OLTL Update Monday 6/17/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 6/17/02

By Beth

Saying he could really use a friend, Cristian asks Natalie to stay and talk. Once Natalie learns that he and Jen had a big blow up, she points out that she's probably not the best person for him to talk to about that. She notices his hand got cut on broken glass and starts to tend to it, then tells him that Rae admitted losing several students' bibliographies--including his--and posted an apology at the student union. Rex observes them together and forms an opinion of their relationship.

Chad's tour with Emily concludes outside Break Bar. He admits he likes her, and since she already has plans with her brother for today, they make a lunch date for tomorrow. Seeing Rex, Natalie introduces the guys. Chad takes Cristian aside to ask if they can trade shifts tomorrow. Cristian guesses it's about a girl and mentions Chad's interest in Natalie. Chad admits he gets the feeling she's interested in someone else.

Rex asks Natalie about Cristian, and she says they're good friends. Rex thinks there must be more to it, from the looks of things. Natalie insists he's wrong; Cristian has a girlfriend, and they're very close. She doesn't want to get involved in that. When Cristian comes back, Rex asks him about a job. Cristian doesn't know whether Max has any openings or not. He leaves, and Rex again asks about Cristian's girlfriend. Natalie reiterates that Jen is very much in the picture so Rex should just let it go.

Troy, Nora, and Matthew have a picnic. The adults talk about various things, then Troy gives Nora three tickets to the circus, adding that they're for Matthew, his mom, and any friend he wants to take. Matthew insists on inviting Troy. Emily joins them and takes Matthew for a swim. Nora talks about how Troy's African talisman was responsible for bringing them together, but Troy is obviously uncomfortable with this. He informs Nora that the talisman reminds him of someone he used to love.

Allison says no one ever comes to see her at Statesville, but Lindsay reminds her of Dave's recent visit. Allison accuses her of lying about that. Lindsay tries to come up with a way to send Allison the letter she wrote from "Dave." She meets with Jen, who brought her mother some reading material. Getting an idea, Lindsay hands her the envelope addressed to Allison and asks her to mail it. Jen questions why she's friends with that woman after what she did to Jessica. She doesn't believe her mother's claim that it's a birthday card, and accepts Lindsay's challenge to open it to see for herself. When Lindsay sees that she's really going to open it, she balks and whines about how her own daughter doesn't trust her. She informs her that Allison is the daughter of the former warden, and because of this she gets treated like royalty. Lindsay just wants to get on her good side, and mail from the outside would make her happy. Jen accuses her of using Allison, but Lindsay explains she's just doing what she can to get through this experience. Jen agrees to mail it, and a guard announces that visiting hours are over. Jen leaves, mailing the letter outside. Tillie mocks Lindsay, who says she'll be glad when she gets out and never has to see Tillie's face again. That will happen sooner than Tillie thinks. Hearing this, Allison confronts Lindsay, who makes up a lame excuse about finding inner peace. Tillie laughs at this and starts messing with Lindsay, but the guard comes along and removes her from the scene. When Allison asks what she's really up to, Lindsay replies that she's just looking for a reason to live on the inside. Laughing about blondes, Allison walks away, and Lindsay tells herself she wants to give Allison a reason on the outside.

In Hawaii, Ross hides from two police officers who are showing a photo of him around the hotel, and a hotel employee recognizes him as the man guarding Starr. Meanwhile, Todd's thugs bust their way into the hotel room and won't be stopped. They're determined to grab Starr and Jack. While Sam stays to defend his territory, Blair runs to the bedroom with the kids and learns that the phone is dead. Sam tackles one of the men. They struggle, then Sam grabs a bust from the table and bonks the guy over the head with it. They both get up, and Sam grabs a wooden chair and whacks the man with it, then punches the other guy in the face. Suddenly the two officers arrive and tell Sam to freeze! Sam tries to explain but one of the thugs accuses him of attempted kidnapping. Sam defends his honor, and Blair appears to set the record straight. The police inform them they're actually looking for Ross, then they arrest the two men. Blair blares at Starr to get ready to leave, and Sam points out that they have Tea to thank for alerting them to Todd's plan.

Tea admits she told Blair about seeing Todd in the hotel lobby, but he thinks that's a good thing. He's all prepared for the kids. He has diapers, toys, and even spray cheese. He and Tea hear an odd noise, and he goes to investigate, assuming it must be Ross. Seeing the love Todd has for his children, Tea is remorseful for thwarting his plan; she's afraid of what he'll do when he finds out about her betrayal. Todd finds Ross getting the boat going and points out that he's ready to go to the cove to pick up the kids now. Tea leaves a message for Sam, saying she's going to lay low for a while but will be in touch. She turns around to see Todd sitting behind her. She tries to leave, but he points out that she's not going anywhere; the boat is on its way to the cove. Tea tries to tell him what she did, but he isn't listening. He notices that the water is rough. He assures her she did the right thing by taking his side. Tea is also confident she did the right thing, and she wants to tell him something. Tea wants the kids to be in Todd's life. Todd insists it was all Blair's fault. She took his kids away from him, so she deserves having them taken away from her. He looks out and notices that although they should be approaching the cove, they're actually nowhere near it. Todd runs to Ross and starts yelling at him. He knows they're going the wrong way and he wants to go get his kids now. Ross tells him there's been a change of plans. Angry, Todd pushes him aside, and in the struggle, the boat hits something. Ross punches Todd out and regains the wheel, but water is already pouring in. Tea is screaming and trying to rouse Todd, who is unconscious.

At the airport, Sam points out that Todd will face charges both in Hawaii and in Pennsylvania. Blair thinks he'll do the cowardly thing and disappear, only to resurface sometime in the future. Blair claims she tried to figure out a way to let the kids have Todd in their lives, but it just won't work. Now he gets nothing. She doesn't care about Todd anymore, and hopes he gets exactly what he deserves.

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