OLTL Update Friday 6/14/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 6/14/01

By Laura

Nikki plots to murder Ben then eavesdrops on Natalie stressing to Ben that Vicki has been acting very strangely lately. He agrees up until Natalie stating that she has been downright mean. Nikki barges in and asks what's going on. She assures Ben and Natalie that she's perfectly fine, and very touched that Natalie cares so much. Ben leaves, reassured. Natalie gets in Vicki's face, saying that she has been mean to her and Rex, especially telling her that DID is heredity. After Natalie storms out, Nikki plots how to get rid of Natalie and Ben both. She decides that DID is going to be hereditary after all, and that Natalie is going to serve a lifetime behind bars for murdering Ben.

Jessica snaps a few pictures of Rex to send to Kevin, Joey, and Cord. Seth shows up and Jessica tells him about her day, buying expensive clothes for Rex, and how it's worked up an appetite for them. When she goes to mail the pictures to her brothers, Seth grabs the plate from Rex and accuses him of using Jessica for her money. When Jessica comes back, Rex immediately heads out, to find himself a summer job. Jessica suspects that Rex is uncomfortable with her paying for things and Seth expresses the opinion that Rex shouldn't let her pay. Jessica insists that while he is her guest for the summer, she should pay.

Cristian begins to wonder if Jen trusts him since she confided in Al instead of him. She swears that she trusts him and adds that, at the time, she barely knew him and was afraid to lose him. They fight over Al, and then Natalie. Jen storms off, reminding Cristian that she is going to go visit her mother, and Natalie comes in to Break Bar. She offers to leave, but Cristian tells her that he could use a friend, and asks her to stay.

Todd discusses with Ross the plan to kidnap the children. He says he has Tea distracting Blair and 'Judas' (his new nickname for Sam). Ross voices his opinion that Todd is 'low' for taking children away from their mother. Todd reminds him that Blair is trying to take children away from their father, and warns him not to start growing a conscience. Ross instructs the guards to take the children by themselves, and not to alarm the big shot attorney. Todd, alone, stares at a picture of his family and remembers the good times. Blair, elsewhere, remembers the lies and the horrible times.

Tea, at Blair's door, admits that Todd sent her. She repeatedly asks Blair to allow her to come in and talk, just for a moment. Blair repeatedly refuses. Sam arrives and Blair asks him to get rid of Tea. She continues to insult Tea and threatens to throw her off the balcony if she doesn't leave, but Sam convinces Blair to listen to whatever Tea has to say. Tea informs them that Todd is in Hawaii, and that he plans to take the children. She adds that someone is going to come pick up the children, and not to trust anyone. Blair suspects that Tea is trying to pull some kind of trick, but Sam believes her. Blair comes around, and asks Sam what they're going to do. The guards come knocking in order to take the kids. Sam assures that she and Blair will take care of transporting the kids, but they won't take 'no' for an answer. Tea goes to see Todd, but is silent.

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