OLTL Update Wednesday 6/26/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/26/02

By Beth

Jessica confronts Seth and Rex about their behavior. Seth denies there's anything wrong, but Rex admits to having known all about the baby switch before coming to town. Seth found out when he dropped his newspaper clippings at Rodi's. Jessica asks to speak to Seth alone. Seth isn't impressed by Rex's confession, but Jessica isn't happy with Seth at the moment. She obviously can't trust him. Seth is full of righteous indignation. Rex is the one she can't trust. Jessica disagrees; Seth has known about this for quite a while and didn't tell her. He also lied to her just a few minutes ago when she asked them what the problem was. She throws his scheme with Natalie in his face as well. Angry, she walks off.

Ready for love, Roxy tells Max to come on in. She's shocked to see Greevy instead. He seriously invades her personal space, and she keeps backing away from him. She doesn't want anything to do with him; she's married, and he's drunk. Besides, she's expecting Max any minute. Greevy is being very grabby, and it gets to her. She's not interested in adultery right now, but maybe in a couple of months. As he hovers over her on the couch, he seems to be kissing her, but then Roxy complains she can't breathe. He has passed out on top of her. From the doorway, Max takes a picture. He struggles with himself over whether to help Roxy or not. He could just walk away, use the photo against her, and be free. The good guy in him wins out, and he pulls Greevy off Roxy and throws him out. Outside, Max advises him to avoid those alcoholic blackouts in the future. Otherwise, he could end up with a headache that won't ever go away. Roxy thinks Max really cares until she sees the camera and realizes what he was trying to do. When he comes back inside, she calls Max her hero. He happily informs her that he has her and Greevy on film. She shows him the film she removed from the camera, and starts pulling it out of the case.

Gabrielle tries to pin Bo down on the reason he doesn't want her to leave. Before he can admit to his feelings, a knock on the door signals his father's arrival. Asa's glad he interrupted something. He refuses to leave until Gabrielle does. Bo picks up her suitcase and hands it to her, an action that she and Asa both misinterpret. Bo stops her when she starts to leave, telling her to take the suitcase back to her room and unpack. She's very grateful for this, but Asa isn't amused. He and Bo argue about her character. As Bo defends his friend, she watches from the doorway and is deeply moved. Bo kicks his father out, and Gabrielle emerges and admits she heard everything. Bo apologizes for his father's hateful words, but Gabrielle only cares about what Bo said. She hopes to someday see herself the way he does. In the hall, Asa plots against Gabrielle.

Nora meets Troy for a jog in the park. As soon as she finds out he's planning a five-mile run (as opposed to five minutes), she fakes a phone call. Suspicious, Troy takes the phone from her and points out there's no one there. He asks whether she's enjoyed any of their outings. Nora admits it was silly of her to fake the phone call, but she just panicked. She's fine now. It's been a bit harder than she expected, but she enjoys spending the time with him. She talks him into going ahead with their run.

Blair and the kids are at St. Anne's visiting Addie. After warning Starr not to tell Addie about Todd, Blair herself ends up telling her. Jack is cooing and squealing like a very happy baby. Blair doesn't like Addie's comment that he's going to grow up to be just like Todd, and says they're all trying to forget about him. Starr takes exception to this rather loudly, prompting Blair to have Suzanne take her to the playroom. Blair denies Addie's claim that she is just as sad about Todd as Starr is. She isn't sad at all. She sees Sam, who is there for work, and calls him over to reintroduce him to her mother. Looking at him, Addie asks him why he's unhappy. Sam admits he's a little sad but says it's normal for that to happen sometimes. He's accepted losing Nora; it might have happened even without Troy. Sam decides it's time to do the work he came to St. Anne's to do.

Troy's run is interrupted by a call from Starr. While they talk, Nora catches up to him, collapses, picks herself back up, and tries to play it cool, and Troy has no idea this is going on right behind him. Starr thanks Troy for the stamps he gave her and asks how to make all the bad and sad stuff go away. Troy advises her to think about all the good times she had with her dad, and she promises to try. Starr reminisces about some good times with Todd, and it makes her happy.

Blair admits she's going to try to seduce Troy so that Sam can have Nora. Addie thinks that's crazy. Blair thinks she has what it takes to take Troy away from Nora. She wants Sam to be happy, and she wants to feel like a woman again. Suzanne announces it's time to take Starr to a playdate and offers to take Jack with her. Blair wants to keep Jack with her until Starr informs her that Troy is running in the park. She has Suzanne take Jack after all, and she heads out to get ready for her encounter with Troy.

Somewhere in the South Pacific, Todd is unconscious at the foot of a palm tree, his leg stuck under a log. Tea wanders the beach, calling out for him. He hears her and opens his eyes, looks up at the tree, then passes out again. Tea demands that Ross tell her what he did to Todd. She needs to know where he is. Ross can't believe this, but he takes her to him anyway.As she asks Ross to get the log off his ankle, Todd throws sand on them. Tea tries to do it herself but needs help. Together, she and Ross lift the log and get Todd out from under it. They move Todd to a cave, and when Ross goes to look for help, Todd picks up a rock to kill him with but he's too weak to get anywhere. Tea is still trying to convince him that she was the one who betrayed him, not Ross. Todd tells Tea to stop protecting Ross, but he eventually realizes it really was Tea who betrayed him. He's devastated. He nonchalantly brings his hand up to just below her neck. Maybe she's the one he should choke to death.

Troy catches up to Nora, who is waiting for him on a park bench. She's going to go home to Matthew while Troy finishes his run. As Troy does some stretches, Blair sidles up behind him, trying to be sexy.


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