OLTL Update Friday 6/28/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 6/28/01

By Laura

Starr learns from the babysitter at a friend’s house the truth about her father’s lies and asks her mother if it’s true that Jack is her ‘real’ brother. After a little stalling, Blair comes clean with her daughter and begs her not to be angry with her for not telling her sooner. When Blair realizes that Todd is the one that Starr is angry with, and Starr swears she hates him and never wants to see him again, Blair tries to convince her not to say that, because her daddy really does love her.  

Todd throws Ross his credit card and orders him to get him off the island. Tea panics and Todd becomes paranoid, thinking that she and Ross are working together to try to keep him from his children. Tea tells him to get over it because they’re stranded. Ross reminds them that no one knows they even left the shore. After Todd runs off, Ross flirts with Tea. He comments that he knew he had a thing for him ever since she saved him from Todd and offers to take care of her if she’ll drop Todd. She assures him that while she is not interested in Todd, and simply cares about him, she is also not interested in Ross. Todd finds the lunchbox full of food that he had packed for the kids while Ross takes Tea to find berries. Then Todd finds the picture of his family washed onto the shore.  

Natalie begins to awake as Ben demands to know the truth from Vicki. He begins to question everything from the immediate; gloves, book on murder, and wig, to the past; the way she’s treated her kids and Rex, her evasion of him and Rae, all of her ‘stress’, etc. He screams that she’s not Vicki, but rather she’s Nikki Smith. At first she argues with him, but cornered, she finally admits that she is in fact Nikki Smith. Then she adds with enthusiasm that it’s boring being Vikki and that there’s no fun in their marriage and that he should keep her around in order to let her change that. He informs her that he’s either going to call the police (because of the book) or St. Ann’s. She tries to persuade him into not giving her up by promising to tell her Vicki’s ‘secret’. When he turns his back, she comes running at him with a syringe. Natalie crawls out of bed as Ben fights the syringe out of Nikki’s hand and onto the floor. She pretends that she sees something strange out the bedroom window and when Ben follows the lead and looks in that direction, Nikki pushes him out the window and to the ground.  

Rae calls the hotels from the plane trying to find Antonio and Kerri. Meanwhile, Antonio finds Mark’s address and takes Kerri to seek him out. Rae fantasizes about getting to Mark before Antonio and Kerri do, but the reality is much different. At his doorstep, they show him a picture of him and Rae, to which he laughs aloud, and then he invites them in, while warning them that there are some things they may not want to know. After telling them ‘everything’, he opens the door to let them out and finds Rae standing there about to knock on the door.

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