OLTL Update Tuesday 6/25/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/25/02

By Beth

Gabrielle is on the phone with a realtor who says she can move into an apartment today. Bo overhears, and when she hangs up, he asks whether she's really moving out. Gabrielle admits she got her own apartment. She finally found a decent place where they're willing to work with her in spite of her arrest record and lack of a credit rating. They talk about how different it will be without her there, and Bo presents her with his mug from the precinct, which she has tea in every night. It's a housewarming gift. While Gabrielle packs, Bo takes a call from her realtor, who says that the apartment isn't available after all. He's obviously pleased about this. Gabrielle comes into the room with her suitcase, but she overhears Bo's end of the conversation and he tells her what happened. After some prodding, he eventually admits he's glad she's not leaving.

Rex meets Jessica and Seth at the country club for lunch. They hear a commotion and see Roxy trying to get into the club. The employee has no record of Max having a wife and therefore refuses to admit her. Jessica is afraid Roxy will see her and try to use her to get inside, but instead, she tells the employee to call her good friend Viki Davidson; she'll vouch for her. At this, Jessica confronts her and demands that she not use Viki's name to try to gain entrance to the club. Roxy insists that she and Viki are very close. At the employee's insistence, she agrees to leave, but she promises to be back. Rex and Seth congratulate Jessica on how she handled the situation, but she decides to go home to inform Viki about Roxy's antics. She invites Seth and Rex to stay, but they both have to go to work.

On the phone with Nora, Max confirms that if he can prove Roxy committed adultery, he can throw her out. He denies having anything planned; it's just a hypothetical question. What exactly constitutes proof? Greevey comes to the bar looking for Max, who had called and asked to meet with him to talk about Roxy. Greevey insists that Roxy lives for one thing: pleasure. And she can only get it from him. She just can't keep her hands off him if they're within ten feet of each other. He excuses himself to go to the men's room, and Max plots how to get them within ten feet. Roxy rushes into Break Bar to inform Max about what happened at the country club. He apologizes and promises to make up for the way he's treated her. That's all going to change now. She suspicious, but he says he wants to give himself a chance to see what he fell in love with. He charms her with flattery and tells her to go home and get ready for some love. He pushes her out the back, so she won't run into Greevey. Greevey returns and Max tells him to stay away from his wife. No matter how many times she calls out Greevey's name in her sleep--or at other times--she can get over him as long as he stays away from her. Max works long, late hours, and he doesn't want to hear that Greevey's been hanging out at 8 Mill Road. He repeats the address to make sure the other man has it. Greevey heads out, and Max gives him a few minutes before following.

At Break Bar, Jen continues to stew over Natalie's denial of wrongdoing. Emily and Chad are also there. Jen runs into Chad and asks whether Cristian called to say he would be late. Chad informs her that he's off duty and has no idea. When Chad gets back to his table, Emily tells him how stupid Mollie and Shawna are to try to convince her Chad was into web porn. Chad reluctantly admits they were telling the truth. That was the last thing Emily expected to hear. Chad explains that someone paid him to do it, and he really regrets it. He's not proud of it, but it's all in the past, and he would never do anything like that again. He's telling her because he wants to be completely honest with her. He hopes it doesn't change anything. Emily makes an excuse to leave.

Rex and Seth arrive at the bar, and Jen asks Seth about Natalie. Seth says she can be a really good friend when she finds someone she trusts. If Jen and Cristian are really in love, nothing Natalie does should make a difference.

Natalie tells Cristian she's losing her mind. She didn't push Jen down. Fortunately, he believes her. He thinks maybe Jen saw someone else and thought it was Natalie, but she points out how unlikely that is. After eliciting a promise not to tell anyone, she tells him all the weird things that have been happening, then confides her greatest fear. She's afraid that maybe she has D.I.D. Cristian comforts her, assuring her it must be a bunch of weird coincidences. She's one of the sanest and strongest people he knows. There's no way she's going crazy. She points out how alone she feels, but he assures her that she has him, and he won't let anything happen to her. His phone rings as Jen tries to call. Natalie tells him to go ahead and answer it, but he's too late. They both know it was Jen, and Natalie urges him to go to her. He wants to stay, but Natalie insists she'll be fine. He leaves, lingering outside her door.

Niki rifles through Ben's medical bag and finds some items she can use. Ben comes in, announcing that they should celebrate the end of their problem with Allison. He wants to go upstairs, but she resists. Ben is upset; they never make love anymore, and she's not beng honest with him as to the reason for that. Niki attributes it to stress, but he remembers when they used to handle stress together. Besides, the stress should be over. Why won't she let him near her? Niki argues that he should know better than to think the stress will magically disappear. Ben just wants to help her, and she won't let him. He doesn't know her anymore. He doesn't know how to get through to her. He doesn't know why she's avoiding him or why she's always starting fights with Natalie. He keeps defending her to Natalie, but it's time to get some help. He picks up the phone to call Rae, and Niki jerks it out of his hand. She immediately apologizes for snapping and explains that since Rae is both her therapist and her friend, she doesn't want to discuss their sex life with her. She thanks him for helping with Allison. She knows she's been difficult, and asks him to be patient just a little while longer. Jessica bursts in with the news of Roxy's behavior at the country club. She asks why Roxy would say they were close friends, a question Ben also wants an answer to. As Ben eyes her suspiciously, Niki claims to have no idea why Roxy would have done that. Jessica goes back out, and Ben says he has to go to the clinic. When they're gone, Niki calls Roxy, yelling and cursing at her. How dare Roxy go around telling people they're friends! They're not friends; they just worked together to give Natalie a taste of her own medicine. Roxy was supposed to keep quiet about it. While she screams over the phone lines, Ben surreptitiously watches.

Roxy consoles herself that friends are overrated and she doesn't need any when she has Max. Dressed in an outlandish getup in anticipation of her encounter with her husband, she turns on some music, dims the lights, and sprays perfume on herself and in the air. She lounges on the couch, and there's a knock at the door. Assuming it's Max, she calls out that it's open and she's ready for love. She's shocked when it turns out to be Greevey. Max is outside with a camera.

Rex and Chad get into it again. Seth is up in Rex's face when Jessica comes along asking what's going on. Cristian arrives at the bar, late for work. Jen wants to talk but he brushes her off. She insists on apologizing for her behavior. She knows he and Natalie are just friends. Seth helped her realize what a jerk she's been. Whatever Cristian wants to do with Natalie is fine with her.

Natalie types an entry into her laptop diary. Cristian must be right. There must be a logical explanation for what's been happening.

Ben finds Niki taking a snack up to Natalie. He offers to come along but she wants some private time with her daughter. Upstairs, she sets the tray down and adds the contents of two pills to Natalie's milk. Then she takes the snack to Natalie and claims she wants to make things up to her. She urges her to have a cookie and a drink of milk. Unsuspecting, Natalie obliges.

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