OLTL Update Thursday 6/27/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/27/02

By Laura

Tea and Todd argue over whether Tea’s actions were ‘for’ him or ‘against’ him. He maintains that his kids love him and that he’s now never going to see them again. Tea swears that his kids would have hated him for taking him away from their mother, that kidnapping them would land him in jail for a long time, and that someday Blair will understand that the kids need their father. When Todd starts believing that his kids will forget him, despite Tea’s disagreement, he becomes determined to get off the island so that he can find the kids before Blair takes them away for good. Meanwhile Ross explores the island, finds the boat wheel and life preserver on the shore, and reports back to Tea and Todd that they are all stranded on a deserted island.  

Troy accepts Blair’s offer to go running with him, but is not charmed by her ‘stretching’ and flirting. When she assure him that she is over Todd completely and that she’s the type to move on quickly, he responds that it’s great if it works for her but others have a harder time moving on. When she invites him to hot tub at Serenity Springs, he explains that he has plans with Nora and suggests perhaps another day. She begins to wonder if he really loves Nora and decides that if he does, she will just have to work even harder to get his attention.  

When Sam offers to take Matthew for the evening if Nora has plans with Troy, she assures him that she and Troy are not “joined at the hip”. Matthew wants to play a game and at Nora’s offer, Sam agrees to stay and play. Sam pretends to cheat on the game but he and Matthew agree that he has to play fair because Mom always does. Matthew wins the game and wants to play another round, but Troy comes knocking and Sam leaves, letting Troy take his place in the game.  

Outside at Llanfair, Rex asks Jessica if she hates him. She explains that she could never hate her brother. She adds that she lied also, admitting that it was because of the fear that he would dislike her because of Roxy. She gives him credit for having the better reason to lie and then finally admits that she is upset because of her fight with Seth about his keeping things from her.  

After Ben tries to contact Rae, a gardener gives him a book that Vicki ‘must have left outside.’  It’s the book about how to murder someone and not get caught. Nikki calls him to apologize and asks him to stay at the clinic for a few hours so that she can prepare a romantic evening for them. He agrees to stay at the clinic, even though he is actually at Llanfair. He calls Natalie and then Sam. Rex goes to the house to get something and Ben stops him to ask about Vicki. He tells Ben about Vicki threatening to turn Natalie and Jessica against him if he didn’t stay out of her way.  Ben begins to suspect that something is seriously wrong with Vicki.  

Nikki gives Natalie sleeping pills, gets her fingerprints, then types a message in her computer diary from one of her alters who apparently hates Vicki and Ben. She fantasizes about killing Ben and then the police coming to put Natalie in prison for life. Nikki calls Jessica, who is still outside at Llanfair, and tricks her into looking up at Vicki’s bedroom window so that she can see her there in a wig and think it’s Natalie. Rex looks up at the window and thinks he sees Natalie too. Ben enters the room and slams it behind him, ready to discover what Vicki is up to.

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