OLTL Update Wednesday 7/3/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/3/02

By Beth

Troy stays back as Nora comforts Sam. Blair finds Troy, wanting to talk to him about something. Nora sees Troy and asks about Ben's condition, but this is the first he's heard of Ben's accident. Blair is shocked at the news. Sam goes to find out what he can, and Troy promises to see what he can find out as well. Alone with Nora, Blair makes things very uncomfortable for the other woman by talking about Nora's feelings for Sam. Nora goes to find out what's happening with Ben. Blair feels justified in her plan to lure Troy away from Nora.

Niki refuses to sign the release authorizing surgery for Ben, claiming Ben has a living will and wouldn't want her to sign. Larry refutes this; this has nothing to do with a living will, and Ben could die if he doesn't have the surgery. She continues to refuse, and Jessica tries to reason with her. Sam arrives on the scene as Niki continues to balk at signing the release. Finally, she says she'll think about it, and Larry warns her to think fast. As she pretends to look over the form, a nurse informs Larry that it's too late for surgery. Larry rushes to his patient, and when he returns, Niki immediately assumes Ben is dead. After several minutes of her histrionics, Larry is finally able to announce that they reduced the swelling around Ben's brain chemically. He's still in a coma, and Larry and Sam still want her to sign the release. She agrees to do it later. Larry takes her to see Ben. Nora finds Sam and tells him not to worry about anything other than Ben; she'll take care of Matthew.

Niki corners Larry about Ben's chances of recovery. He admits they're probably 50/50. She goes in to see him. She pokes at him and blows on his face but gets no response. She tells him that she can't let him recover. She realizes she might get caught if she tries to pull the plug on any of the equipment, so she grabs one of the pillows from under Ben's head and pushes it down over his face.

Troy looks for Nora where he last saw her, but she's gone. Blair takes the opportunity to ask him to talk to Starr this evening. She claims Starr won't open up about her feelings but that she might talk to him. He already has plans but agrees to make time for Starr. Nora finds him leaving her some voice mail, and they talk about what Troy saw earlier between her and Sam, He isn't jealous. He understands she was comforting him. Nora wants to find Viki, and he suggests that she look in the ICU. She goes off to do just that, and Troy has a disturbing memory of Joanna.

Todd munches on a candy bar he got from the cooler he'd packed for the kids. Tea wanders the beach calling out his name. He tosses down the candy wrapper and hides the cooler in a bush. Tea finds him and lets him know that Ross found some berries. Todd wants nothing to do with either of them. Ross catches us with Tea and sees the candy wrapper. He asks Todd whether he ever found the cooler, and Todd says he didn't. Tea says he'd never hold out on them, but Ross points to the wrapper. Tea insists they all have to cooperate if they're going to survive, but Todd wants nothing to do with people who betray him. He orders Tea to get away from him, and she starts laughing rather hysterically and walks away. Ross berates Todd for his behavior toward Tea; she's the one who insisted on looking for him. Todd looks for a place to hide from them and sees an old bunker. He goes inside and discovers that it's a World War II Japanese bunker. He finds a helmet and a tattered Japanese flag inside. He takes the photo of his family out of the cooler and tears it, removing Blair's image.

Ross and Tea eat some berries. He claims he knows how to survive in the wild, but doesn't offer any explanation. He thinks it's time to find better shelter than the cave, and he sees the bunker. As they approach it, Todd appears with an old gun and threatens to kill them if they get any closer.

Natalie is convinced she must have pushed Ben out the window. Cristian doesn't believe that's possible, but she thinks it's further proof that she has D.I.D. Horrified at what she thinks she's done, she runs to the door but finds Bo on the other side. Bo comes inside and talks to her about what happened to Ben, and as they talk, Cristian surreptitiously takes care of the incriminating text on the laptop screen. Bo questions Natalie about her relationship with Ben, and she admits there were recent problems. Bo interrogates her about why she was sleeping in the middle of the day, and asks why she was in Ben and Viki's room when Ben went through the window. Cristian tells Bo to give her a break. Bo sees her laptop and claims Antonio wants him to get one. He asks to see it, and Natalie obliges. When he opens it up, Natalie's diary is no longer on the screen. An officer comes to get Bo, who tells Natalie to let him know if she thinks of anything else. When the coast is clear, she tells Cristian that even her uncle thinks she's capable of pushing Ben. Cristian assures her he was just being a cop. Natalie's afraid he'll find her journal and assume she did it, but Cristian says that won't happen; he deleted it. He tells her he believes in her; there's no way she's guilty. She's grateful for his support and friendship. She wants to go to the hospital, so Cristian offers to drive her there. They overhear Bo telling an officer that it's obvious that someone pushed Ben out the window.


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