OLTL Update Monday 7/8/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 7/8/02

By Beth

Tillie is harassing Lindsay again and is reprimanded by the guard, Mrs. Sharp. Lindsay tries to reason with Tillie, claiming it isn't her fault she's in prison, but this makes Tillie laugh. She's going to hate Lindsay until they die, and they're both going to die in Statesville. Mrs. Sharp moves Tillie along, leaving Lindsay alone with a very pensive Allison. She presents her cellmate with something she made in art therapy. It's two hearts intertwined, to represent Allison and Dave. She wants Allison to carry it through the tunnels on her way to Dave and freedom. Allison can't believe she's still talking about escaping. Lindsay tries to convince her that's what Dave wants, but Allison doesn't buy it. Even if she's wrong, it doesn't matter, because Dave is still technically Ben, who lives with Viki, who would send her back to Statesville. Lindsay promises to hide her until she and Dave can be together but Allison becomes angry and threatens to have her moved to a cell with Tillie if she ever talks about escaping again. Lindsay changes the subject briefly but then promises to be Allison's friend on the outside. She claims that someone on the outside owes her a favor and all she has to do is make a phone call. Allison gets annoyed and yells for Mrs. Sharp to move Lindsay to Tillie's cell now! When the guard shows up, Allison changes her mind. Before leaving them alone, Mrs. Sharp reminds her that she just has to say the word and Lindsay will be out of her hair forever. Allison wants confirmation that Lindsay really has someone on the outside who can help. Lindsay assures her that this person would make sure they didn't get caught and would get them anything they needed. She points out that they could stay; maybe Dave will visit again someday. Allison should think about it and let her know. Later, Lindsay gets a visitor: R.J.

Ross studies the map and announces that they're on a small atoll southwest of Hawaii, somewhere near the equator. He further claims that they're nowhere near anyone or anything. Todd blames Ross for this predicament. If he hadn't steered the boat right into a storm, they wouldn't be stranded on an uninhabited island in the middle of nowhere. He accuses Ross of running away from something or someone, but Ross denies it. Tea defends Ross but Todd knows it was his fault. He orders both of them out of his bunker. He pulls out an old hand grenade to make his point. Not wanting to find out whether it's still good, Ross and Tea comply with Todd's order to leave.

Al admits he's still in love with Jen and swears they will be together again. Gabrielle tries to talk some sense into him, to no avail. She's saddened to hear that he has a warped idea of what love really is. Al throws a tantrum when his mother tries to tell him that Jen isn't the answer. He believes she's the real thing. He gets a message from Jessica and tells his mother he has to leave. Gabrielle explains that Jen felt responsible for his paralysis and that's why she stayed with him, but he refuses to believe that. He does wish he'd listened to his mother and told Jen the truth, because he's convinced they'd still be together if he hadn't lied. After he heads off to find Jessica, Gabrielle starts to leave the coffee shop and runs into Max, who is just arriving. She berates him for not being aware of their son's pain.

At the hospital, Cristian assures Natalie that he'll never stop believing in her. Jen witnesses their embrace and hears their exchange. She asks what happened, and Cristian says they're all still trying to figure that out. He adds that Ben may have been pushed out the window. When Jen asks who would do that, Natalie decides to go check on her stepfather. Jen is suspicious of the timing of her exit. She asks Cristian how he got involved and he explains how he ended up at the hospital with Natalie. Jen isn't very understanding, and Cristian doesn't seem too impressed with his girlfriend's attitude. Jen asks him what's going on between him and Natalie but he puts that off until later. He wants to go check on Natalie and Ben now. He finds Natalie, who reports that Ben is still in a coma. She's trying to remember what happened but he knows she didn't have anything to do with it. She tells him to go be with Jen, but he refuses to leave Natalie in her time of need.

While looking for Jessica, Al finds Jen and asks what's going on. He assures her that Ben will be all right, then asks what's bothering her. She says that something is going on between Cristian and Natalie; Cristian stood right there and refused to answer her questions about them.

Troy gets a call from Blair reminding him he's supposed to see Starr. When he mentions that he's waiting for Nora, Blair talks him out of letting her accompany him, claiming that Starr wants him all to herself. Troy reluctantly goes along with this. Nora arrives in time to witness the cashier's shameless attempt to pick up Troy, who insists he doesn't even notice when women hit on him. He breaks their dinner date, saying he has a date with Starr. Nora doesn't mind; she'll take the opportunity to stop by Sam's and find out how Ben is doing. She asks whether Troy minds her seeing Sam, and he assures her his jealous days are long gone.

Sam and Matthew go to pick up Starr for a play date, but Starr doesn't want to go. She's afraid Sam will find out about what Todd did and start talking about them. Sam and Blair assure her that he already knows. Starr says she and Blair hate Todd, but Sam thinks they're just very hurt and that they still love him. Matthew misses his mother and wants her to be with them, which reinforces Blair's twisted plan to get Sam and Nora back together.

Blair feigns surprise when Troy shows up at her door. Starr isn't home and she didn't think to call and cancel. When Troy turns to leave, she makes another lame attempt at seduction by playing on his sympathy and his friendship with Starr. Blair cries on his shoulder and says it feels good to be in his arms.

As Sam prepares for court, Starr comes inside to show him all the lightning bugs she caught. Nora arrives and is surprised to see Starr, who doesn't know anything about a planned visit from Troy.

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