OLTL Update Tuesday 6/18/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/18/02

By Beth

At Break Bar, Natalie points out Max as the bar owner and the person Rex will need to see about getting a job. She introduces them, but when Max hears Rex's last name, he says there's no way he'd ever hire one of Roxy's kids. Roxy is eavesdropping on this and takes offense. Natalie defends her brother, saying he's nothing like Roxy. Roxy grabs Natalie's arm and they face off. Natalie mentions Greevey as one of Roxy's dirtbag boyfriends. Rex intervenes on Natalie's behalf and insults Roxy. At this, Max decides to hire him, and sends him to get the paperwork from Chad. Roxy climbs over the bar to get a drink. R.J. comes in and gives Max a hard time about getting married. When he sees Roxy, he gets a good laugh at his friend's expense. Max wants to hire him to get rid of her, and when R.J. asks whether he's asking for a hit, Max decides he can't actually do that. He just wants her to be run out of town. R.J. is sorry to disappoint his friend, but he's no longer in that line of work. He promised Keri he'd stay on the right side of the law, and he intends to keep his promise. Max points out that helping him would be a humanitarian mission. Besides, staying legit hasn't helped him break up Keri's relationship with Antonio. R.J. knows they won't last, but the last time he tried to break them up, it backfired on him. Sooner or later, a golden opportunity will present itself, and he'll be ready. He wants to know why Max doesn't just divorce his new bride. Max informs him that Nora's working on it, but it's complicated and will take a few months. R.J. wishes his friend luck before departing the bar.

Roxy sidles up to Rex, who doesn't want anything to do with her. He says Jessica wishes she'd listened to Natalie from the beginning and stayed away from her. Roxy doesn't believe him, but he tells her to just go away. Blaming her children's lack of love for her on Natalie, she decides to go after her. Max apologizes to Rex for his initial rudeness and says he thinks Roxy would rather he married to her true love. He can't quite remember the name, but Natalie mentioned it before. As he sounds it out, Rex informs him it must be Greevey. He doesn't know the guy, from what he's heard from Natalie, Greevey's a real jerk. Going to one of the bar's computers, Max pulls up the Llannet People Search and finds a Gus Greevey in Atlantic City.

Niki thinks her idea is brilliant. She plans to make people think Natalie has D.I.D. Then she'll kill Ben and pin it on one of Natalie's alters. As she talks to herself about this surprise, Renee comes in and startles her. Renee is curious about what surprise she could be planning for Ben, Niki wants to keep it a secret. It's big, though, and he's going to die when she springs it on him. Renee just stopped by to let her know that Rae was chosen to be Llanview's Woman of the Year. She thought Viki would want to know, since she's the one who nominated her. She's puzzled by her friend's reaction to the news, which is less enthusiastic than she expected and even seems to have forgotten nominating Rae. She's also surprised that Niki claims to be too busy to go along with her to give Rae the good news. Niki rushes her out, then tells herself there's no way she's going anywhere near Rae.

When Natalie comes home, Niki tries to talk to her as a normal mother would, but Natalie isn't buying it. Niki is actually putting her plan into action. She tries to convince Natalie that she was wearing a red sweatsuit when she left the house, while she obviously isn't wearing that now. Natalie insists she's been wearing the same outfit all day. She answers the door to Roxy, who is furious with her. While they have it out, Niki plants a red sweatsuit in the trunk of Natalie's car. She overhears the argument and realizes it's even better than she thought. Natalie is telling Roxy off about her boyfriends with roaming hands. Niki comes to Natalie's defense and kicks Roxy out. Natalie isn't fooled, however. She wonders what happened to mess up the bond she and Viki were starting to form. Rex returns and gets Natalie's car keys. He comes back with a red sweatsuit, saying it was in the trunk and he thought she might want it. Natalie is confused by this, which makes Niki happy. Niki wants reinforcements, so she calls to apologize to Roxy and tell her they need to talk about Natalie.

Rae looks at the torn photo again, hoping the past will stay in the past. When Hank joins her, she apologizes about last night. They talk about his relationship with Keri. Renee comes along and hands her the letter naming her as Llanview's Woman of the Year. Hank asks to be her escort to the awards dinner, and Rae accepts his offer. After he leaves, Renee calls Rae "Gretel," which sets her off. Rae wants to know whether Asa put her up to that, but Renee explains that she got it from the town's historian. Rae is adamant that nothing ever list that as her name. She's just as adamant that no one from her college days be brought in as a speaker. Renee leaves, and R.J. stops by the student union to pick up Keri's mail. He cheerfully tells Rae that if anyone asks, his daughter will be back from Hawaii next week. Shocked, Rae tries to convince herself that they'll never find out her secret.

Keri and Antonio are happy to be in Hawaii. Antonio makes a dinner reservation as he again eyes the ring he bought Keri. He hides it again, and she reiterates her desire to find Mark. Antonio is getting annoyed by this, not wanting to spend time looking for someone when he had much more romantic plans. He asks whether she ever considered the possibility that Rae wouldn't want them to find Mark. No, she doesn't think that's possible. He really wants to leave well enough alone, but Keri insists on tracking the man down. Antonio does some research, then finds something. Not saying what he found, he takes her to the university.

Troy says that the talisman reminds him of a woman he was in love with before in Africa. It was major, and it ended very badly. He didn't treat her very well and he deeply regrets that. He assures Nora that he would never treat her badly or hurt her. She can't imagine what he must have done to make himself feel this way, but he won't elaborate. Emily and Matthew come back from swimming, and Troy takes the little boy back out to the water. Emily talks about the twins' younger days, when all the girls were after them. Troy was always kind and gentle, while Colin really went through women. Uncomfortable with the conversation, Emily goes for another swim. Nora comments that Troy is becoming even more of a mystery to her.

Back at Nora's house, Troy promises to tell her everything someday. Right now, he just wants to enjoy the day. After he leaves, the doorbell rings and Nora rushes to get it, thinking it must be Troy coming back. It isn't Troy, though. It's Hank, dropping off some papers. He's not impressed to learn that Troy told Nora about an old girlfriend, but she insists it was a good thing. She's happy, and that's what counts.

At the loft, Emily assures Troy he was good to Joanna; he never even looked at another woman. Troy says he tried to tell Nora about her but couldn't, not even her name. Nora would never understand.

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