OLTL Update Thursday 6/13/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/13/02

By Laura

In Hawaii, Kerri begins to believe that its fate that brought them there, in order to find Mark, Rae's first love. At first Antonio is frustrated with Kerri's new obsession, as he had intended to propose to her. She playfully accuses him of being afraid to look for Mark because it would be too much of a challenge to find him. Antonio agrees to help her find Mark, as long as they get to do all the fun things too.

Rae tells Asa he should be in prison and adds that he should turn himself in. She states that he is so controlling because of the guilt her harbors inside. He assures her that he does not feel guilty, that not only would his enemies have done the same things to him if given the chance, but that he wanted to secure a fortune so that he could pass it down the generations of his family. He calls her 'Gretel' and she assures him that the name does not upset her. She adds that what upset her was that Asa was acting like an obnoxious adolescent. He remarks that everyone has secrets except the nice lady who just wants to help people with their problems, then leaves. She looks at the picture of Mark and mumbles about the truth.

Emily brings her brother a smoothie. She confesses that she has a date, with a guy who's name she forgets but knows it begins with a 'C', and who works at Break Bar. Troy breaks the bad news that Cristian has a girlfriend, and lives with her. While Troy takes a shower, Chad arrives. Emily accuses him of cheating on his 'girlfriend', threatens to tell her if she ever meets her, and slams the door on him. She tells her brother that it's too bad, because he was really cute, with his blond hair and blue eyes. Troy is apologetic when he realizes that his sister meant the other guy that works at Break Bar, not Cristian. Not willing to take 'no' for an answer, Chad comes back to Troy's home. He yells at Emily for buying her brother's games and making false accusations. She tries to interrupt in order to apologize for her mistake. Once she does, and they make sense of the misunderstanding, they agree to start over.

Jen plans to visit Lindsay, after making up with Cristian. Al drops by to give new safe keys for Break Bar to Cristian. While there, he chastises Cristian for not having his phone and answering machine on, in case something happened at Break Bar. Cristian informs him that Max does not own him, and that it was his day off, and then chastises Al in return for the 'advice' he gave Jen the previous night because it wasn't coming from a 'friend'. Al admits that he's surprised to see her there and Cristian reminds Al that he and Jen don't keep secrets from one another. After Al leaves, Jen tells Cristian that she intends to see Al before she leaves to visit her mother and he agrees that they are each entitled to their friends.

Jen sees Al at Break Bar and thanks him for being such a good friend. They also discuss Lindsay and then Jen leaves to see her. Al makes a comment to Cristian regarding Jen's knowing about her mother's crimes prior to conviction. Al asks Cristian if he even knew about it, and in response he tries to convince the both of them that it doesn't matter Jen comes back to retrieve her forgotten sunglasses, and Cristian corners her, asking why she never told him.

The 'guard', Ross, tells Tea that he has to call Blair and get her permission before he'll allow her to talk to Starr. Then, mainly because he's attracted to Tea, allows her to have some privacy with Starr. Blair discusses her feelings with Sam that it was wrong to take Todd's children away from him, and, despite protest, decides to take them back to Llanview. Sam agrees to make the arrangements. Blair orders Ross to bring Starr upstairs.

Starr asks Tea if she and Todd are going to get back together and if he sent her there to see Starr. She answers 'no' to both questions. When Starr leaves to go back to the room, Todd comes out of hiding and faces Tea. He smirks at the realization that Tea did not expose his whereabouts to Starr. Blair tells Starr and Ross that the family is going home. Ross immediately delivers the news to Todd. Todd tells Ross to kidnap the children but he refuses to do so. Tea tells Todd that she won't stop him from kidnapping his children because she wants him to stop himself. She wants to know what he's planning, and then informs her that she's going to help him. Blair opens the door to Tea instead of a bellboy.

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