OLTL Update Tuesday 7/2/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/2/02

By Beth

At the gym, Seth is feeling sorry for himself and asks Cristian whether he should have told Jessica about Rex, but Cristian never gives him an answer. Then Chad asks Cristian whether he ever forgave him for setting up hottiebaresall.com. Cristian replies that he got over it but he doesn't trust Chad. Chad is offended, and as he tries to talk to Cristian about what happened, Seth keeps making snide remarks. Cristian admits there's a difference between forgiveness and trust, and he's not quite sure he can trust him. He questions Chad's reason for bringing this up now, and Chad informs him of Mollie and Shawna's latest and its effects on what could potentially have been a relationship with Emily. Cristian is sympathetic, knowing exactly what kind of people they are. He decides to take off, saying he has plans with Jen, and Seth leaves as well. Chad is mere seconds behind them.

At Troy's request, Emily lets Nora in while he takes a quick shower. As they make small talk, Emily asks whether Nora believes in giving people second chances. Nora says that she does indeed, depending on how bad the mistake was. Some are worse than others; some are unforgivable. Now out of the shower, Troy hears this and becomes upset. He asks how she can say that, and she tries to explain that he only heard part of the conversation. Emily leaves them alone to talk but Troy tells her to come back in a little while. Troy says he'd like to believe that forgiveness is always possible, but Nora explains that it doesn't always work out that way. He questions this and applies it to the two of them, which Nora thinks is about Lindsay. The things Troy did were forgivable. He'd have to do much worse than that to make her think it was uforgivable. Emily returns for her books and finds her brother and Nora all cuddled up. He tells Nora to go on ahead of him so he can talk to his sister. Emily knows he was feeling guilty about Joanna but tells him it wasn't his fault. She says everyone deserves a second chance. He heads out for the hospital, and she gets her books and locks up. She finds Chad just outside the door. Chad says he doesn't want to waste any more of her time. He just wants to tell her how terrific she is and wish her a great summer. Emily admits she hopes they can spend more time together and that she's giving him another chance.

Rex defends Natalie as she explains that she doesn't remember what happened, but Jessica doesn't believe her. Before the paramedics can load Ben into the ambulance, he goes into cardiac arrest. Natalie pleads with the paramedics to save him, while Niki thinks it might be too late. The paramedics work on him and eventually announce that he's alive. Niki decides to ride along in the ambulance, and Jessica forces Rex to go with her in the car; she won't let Natalie go with them.

Sam wanders the hospital looking for Ben, who had left him an urgent-sounding message. He runs into Bo, who asks whether the message could have been about Viki. Sam tries pumping Bo for information, but Bo won't betray Viki's confidence--other than to admit she and Ben are having marital problems. Sam is shocked at this and wants details but Bo won't elaborate. He does mention Ben's problem with anger, which Sam scoffs at. He wants to know whether Ben has tried to hurt his wife. Bo says he hasn't tried, as far as he knows, but Viki did tell him they're counseling with Rae. Sam says at least they picked a good therapist. As they talk, the paramedics rush in with Ben. Niki informs them that Jessica thinks Natalie pushed him out the window. Larry reports that Ben sustained serious injuries, and it doesn't look good. Because of what Niki told him, Bo wants to talk to Jessica and Natalie about what happened. Jessica and Rex arrive and he questions them. Jessica makes things look bad for her sister, while Rex continues to defend her and point out that Jessica is exaggerating the facts. Bo tries to determine whether Natalie could have entered the room after Ben fell, and Rex thinks it's possible but Jessica doesn't. Rex says that he spoke with Ben earlier, but instead of saying that most of the conversation was about Niki's strange behavior, he admits that Ben was looking for Natalie. Sam insists that Ben will make it, but Niki isn't so sure. She sends him to call Renee, but when he gets her answering machine, he doesn't want to leave this kind of message. Rex watches an exchange between Niki and Jessica, looking suspicious of Niki. When Larry announces he needs "Viki" to sign a release for neurosurgery on Ben, she adamantly refuses to sign. Nora arrives at the hospital and is surprised to see Sam. He fills her in on what happened, sobbing on her shoulder, as Troy observes.

Natalie looks around at the broken glass in total depair. Cristian finds her and she tells him about Ben's fall and Jessica's belief that she pushed him. Natalie doesn't remember anything. He gets her away from all the glass, taking her up to her room. He doesn't believe for a minute that Natalie pushed Ben. It just doesn't make sense. He urges her to remember what happened before that. She remembers being with him until Jen called, then writing in her diary after he left. She forgets to mention the cookies and milk from Niki. She says she got really tired and had to get some rest. Then when she woke up, she heard shouting and went to their room and saw Ben lying on the ground. With horror, she comes to the conslusion that she did it and must have blocked it from her mind. As she talks, Cristian finds the entry in her diary, made by Niki. Natalie insists she didn't write that; at least, she doesn't remember writing it. Cristian suggests the possibility that someone else wrote it while she was asleep, but Natalie thinks it's just one more thing to prove she has D.I.D. She's convinced that's the only explanation, but Cristian doesn't believe that. Upset, Natalie starts to run out of her room and finds Bo getting ready to knock on her bedroom door.

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