OLTL Update Wednesday 6/19/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/19/02

By Beth

Niki phones Roxy and asks to meet her in about five minutes. On her way out, she opens the door and finds Chad, who wants to talk to her about that undercover assignment she mentioned. He was hoping it would be a way to get his foot in the door at the Banner, but when Niki says she decided to can the story, he asks about the possibility of an internship. Niki blatantly comes on to him, and Natalie catches her. They argue, and Natalie asks Chad for a minute alone with her mother. She knows it's not the first time she's come on to Chad. She accuses Niki of being even more like Roxy than Roxy is. Niki's always shutting herself inside rooms and keeping people out, she hates Rex for no reason, and she won't talk to anybody. She's not the same person Natalie knew just a couple of months ago. Niki informs her that she isn't the same person because Natalie doesn't know her and never did. They're still getting to know each other. She knows she's not the ideal mother, but that's tough, because Natalie certainly isn't the ideal daughter. She walks out, telling herself she can't wait to implement her plan.

Natalie asks Chad exactly how weird her mother was acting today compared to other times he's seen her. He doesn't know what to say; she's always acted weird. Besides, he hardly knows her. He suggests that she talk to some of her relatives about it. Natalie says she already tried talking to Ben, and that was pointless. She'd rather not get into this with Jessica, considering their relationship. Chad then suggests talking to Asa, and Natalie considers this. He also mentions that Cristian has known her mother for years. Natalie empathically says she can't go near him. Chad understands that Jen doesn't like her. He has to leave to get ready for his date with Emily, and Natalie isn't far behind.

At Max's, Niki apologizes for misjudging Roxy, who is an absolute saint for putting up with Natalie all those years. Roxy agrees. Niki wants to know what they should do about her. She wants to give Natalie a dose of her own medicine. She pretends to come up with a plan in Roxy's presence, then tries to enlist her help.

Jen returns from out of town as Cristian works out. She tells him that her mother has become friends with Allison Perkins, but Cristian isn't surprised by that. Jen decides to change the subject and asks whether the two of them are okay, because that's what's important. Cristian is upset because she kept the truth from him. She's known for more than a year that her mother drugged Nora, but she wouldn't tell him. Instead, she chose to tell Al, and Al told him. Jen thinks all that matters is that she loves him. They make up, and Cristian invites her to take a shower with him, but she has to run some errands first. She forgets to take her keys, but she's already gone by the time Cristian realizes this. He leaves them on the table and heads for the shower. He hears a knock on the door and runs to open it, wearing only a bath towel. He assumes it's Jen. Instead, it's Natalie.

Nora tells Troy she's glad he opened up to her about his past. He doesn't want to talk about it now, but she does. She doesn't care about his past; what's important is for him to be open and honest about it. Everyone makes mistakes; she's made plenty. They agree that it's time to stop living in the past.

Blair, Sam, and the kids are at the country club pool. Blair says several times that Todd is dead to her. She thinks he's going to run because he always does. Sam points out that Pennsylvania and Hawaii have issued warrants for his arrest. Blair is grateful to Sam for all he's done for her. He's her hero and probably her only friend. He's always been there for her. She wants to do something to thank him--something that will make him happy. They hear a very happy Starr greet Troy, and notice that he's there with Nora and Matthew. Troy and Starr talk, Blair goes to get some sunscreen, and Matthew runs to his father. Nora sends Starr to show Jack to Matthew, and Troy goes for some tea, leaving Sam and Nora alone. Nora apologizes for being there but Sam says she's perfectly within her rights. They talk about moving on with their lives.

Not watching where she's going, Blair runs straight into Troy and spills sunscreen all over his chest. She dabs at it with her hand, and noticing his discomfort at an obviously awkward situation, assumes he's attracted to her. She flirts shamelessly until he finally manages to get away from her. Starr takes Matthew to see Jack, pointing out that he's a pain. All little brothers are. Matthew expresses surprise, and in a cute moment depicting the two children's real-life relationship, Starr says Matthew would be a great little brother. Blair returns to her lounge chair and observes Sam and Nora. When Sam sits down again, she tells him it's obvious he still loves Nora. Sam points out they just aren't meant to be together; it's time to move on. Matthew drags Sam off to get something to eat, and Starr informs her mother she wants to give Troy her "When Pets Bite Back" video. She insists he wants to see it, and points out how very handsome he is. Blair agrees he's a hottie.

Ross wakes up on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific. He notices Tea lying a few yards away and runs to her. She's still unconscious, but he revives her. Hysterical, she starts screaming for Todd. The two of them see Todd and run to him. He is unconscious and barely breathing. Tea notices how cold he is and cries harder. She tries to revive him and he starts to breathe better. However, he isn't responding to their words. Ross starts to check for spinal injury and is stunned when Todd grabs him by the throat.


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