OLTL Update Friday 7/5/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 7/5/01

By Laura

Todd points a gun at Tea and Ross and warns them not to step any closer, but Ross ignores the warning. Todd pulls the trigger and it doesn't work. Ross makes a comment about suspecting the 60 year-old rifle would no longer be in working order. Ross finds a flag and realizes that the Japanese once inhabited the island, during the war. Then he finds a war map. He and Todd argue over who gets the map but Tea steps in and demands that Ross take the map because he's the only who can read it, but orders Ross to stop holding that over Todd's head. Ross reads the map and exclaims that he knows where they are.

Al questions Jen's worries, wondering if some of them are about Cristian and Natalie. She swears she's not worried that Natalie is what's keeping Cristian. But Al assures her that Natalie has not been getting the message, and repeatedly states that he, unlike Natalie, is really happy for Jen and Cristian. Gabrielle arrives at the coffee shop for her mother and son 4th of July plans, and suggests they go to the Palace. Al tries to cancel their plans so he can be with Jen instead. His mother responds by telling Jen about their plans. Al yells at his mother, swears that he is just trying to be a friend to Jen, and tells his mother that there's no way she could understand any human relationship.

Bo informs Cristian and Natalie that the evidence shows that the fall was no accident, and asks Natalie if there is anything more she wants to add. Then Hank arrives at Llanfair and adds to the questioning. Cristian suggests that the fall was mob related and Bo says he won't rule it out. But after Cristian and Natalie head to the hospital, Bo tells Hank that it's unlikely that it was the mob because they would have succeeded in their efforts and also because they like to be known when acts such as those, in order to set an example for the next guy. Bo also assures Hank that the fall, or push, occurred in the heat of the moment as opposed to being premeditated. He adds that he knows Natalie is not telling them everything. Bo concludes that only Ben and the guilty know who did this, so Ben needs to wake up soon in order to name the guilty.

Hank and Bo discuss Ben's anger and Bo's lack of relationship with his brother. They agree that there is no motive and very little evidence, and that the little they do have points to Natalie. They discuss possible motives for Natalie to have killed Ben, but nothing sits well with Bo and he refuses to let Hank get a warrant for her arrest.

Jessica tells Rex he doesn't need to stay at the hospital, but he chooses to stay by her side anyway. Upon questioning, Jessica tells Rex that she truly believes that Natalie pushed Ben out the window. They argue over Natalie and what she is and is not capable of doing. Cristian takes Natalie to the hospital to see Ben, but when he and Rex aren't present, Jessica walks in and sees Natalie. She immediately attacks her, both verbally as well as a tad physically, and demands to know what Natalie was doing in the bedroom right before the fall. Cristian comes in and defends Natalie, which angers Jessica and makes her storm out.

Nikki puts a pillow over Ben's face, following a sweet good-bye, in an attempt to finish what she started. But Renee walks in and Nikki covers. Nikki tells her that Renee should leave because being there will only upset her way too much. Renee explains that what Ben really needs is for them all to be there for him, to comfort him and to talk to him. Asa arrives and orders the hospital staff to give Ben the best round-the clock care possible, on his nickel. And furthermore, Asa hires a nurse. Nikki protests, claiming that she should be the one caring for Ben, but they persuade her to allow the nurses. Larry comes out from Ben's room and tells them that there is bad news; that if Ben survives, he may be in a coma, possibly forever.

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