OLTL Update Wednesday 7/10/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/10/02

By Beth

Troy and Nora go to his office, where they find a gift that has been left for him. It's imperfectly wrapped in fun, somewhat juvenile wrapping paper with an insect design. They look at it cautiously and decide that Troy will have to open it. He carefully unwraps one end and looks inside. He knows who it's from: Starr. It's an iguana. Troy thinks it's really cute, but Nora doesn't want to be anywhere near it. As she leaves to get ready for an appointment at Statesville, Troy gets a kiss from her and tries to get her to kiss the iguana.

At the pay phone, Lindsay calls R.J. after insisting that the guard give her some privacy. R.J. is less than thrilled to get her call. She again threatens to tell Nora that he was the one who obtained the drug that erased her memory. She'll even have an opportunity to do so today, since Nora will be at the prison later to see a client. When she hangs up, she sees Jen waiting to see her. Seeing the look on her daughter's face, she immediately asks what Cristian did to her. Jen turns to leave and Lindsay apologizes. They argue about Cristian and Al, and Jen gets fed up with her mother. She doesn't need this right now. Lindsay warns her that this may be her last chance to make sure Jen is happy. When she won't give any explanation for this, Jen knows she's up to something but Lindsay denies it. Tired of lies and secrets, Jen storms out, as Lindsay begs her to come back.

After R.J.'s conversation with Lindsay, Max witnesses his angry outburst and is told to mind his own business. Max busies himself trying to cut off his wedding ring with a hacksaw as his friend complains that a blackmailer from his past is back. Max urges him to take care of it, insisting there must be someone he can call. He accidentally cuts his finger with the saw and threatens to go ahead and cut it off since it's already bleeding. He just has to get out of that marriage. Maybe he and R.J. could get a group rate, with one person to do both jobs. R.J. reminds him that's not going to happen now that he has a daughter. When Max goes to take care of his hand, R.J. makes a call to Ace, someone from his past, and says he needs a favor on the inside--a female inmate at Statesville.

Tillie sees Jen's huffy exit and teases Lindsay about it. Then R.J. comes in, and he and Tillie introduce themselves. Tillie got word from Ace that he needed a favor. R.J. should consider it done. Lindsay doesn't like this at all but says she can handle it. Tillie couldn't make her suffer any more than she already does. Seeing Nora a few feet away, she warns R.J. to make up his mind now.

Sam is in Larry's face, bombarding him with questions about Ben's condition. He assumes the fact that Ben opened his eyes briefly last night means that he's coming out of the coma. He wants his belief confirmed right this instant but won't let Larry get a word in edgewise. Larry finally manages to say that Ben is not waking up. There was some positive brain activity, but that doesn't mean he's going to come out of it. Refusing to give up hope, Sam pushes for Larry to admit it was a good sign. He goes into Ben's room and talks to his brother.

Starr shows the skin shed by her iguana to Addie, who has come for a visit. She mentions that Troy was there yesterday, which Blair confirms before making her take the skin back to her room. Addie tells Blair she's using Troy to forget how much she loves Todd. Blair insists she's doing it for Sam, but this just confuses poor Addie. Her daughter has too many men. Blair explains why she's doing it and says it doesn't matter that Troy doesn't want her, because he will eventually. Addie still doesn't think this makes any sense. Blair won't give up but admits that Troy thinks of her as a friend instead of a woman. She flaunts her body and points out that she should be able to attract a man. Addie says Troy knows she's really thinking about Todd instead of him. Starr comes in and asks to call Troy. She wants to see whether he got the present yet, but Blair makes her wait. When the doorbell rings, she goes to see who it is, while Blair and Addie talk. Still talking about her plan for Troy, Blair says Starr needs a positive male influence in her life and Troy is perfect for that. The newest arrival, Sam, announces his presence by asking why Blair didn't ask him instead. He admits his feelings are a little hurt. Blair says he just didn't want to bother him any more than she already has. He doesn't stay long, just long enough to check in with her and give her an update on Ben's condition.

Tea wakes up alone in the cave, calling out to Todd as she awakens. Ross comes in with his overnight bag, which he found on the beach. He also has a fresh catch of fish. He flirts with her, then goes through his bag and finds some toiletries and clothes. Tea takes the shampoo and a shirt and heads for the water. While she's gone, he'll build a fire and cook the fish. He claims he can make a fire by rubbing sticks together. He warns her to stay away from Todd. She's worried because he doesn't have any water, but Ross points out that they don't know what he has in his cooler. When Tea leaves, Ross pulls out a lighter for the fire.

Todd talks to the photo of his kids. He's not at all certain that he'll survive being on the island and see them again. He watches Tea as she washes in the ocean. She approaches him and offers to share the fish Ross caught. She cautions that he'll never be able to survive on his own, but all he has to do is ask for help. Todd replies bitterly that he'll never ask her for anything again. Tea returns to the cave and finds that Ross has the fish ready. He admits he used a lighter for the fire. He thinks it's good that she got to see Todd, because she's obviously crazy about him. In his bunker, Todd decides to get food and water from the others, but he's not asking. He's taking. He picks up the old grenade to take with him in case he needs it.

Cristian finds Natalie sleeping in a chair. He pulls a blanket over her and she awakens. She's excited to hear that Ben seemed to be waking up last night but discouraged that it didn't seem t mean anything. Cristian admits that he was at the hospital all night so that she wouldn't be alone. Natalie tells him about a dream she had, in which everything was normal and she'd never even heard of D.I.D. Eavesdropping, Al gets a confused look on his face and tries to figure out what D.I.D. is.

Natalie talks about feeling all alone again, just like when Rex was taken away, and Cristian assures her she's not alone because he isn't going anywhere. He reiterates his promise not to tell anyone about her fears. She thinks it's too much to ask, warning him that Jen won't like it, but he's determined to keep her secret. Natalie thanks him again for his friendship and support, which seems to make him somewhat uncomfortable. He goes to check on Ben for her, telling her to rest while he's gone.

Al looks in at Ben and Larry tells him there's no change. He pumps Larry for information about D.I.D., claiming it's for a class he's thinking about taking. Afterward, he sneaks up on Natalie and touches her arm. She thinks it's Cristian and isn't happy to see Al sneering at her instead. He admits he heard them talking about D.I.D.

Jen and Cristian see each other in the hall. Jen says she has the feeling he's keeping something from her. She knows it must be about Natalie, and they need to be honest with each other. She doesn't understand why Natalie needs him so much, but he won't tell her.

Blair goes to Troy's office, wearing a red dress that looks ridiculous. She invites him for a swim later tonight, and he thinks that would be nice. He and Nora will be there after dinner. Trying again to be sexy, she runs her fingers over his nameplate as she says his name, but he doesn't even notice. She closes the door and tells herself that she will succeed in her plan to get Sam and Nora back together. Inside, Troy picks up the phone to make a call, probably to Nora.


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