OLTL Update Monday 6/24/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 6/24/02

By Beth

Joan, Rae's friend from Maui University, calls to warn Rae about her visit from Keri and Antonio. Frantic at the very real possibility that they'll discover her secret, Rae jumps up, collides with Hank, and faints. Hank is concerned about her health, but she insists she was merely dizzy from low blood pressure. She informs him she's on her way out of town due to a professional crisis, promising she'll be back in time for the awards dinner. Rushing off, she tells herself there won't be any award for her unless she can stop Keri and Antonio. She rushes to the airport, where she tries in vain to book a seat on the next flight to Maui. Asa comes up behind her, needling her by constantly calling her "Gretel." Rae is angered by this and by the fact that the airline employee takes time to speak to Asa when she should be dealing with Rae, who was there first. The employee insists that no seats are available, and Asa pushes Rae out of his way. Rae then accosts a man and tries to convince him to give her his ticket. Asa grabs her arm and informs her that he got her a seat. He bought it from another passenger. He was happy to do it, since it will mean she'll be far away and he won't have to go to therapy. She'll be in coach, between a sumo wrestler badly in need of deodorant and a hyperactive three-year-old kid. It's a one-way ticket.

Keri is feeling down about not finding Mark, but Antonio tells her that he found something. He leads her back to their room, having her keep her eyes closed until he says she can look. She doesn't see anything at all different in the room, but after a lot of ribbing from Antonio about her observational skills, she notices a stack of Maui University yearbooks. Since Antonio has already found Rae's photo in one, they divide up the task of searching for Mark. Antonio points out that Mark may be the guy's middle name or even just a nickname, so they have to actually look at the men's photos instead of simply the names. Eventually, Antonio finds something. Comparing the photo they have to one in the yearbook, he realizes he's found what they've been looking for. He tells Keri, warning her not to get too excited. She takes one look and knows he's found Mark, but then Antonio tells her to look at the name. She can't believe it; that can't be right.

Mollie and Shawna watch as Chad helps Emily with her laptop. One of the deans asks to speak to Chad, and when he's gone, they take the opportunity to introduce themselves to Emily. They claim to be the most popular people on campus. They're in the in crowd; Emily should avoid anyone who isn't, including the townies. Unimpressed, Emily says it sounds just like her last school, which annoys the girls. They invite her to a party just before Chad returns. When they leave, he warns Emily to stay away from them; they're completely toxic. Mollie is eavesdropping on them and gets in a snit over this. Chad informs Emily that the dean needed a little computer advice. He needs to go back to her office, so their lunch will be a little later than they thought. When Emily's alone again, Mollie and Shawna return to try to mess things up between her and Chad. They inform her that he's into Web porn, and when she doesn't believe them, they retract their party invitation; no losers are allowed. When Chad returns, Emily fills him in on her second encounter with Mollie and Shawna. He's uneasy to hear that they've told her about his hottiebaresall fiasco.

Lindsay wants Ben to pretend to be Dave, but refuses to coddle that psychopath Allison. Lindsay pleads with him, saying it would keep her alive. Ben wants to report Allison, but Lindsay informs him it wouldn't do any good because of the special treatment she gets at the prison. Ben is shocked to learn that Allison has a knife. Lindsay insists her cellmate will kill her and get away with it unless he becomes Dave again. It's the only thing that will keep Allison calm.

Allison is escorted to the visiting room by her friend Mrs. Sharp, the guard who's usually around to deal with her, Lindsay, and Tillie. She becomes furious when she sees Dave talking to Lindsay, and yells at her cellmate to get away from him. She looks at him and wants to know whether he's really Dave, or just Ben. Prompted by Lindsay, Ben assumes the Dave persona to visit with Allison, who is thrilled beyond belief to see him. They sit down opposite each other, and Ben uses Dave's simple ways to get to her. He says that the guards wouldn't let him in the other day, so he dragged them to her cell all by himself. Dave thinks that love made him strong. Allison sees Lindsay spying on them and orders her to get lost. Dave wants to talk about Viki. He knows she doesn't like Viki, but he likes Allison when she's nice. She's pretty when she's nice, but he's afraid of her when she's mad. Stunned, Allison says she'd never do anything to hurt him. Dave just wants her to be happy; he wants everybody to be happy. He admits that Viki isn't as nice to him as Allison is. Sometimes people are mean to Viki and that makes her sad. Dave could never love somebody who makes people sad, so he wants Allison to stop. People think she's mean, but they don't know her like he does. She's had a hard life, and she just wants people to give her a chance. Allison agrees that's what she wants. She promises to stop being mean to Viki. She thought she'd never see Dave again, but he says that love keeps them together. She's thrilled; this changes everything. Mrs. Sharp announces the end of visiting hours. Allison feels so much better now that she's seen Dave. She promises not to be mean to anybody anymore. Allison tells Lindsay she had a very nice visit with Dave. He really wants her. He seemed to want to say something at the end, but he was speaking in code. With prompting from Lindsay, she concludes that he wants her to break out of prison so they can be together forever. Well, that's what she's going to do.

Jen accuses Natalie of pushing her down in the garden shed, but Natalie doesn't know what she's talking about; she just got up from a nap. Just outside, Niki is glad that her plan is working. She starts to leave but finds Cristian about to ring the doorbell. Startled, she drops the shopping bag containing the red wig. Cristian picks up the bag and hands it to Niki. She tries to get rid of him by saying that Jessica isn't home, but he points out that he's looking for Jen; he's worried about her and Natalie, whose argument can be heard from the foyer. He intervenes, asking Jen what she's doing at Llanfair when she said she'd be waiting for him at the student union. Natalie says Jen is harassing her. Jen tries to explain what happened but when Natalie insists she's innocent, Cristian believes his friend, which really ticks off his girlfriend. Jen holds up the dirty jacket as proof she's telling the truth.

Niki tells both girls to calm down so that together they can figure out what happened. Jen tries to speak and is shushed by Cristian. Niki then asks them both to leave, but Cristian wants to make sure that's what Natalie wants. He won't listen to Jen's insistence that they should do what Niki says; he's more concerned with Natalie. Natalie then asks him to please leave, and Niki apologizes to them for the misunderstanding. Niki offers to pay to have Jen's clothes cleaned, but all she wants is an apology. Cristian apologizes to Niki for the trouble, then walks to the door with Jen, demanding an explanation for her behaviour. He thinks she's the one who owes an apology. Jen is furious. Cristian doesn't think Natalie deserves to be attacked by Jen, especially after all she's been through. Jen protests that she's the one he should care about, but he says he might care more if he didn't know she was looking for trouble. He insists there's nothing going on between them; they're just friends. She doesn't like it, so he throws her friendship with Al into the equation; she doesn't exactly stay away from him, even after all he's done. Jen thinks that's different but eventually concedes. However, she insists there's definitely something wrong with Natalie. Cristian sticks up for her, saying maybe there's something they don't know. Their argument resumes, and he insists that she apologize to Natalie or else he will. This infuriates Jen, who storms out.

Niki plays more mind games with Natalie. She says there's a logical explanation for what happened: Natalie's lost her mind. When Natalie asks her to repeat that, she changes it to "put it out of your mind." Natalie runs from the room, passing Cristian along the way. In her bedroom, Natalie is terrified. The events of the past few days are haunting her. Cristian knocks on her door and won't leave when she asks him to. He comes inside and expresses his concern for her. She is afraid to tell him what she's feeling. She thinks she's losing her mind.

Pleased with herself, Niki hides the red wig behind a book. She's laid all the groundwork and thinks it will all happen soon. "Natalie" will kill Ben, and she'll be free.

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