OLTL Update Monday 7/1/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 7/1/02

By Beth

Asa corners Claire at the hospital and "asks" her to run an errand for him. He claims it's hospital business that has to do with ruining Gabrielle's life. She doesn't want to since she's already on her way to an important meeting, but Asa points out that he has the power to take away her job. Claire informs him that Bo and Gabrielle are obviously in a relationship or will be very soon. Asa is disgusted to hear her version of what she thinks happened between them in the utility closet when the air conditioner was broken.

Gabrielle is anxious for compliments about the new look of the Banner's Style section. She was hoping to get a lot of positive feedback, but so far no one seems to have noticed. Bo shows up at her office with a coffee mug just like his, only with her name on it and a large blue bow on top. She's very pleased with the gift and with his compliments about the Style section, but it becomes clear that he didn't actually read it. This amuses Gabrielle, who admits she's happy about how her career is going now. Bo agrees she has a lot to be proud of, and any mistakes she's made along the way prove she's human. As they sit together, their faces close, it seems that Bo is about to kiss her, but they are interrupted. Having agreed to run Asa's errand, Claire goes to Gabrielle's office on "important business," which prompts Bo's departure. Claire announces that Gabrielle's half of Al's hospital bill is due in full by the end of the week. Otherwise, the matter will be turned over to a collection agency. Gabrielle admits that she and Max agreed to take responsibility for the bill instead of allowing Asa to pay--Al apparently has no insurance and for some odd reason no one expects him to pay a cent toward the bill--but she was under the impression she could pay it off in installments. Claire informs her that isn't possible. In a parting catty remark before leaving, Claire says she much preferred the old format of the Style section.

After Claire leaves, Gabrielle worries about how she's going to come up with the money. Back at the hospital, Claire reports that she did what Asa asked, and he in turn promises her a raise. She doesn't understand how Gabrielle will be able to come up with the money, but Asa does.

Keri and Antonio are very subdued following their conversation with "Mark." As they start to leave, the man opens the door and finds Gretel Rae on his doorstep. She acts surprised to see her friends from Llanview and asks what they're doing there. Antonio asks her the same question, then informs her that they know the whole story. The man standing with them isn't Mark, and she isn't really Rae Cummings. Instead, the man is actually Ray Cummings. Gretel Rae tries to pretend she doesn't know what he's talking about, then treats it as a joke, but she's the only one who's laughing. Realizing there's no way out, she demands that they listen to her side of the story, asking only that they be objective. As she talks, she and Ray snipe at each other often. "Mark," whose real name is Ray Cummings, was her classmate in college. They became friends because they had the same last name and were in the same program. Gretel was kicked out of the program for caring too much about the people she was counseling; she couldn't distance herself and be objective, and the school saw that as a bad thing. She was devastated but remained on the island a while. Then when Ray's diploma came, his name was misspelled "Rae." He threw it away and got them to issue a corrected version. Gretel started thinking that maybe this was her chance to be a therapist after all, so she went back to his house and retrieved the diploma from the trash. She used it to begin her new life on the mainland, where she legally changed her middle name to Rae. She admits she's a fraud but says Ray's practice folded almost as soon as it began, and ever since he heard her on the radio years ago, he's been blackmailing her.

Antonio warns Gretel that her career is over and her patients will have to find a new doctor. Practicing medicine without a license is a felony, and although he's out of his jurisdiction in Hawaii, she should get a lawyer if she plans to return home to Llanview. Gretel thinks he should take into account all the good she's done over the years, but he points out the likelihood that she's ruined lives as well. At that, he and Keri leave. Gretel Rae wants the real Ray to deny it all and tell her friends it was all a practical joke, but he refuses. He wants his life back from the person who stole it. He orders her off his property. She's amazed at his reaction; she thought they were friends. She leaves, as requested. Alone now, Ray is glad it's all out in the open. He going to make sure she pays for her crimes.

Keri tries to reason out how her plan to find Rae's lost love went so wrong. She thinks she should have just left it alone, but Antonio points out that someone would have found out eventually, and in the meantime, she might have done some serious damage.

Natalie slowly awakens from a drugged stupor, brought on by the sleeping pills Niki added to her milk. She fights the drugs and stumbles around her room and then goes into the hall. Hearing Niki and Ben's argument, she tries to make her way to their bedroom. Niki tries to change Ben's mind, but he's determined to expose her. As they argue, she pretends to see something strange, as as he follows her gaze, she pushes him out the window. He lands right in front of Jessica and Rex. They rush to his side and look for signs of life. Jessica can't find a pulse, but Rex finds a very faint heartbeat. He gets her cell phone and calls 911 while she talks to Ben and tries to give him reasons to live.

Niki worries about what just happened. It could be really, really bad for her. She cleans up the evidence, using the gloves to pick up the syringe and put everything in her shopping bag. She opens the door but sees Natalie stumbling around just outside and quickly closes it again. She can't figure out how Natalie is even conscious, considering how many sleeping pills she used on her. She hides behind the door as Natalie comes into the bedroom calling for Viki. Natalie is still very disoriented.

Jessica worries that the ambulance is taking too long, but Rex tries to reassure her. She wants to drive him to the hospital herself, but Rex knows better than to try to move him without knowing exactly what injuries he has. They try to rationalize what just happened, and as they talk through it, they look up and see Natalie at the window. Natalie looks down and, seeing Ben lying on the ground, screams in horror. Rex rushes upstairs to take care of her.

Niki runs to the potting shed to hide the bag of evidence. She's mad because things didn't go according to plan, but then she realizes that she still may be able to pull it off. If Ben is dead, she can probably still pin it on Natalie. She grabs some flowers as a prop and heads toward where Ben is lying. Jessica is still talking to Ben, and Niki approaches on the pretense of hearing her voice. She feigns shock upon seeing Ben and asks--with a little too much hope in her voice--whether he's dead.

Natalie is in shock from the sight of Ben lying on the ground. Rex tries to get her to tell him exactly what happened between her and Ben before he fell. Understandably, she doesn't remember anything about that. She did hear some shouting, but Rex mistakenly thinks she and Ben were the ones shouting. Thinking she's in shock from what happened, he tries to comfort her. He wants to sort it all out later; right now they need to go down and check on Ben.

When the paramedics arrive, Niki throws herself over Ben, supposedly in panic but actually in an attempt to prevent them from saving his life. As "Viki" cries about her husband's condition, Rex and Natalie come back outside. Jessica glares at her sister and demands to know what she did to Ben. She saw her standing in the window right after he fell. Natalie doesn't know what happened, or why she was even in that room. She doesn't remember a thing. Rex defends her but Jessica is livid. Natalie looks terrified at the implication that she did this. As the paramedics start to take Ben, they stop to administer CPR; they're losing him.

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