OLTL Update Thursday 7/11/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/11/02

By Laura

Kerri and Antonio spend a romantic day together and at the end of it, Antonio proposes marriage.

R.J. and Lindsay throw threats at one another until Nora arrives. Lindsay tells Nora that she has some information for her and Nora almost gets out the door before Lindsay adds that it's about the memory drug. Nora's curious enough to stay and is also curious about why R.J. would be visiting Lindsay. With a little push from the reluctant R.J, Lindsay tells Nora that R.J. is thinking about buying the art gallery.

Al asks Natalie why she was talking to Cristian about DID. Natalie says they were discussing DID because she was concerned about her mother, and then gets onto Al for trying to break up Jen and Cristian, but Al is convinced that Natalie wants the same thing. Cristian and Jen argue over Natalie and the fact that Cristian is keeping secrets from Jen because of her. Natalie asks Jen not to blame Cristian, but Jen still falls into Al's arms for support. Jen tells Al about the episode with Natalie at Llanfair. Cristian assures a concerned Natalie that he and Jen will be fine, but Natalie claims she can't let Cristian do this. She plans to tell Bo everything. And when Bo comes looking for Vicki, Natalie stops him in his search, stating that she has something to tell him.

Nikki prays, in the hospital church, that Ben dies. When Roxy arrives on Nikki's beck and call, Nikki asks her to pray for Ben too. Then she asks Roxy to cover for her and say that she saw Vicki at Burns' Nursery during the time of Ben's fall. Roxy agrees, if Vicki will get her into the country club. Jessica sees he mothers in discussion and breaks it up. After Roxy leaves, Jessica and Nikki discuss their shared belief that Natalie pushed Ben. Nikki asks her to tell Bo everything she saw, and everything Natalie's ever done. When Jessica and Al finally find one another, Jessica divulges that she knows Natalie pushed Ben.

Bo, at Ben's side, tells stories about his childhood, swears he'll get to the bottom of who did this to him, and begs him to wake up so they can start being brothers. Asa and Renee come in and they share a family moment before Ben starts to flatline. Once outside, and joined with the mourning widow-to-be, the family fears that Ben has lost the fight. Larry comes out and tells them not only is Ben's heart working, but he's starting to wake up.

Ross accuses Tea of being crazy over Todd but she denies it. They hear a noise, assume that it's Todd, and Ross leaves out some food for him. Ross admits to being in trouble with the feds (for stock trades) and to being wanted in three states. He also admits to steering the boat into the storm to escape those who were chasing him. At first Tea is very angry, but it all quickly subsides as she remembers that neither her nor Todd are squeaky clean and trouble-free. She admits to Ross that she accepted five million dollars from Todd to marry him and try to get Starr from Blair. When she says she'd give all the money back to have never met Todd, the eavesdropper takes out the hand grenade. He holds it tight as the two talk, and Tea accidentally burns herself in her fit over being stranded. When Ross takes her hand, to try to make it feel better, Todd takes his to the grenade, and throws it at them.

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