OLTL Update Tuesday 7/9/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/9/02

By Beth

Keri halfheartedly shares a meal with Antonio, then announces her intention to visit Gretel Rae. She feels responsible for what happened, and since Rae's always been such a good friend to her, she wants to be there for her. In her hotel room, Rae is lying on the bed feeling sorry for herself. She's been crying and her mascara is smeared. There's a persistent knock at her door despite her DO NOT DISTURB sign, and she finally goes to answer it. She's surprised to see Keri, who just wants to help her if she can. Rae understands that Keri can't keep quiet about what she knows, and she would never ask her to, but she does request that she wait until after the Woman of the Year banquet. Rae is fully prepared to return the award but doesn't want to hurt all the people who are putting it together for her. Keri reluctantly agrees as long as Rae really does inform the university of what she's done. Alone again, Rae packs her bags and thinks about what she has to do when she gets back to Llanview. Meanwhile, the real Ray Cummings places a call to the Sun and says he has information about a therapist practicing without the proper credentials.

While Keri is at Rae's hotel, Antonio sits on a park bench, nervously pondering his imminent marriage proposal. He asks a woman passing by for her opinion of the ring he bought, and he's pleased when she says it's gorgeous. He moves to a hammock, which is where Keri finds him lounging. She climbs in with him and expresses regret that their romantic vacation hasn't been at all romantic. Antonio tells her to wait until tomorrow, because it should make up for everything. He deftly hides the ring box as she snuggles up against him.

R.J. was surprised to get Lindsay's call. He didn't expect her to survive more than a week, yet someone obviously let her use the phone. Lindsay tells R.J. that she needs a favor from him. She's planning to escape and wants his support on the outside. He laughs at this, but she's serious. She wants a place to stay, food, money, and transportation. Tillie finds her and harasses her some more before the guard moves her along, and Lindsay explains that she's one of the reasons she has to get out. R.J. refuses to jeopardize his daughter's reputation or her relationship with him, but Lindsay threatens to inform Hank that he was the one who obtained the drug she used on Nora. When the guard announces the end of visitation, Lindsay gives R.J. twelve hours to make a decision. She expects to see him again in the morning.

Once Starr learns that Troy is at her house, she demands to be taken home. Sam can't do it, so Nora agrees to take her, but she has to promise to let Starr have him to herself. Sam takes the opportunity to visit Ben. He learns from Hank that they haven't come up with anything concrete about what happened. In fact, he doesn't think they'll know until Ben himself tells them.

After crying on Troy's shoulder, Blair thinks she's succeeded when Troy says he knows what she needs and is ready to give it to her. She's extremely disappointed when he pulls out a prescription pad and prescribes a mild antidepressant. When he checks in with the clinic, she wads it up and tosses it down, and he finds it on the floor when he returns. She claims she just can't handle medication and wants to work through her problems without taking anything. Troy looks skeptical but says he understands. Blair's plan of seduction is further spoiled by the arrival of Starr and Nora. Troy is tickled to see both of them, and Starr takes him to see Spike, her iguana. Blair gets in a few digs about Troy's treatment of Lindsay, such as when he lied to her, manipulated her, and then slept with her. She pushes it further by likening some of this behavior to something Todd would do. He and Starr return, and Troy announces it's time for him to leave but promises to come back and visit again soon. Starr takes his hand to lead him outside, and Troy grabs Nora's hand. Blair is pleased with herself for planting doubts about him with Nora. Later, Starr wants to know why Nora has so many boyfriends; she has Troy and Sam. Blair is pleased to hear that Nora and Sam shared a hug at his house earlier. Starr asks whether they can invite Troy to the pool tomorrow--without Nora. Blair thinks that's an excellent idea.

Seth finds Jessica at the hospital after hearing about what happened to Ben. He apologizes for their argument but she doesn't really care about that now. He notices the dirty looks being passed between her and Cristian, but neither is willing to explain. Frustrated, he goes to find out about visiting hours, leaving the other two alone. Jessica holds to her belief that Natalie pushed Ben, but Cristian knows she couldn't have done it. When Seth returns announcing there's only one hour left, Cristian leaves to call his mother. Jessica informs Seth of her belief about Natalie, but he agrees with Cristian. Seth assures Jessica that Ben will wake up and tell them what happened. At this moment, Ben starts to stir.

Troy and Nora turn in for the night. Nora mentions that Starr absolutely hates her, and adds that the little girl is clearly jealous. Nora would be too, but she knows that they've agreed on the destructive nature of jealousy. Troy is lost in thought as he considers this but quickly turns his attention back to Nora.

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