OLTL Update Wednesday 6/12/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/12/02

By Beth

Keri and Antonio arrive in Hawaii. She's so impressed by the view that she's unaware when the photo of Rae and Mark falls out of her address book. In their room, she continues to admire the view while Antonio looks at a ring he bought for her. He repacks it before she catches him with it. He show her a brochure for planning their activities. Before they do anything, she wants to send postcards. He thinks it's silly, but she insists. A kiss sways her, but now Antonio is the insistent one. He's going to get a spot on the beach while she writes them out. As soon as he leaves, Keri decides the postcards can wait. She's ready to follow him when there's knock at the door. A hotel employee found the photo she dropped, and points out that the beach in the photo is right there in Maui. Keri joins Antonio, excited to have found out where the photo was taken.

Rae looks at the torn photo, then stashes it on her desk. She finds Asa outside her office and chides him for being late. He's going to be even later; he might be by next week. It's too hot for therapy. He would have just stayed home but he came to look for Claire. Claire comes by and sees him, and he's anxious to talk about her date with Bo. She admits it was disappointing; she's impressed with him, but he doesn't seem interested in her. As Asa advises her not to give up, Rae pokes her head out of her office and overhears the conversation. She chides him for interfering in Bo's life, and warns him that if he doesn't get into her office now, she'll recommend that a lot more sessions be made mandatory. Claire calls her "Gretel," which has Asa howling. He'd forgotten that's what she called herself when she first hit town. Inside her office, Asa looks around for Hansel, then asks whether she has any gingerbread. Rae isn't remotely amused, but Asa simply asks why she would change her name. Why's she scared of a nice name like Gretel? Rae becomes angry, calling him a coward. She accuses him of being powerless and weak; maybe the legend of Asa Buchanan is a lie. It's obvious to her that he believes he's a fake. He's not even much of a cowboy. This infuriates Asa. He got where he is by out-thinking and out-working everyone else. Duly chastised, Rae admits they both lost their tempers, but Asa's not ready to calm down. He's ready to talk, and when he's finished, she'll never underestimate Asa Buchanan again.

Bo is on the phone demanding that someone be sent to fix his air conditioner. Neither he nor Gabrielle slept much last night. He tells her that since they won't guarantee service today, he's going to try to fix it himself. She offers to help. Inside the utility closet, everything goes wrong. He hits his head, he has the wrong manual, and the flashlight batteries are dead. Gabrielle tries to give him a screwdriver and ends up falling on top of him. Then she learns that the door is stuck. Bo squeezes past her to confirm that they really are stuck in there together. He throws himself against the door, managing only to fall back against Gabrielle. Determined, he tries a few more times. Then he hears a voice. Claire has returned, looking for her shawl. Apparently Bo didn't bother to lock his door so she decided to let herself in. Bo starts yelling and banging on the door to get her attention. Claire lets them out, and Bo is glad she stopped by. She tells Gabrielle that the door was awfully easy to open from the outside. She's not fooled by Gabrielle, and Bo won't be for much longer. She leaves, and Gabrielle tells herself she has to get a handle on the situation with Bo.

Starr wants to go to the beach, but Sam offers to take her to the gift shop instead so she can buy something for her boyfriend. Starr gets nervous and runs from the room. Sam tells Blair about her call from Danny, and Blair insists she doesn't know anyone by that name. She must have been talking to Todd. Sam admits he didn't even think of that, but while he doesn't think she told him about being in Hawaii, he can't say for sure. Blair wishes she had never found out the truth about Jack. If she hadn't, they'd all still be a family. Now that she knows, she'll never be able to live with Todd again. She calls Starr into the room and stresses the importance of telling the truth. When she asks whether Todd called her yesterday, Starr hedges. Blair tells her that Todd would take her away from her forever if he got a chance. Blind to her own hypocrisy, she says she couldn't stand it if that ever happened. Starr finally admits that he did call, but claims that he just wanted to say goodbye. She's sad because she thinks they'll never see each other again. Blair is proud of Starr for telling the truth, but Starr just wishes things were different. Sam gets Ross to take her to the beach, and Blair tells her to let them know if Todd calls her again. Alone with Sam, Blair starts second-guessing her decision to keep Starr away from Todd. Maybe she should just give her what would make her the happiest. Maybe she should find a way to call a truce with Todd.

Back in Tea's room, Todd claims he followed her from Llanview to get her help with getting the kids back. Tea insists he has no chance of getting them legally. She doesn't believe him, and she's ready to call Sam. Todd warns her not to tip Sam off to his whereabouts. Referring to Jack, he says he loves his kid and doesn't want to be away from him. He knows that Jack doesn't want to be away from his father either. Jack and Starr are the only good things that have ever happened to him. Tea advises him to wait a while, and Blair may come around and let him see the kids more often. He thinks that's lousy advice from someone who's supposed to be such a good lawyer. He takes a call from Ross, who wants to confirm plans for having the kids at the beach while Todd gets a boat. Todd is evasive since Tea is obviously listening. Tea accuses him of being in Hawaii because his kids are here. He denies this, claiming they're in Llanview with their bodyguards, but she doesn't believe him. On a hunch, she picks up the phone and asks for Blair's room, but Todd rips the cord out of the phone. When he warns her not to get involved, she realizes he plans to take the kids. He denies this, saying he just wants to see them again before he goes away. As he talks to her from the balcony, Tea slips out the door. Todd realizes this and runs after her, but she's already in the elevator. Tea goes to the front desk and starts to call Blair's room. Todd sees her, but before he can approach her, he sees Starr. Seeing Tea, Starr runs to her friend for a warm reunion.


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