hand in hand with
Ross. Ross and Tea discuss his childhood, and the reason he knows how to survive on an island. He swears he'll do whatever it takes to get her home and then Todd comes out of the shadows
and interrupts to ask if Ross will help him too. Ross threatens Todd and Tea asks to speak to him alone. Todd asks her why she's with Ross, and she comes to the conclusion that Todd's jealous. She urges him to forget the past because Ross can help both of them, but he refuses because she's 'trying to make him jealous' and he wants nothing to do with her after what she's done to him. Walking along the beach, Ross throws the grenade into the water, and it explodes. Out of surprise he trips, and discovers a rope. He follows it to a small boat.

Jessica explains her reasons to Al as to why she believes that it is Natalie pushed Ben. Gabrielle comes to the hospital and once again is cornered by 'collection-agent-Claire". After dodging Claire to the best of her ability, she runs into Al who is all to happy to inform her that he has a way of getting Jen and its because of Natalie's DID.

Natalie stops Bo and although Cristian tries to interfere, she assures him that she has to tell Bo
before she hurts somebody else too. So Bo insists on speaking to Natalie alone and accuses Cristian of obstructing justice/interfering with a police investigation. As they argue over whether or not he is going to leave Natalie's side, a nurse comes and tells them that Ben is waking up. Bo heads toward his brother, and to solving the crime, as Cristian stays behind to urge Natalie not to tell Bo anything because she didn't do it. She falls into his arms out of appreciate for his faith in her. Meanwhile, Bo tells Hank that Natalie is going to talk.

Vikki is adamant that she doesn't want to be there when Ben wakes up. She plays it off as being because she doesn't want Larry giving her false hope. When he assures her that he is not, that Ben is actually about to wake up, her next excuse to leave is that she needs to go home to get her fuzzy dice for Ben. Asa offers to get them so that she can stay, but she says he'll never find them. Jessica offers to take her home to get them and refuses to take no for an answer. When her mother snaps at her, Jessica wants to know what's wrong with her. Nikki explains that she's overwhelmed and wants to be alone. Eventually, Jessica backs off enough to leave and return to the hospital. Finally alone, Nikki packs a suitcase, grabs some cash, and opens the door in a
hurry to leave, but is stopped by the sight of Bo standing right there in front of her. 

Antonio proposes marriage and when Kerri's response is a hesitant "We haven't known each other for very long," he gets very nervous. Antonio agrees to wait, but Kerri informs him that he doesn't need to, because she will definitely marry him. R.J. calls Kerri's hotel in an attempt to get her to stay longer so he can break Lindsay out of jail, and although she gives hints, she doesn't tell her father about her engagement.  When Antonio asks why not she says she wants to tell her father in person. They celebrate their love as Rae worries and writes.

Rae calls Hank from the airplane, mainly in an attempt to discover whether or not Llanview
has discovered her secret yet. When Hank responds by excitedly discussing tonight's woman of the year award ceremony, Rae begins writing her acceptance speech. She remembers Antonio's
words as she plans her speech, and hopes that no one will find out before the awards ceremony. When Renee leaves Asa's side to go prepare for the evening's awards dinner, Asa gets a tip from the Sun claiming it's regarding Rae.

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