OLTL Update Thursday 6/20/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/20/02

By Laura

Nikki and Roxy plot against Natalie and Nikki convinces Roxy that itís her idea. Roxy asks for two more favors. She wants help Ďclassing upí, and wants Vicki to put in a good word for her with Max. Nikki agrees but adds that she sees Max so infrequently. Max walks in and Nikki immediately asks him to a family dinner, and informs him that he and his new wife make a great couple. When Nikki and Roxy leave, Max calls Greavy.  

Cristian pulls Natalie aside to discuss whatís bothering her. She keeps offering to leave, but upon Cristianís persistence, divulges her reason for being there, to ask Cristian if he thinks that her mother has been acting strangely and what she is usually like. He praises Vicki, adding that she is pure class in every way, and then Natalie asks him if she has ever hit on him. He agrees that she has been acting strangely and tells Natalie about the time not so long ago that Vicki told him Jessica never should have let him go, and seemed like she was Ďchecking him outí. She explains to Cristian that Vicki also hit on Chad. When Natalie leaves, she accidentally leaves a hair clip behind.  

Sam warns Ben about Todd, adding that he may or may not try to get in touch with Vicki. Ben tells Sam about the letter from Allison, and adds that Lindsay is her cellmate. Ben returns to his wife who is looking at some boxes that Natalie ordered from the Silver Moon Boutique. She tells him that sheís glad Natalie is distressing by going on shopping sprees. Natalie comes in and swears that she never ordered anything from there. Nikki insists that she heard Natalie on the telephone earlier placing the order but then lets it drop so as to not upset her daughter.  

Allison gets a letter from Dave. Lindsay tells her that they need to break out so that Allison can go to Dave, who according to the letter, wants to see Allison. She ponders the letter then whips out a cell phone. Allison tries to make Lindsay call Ben. She says that she canít make the call and pitifully asks Allison to please not hurt her again. Lindsay calls Jen, pretending that its Vicki, and asks for Ben, who is not there. Allison calls Dave on his cell phone, now that she knows he isnít presently around his wife.  

Jen, who receives the phone call from her mother back at she and Cristianís home, worries about her mother. She wonders if prison is driving her mother slowly insane. She is, however, easily distracted from her worrying, when she sees a hair clip that doesnít belong to her and then recognizes it as Natalieís. She demands to know why Cristian didnít tell her earlier that Natalie had been there.  

Tea pulls a homicidal Todd off of Ross and swears that she is the one at fault, not Rossís. Todd believes that Tea is lying, in order to keep him from killing Ross. He chases Ross and falls, his leg stuck under a branch.  

Roxy calls Nikki to tell her that the plan is working and that Natalie is thoroughly freaked. Nikki is wearing a long, red, wavy-haired wig, ready to make her next move against Natalie.

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