OLTL Update Friday 6/21/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 6/21/02

By Laura

Kerri is certain that Antonio is holding back on her because of what she found in the hotel room. He immediately jumps to the conclusion that she's talking about the engagement ring, when she really means the notes regarding another University in Hawaii that Rae may have attended with Mark. He agrees to go with her to that University right away. Meanwhile, Rae looks at the picture of her and Mark then nags R.J. until he divulges that Kerri is in Maui with Antonio. Then she tells herself not to be so paranoid. They meet Judith, an old professor of "Gretels'", who offers to help in any legal way she can. Enrollment being a matter of public access, she admits that she remembers Gretel Cummings, but not this Mark person, even after Mark shows her a picture. She checks the records and assures them that there is no Mark fitting that picture in all of the 70's decade. When Judith asks Kerri if Antonio is her fiancÚ, she admits her intentions to Judith regarding Rae and Mark. Antonio tries to cheer up Kerri. Judith calls Rae and warns her about Kerri and Antonio.

Allison calls Dave and tells him she got the letter. He says her name then hangs up. She wonders if he hung up on her or if the cell phone simply cut out. Then she wonders, again, if Lindsay is lying to her. Lindsay claims that she doesn't want Allison to call Dave because she doesn't want Vicki to find out. Allison decides that she'll simply keep calling until Vicki isn't with Dave at the moment and then he can talk to her. Lindsay reminds Allison that she has personal experience with being the other woman. Allison insists that Lindsay is putting her under pressure and goes to arts and crafts to get the knife that she made earlier. Lindsay volunteers to clean the visiting room so that she can be there when Ben arrives. She warns Ben that Allison is insane, and wants to kill her, and only appears sane when she is in 'Dave-land'. Then she begs him to pretend that he's Dave. The guard tells Allison that she has a visitor and describes Ben. She responds by growing very excited.

Jen is angry with Cristian for not telling her that Natalie visited him at the loft. She tries to make up with him, but can't stop being angry with Natalie. Nikki hides the red wig when Natalie comes in. She informs her mother that she has s had a bad day and intends to go lie down. Then Nikki tries on Natalie's jacket. Jen calls and admits to Nikki that she is having problems with Natalie. Nikki offers to speak to Natalie for her, and then to assure that Natalie is there to speak to her if Jen comes over right away. Jen tells Rae to let Cristian know she went on some errands and heads over to Llanfair. Nikki tells the maid, Lois, not to let Jen disturb Natalie when she comes over. During her nap, Natalie dreams about confiding in Cristian, and then Jen coming in to ruin it. Rae tells Cristian, upon being asked, that Jen has gone to see Natalie.

When Jen arrives, Nikki, in her Natalie costume (wig and jacket), gets Jen's attention, lets her chase her to the shed, pushes her in it, then runs away again. Nikki hides in the closet and eavesdrops as Jen accuses Natalie of performing those actions and Natalie denying it profusely. Nikki attempts to escape by running out the front door carrying the bag with he wig in it, and runs right into Cristian who is about to ring the bell.

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