OLTL Update Tuesday 6/10/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/11/02

By Beth

Seth accuses Rex of knowing all along about the baby switch and coming to Llanview because of it. Natalie comes along, and Seth tells her they're waiting for Jessica. Rex informs her of Roxy's performance, adding that she went after Jessica and Seth stopped her. Natalie admits he's been a real hero to her sister. She rushes inside, and Seth takes up his previous line of questioning again. Rex, on the other hand, noticed Natalie's reaction to him and wants to know what he did to her.

Some of Rodi's patrons are concerned about Roxy, but Jessica insists she's faking. She doesn't see Roxy open her eyes and then quickly close them again. When Natalie walks in, she tells her sister what happened, and Natalie kicks Roxy's boot to try to get her to move. Jessica points out that she'll only lie there until they walk away. To prove this, they start walking, and Roxy stops them. She has a whole new life with Max, and she just wants her daughter to love her. Natalie warns Jessica not to listen to her, but there's really no need for such a warning. Jessica doesn't trust her birth mother at all. She warns her to lay off Natalie, and reminds her of how scared she was to learn of her condition. She really felt like her daughter until she learned it was all an act. Roxy defends her actions, saying that Allison "svengaggled" her into the scam. She was a victim just like Jessica. Natalie warns Jessica not to fall for it, and Roxy asks whether she's going to let Natalie turn her against her own mother. Jessica replies that she isn't; Natalie can't turn her against Roxy because Roxy's already done that on her own. At that, she leaves, and Roxy starts telling off Natalie again. Natalie reminds Roxy that she has a real family now, which is something Roxy would never understand. Roxy retorts that they only put up with her because they have to. She warns Natalie to be careful of turning people against her. Natalie isn't scared; Roxy can never hurt her again. As she leaves, Roxy says under her breath that she has plans for her--big plans.

Jessica storms out of Rodi's, unwittingly putting a halt to Seth and Rex's argument. Natalie comes out as well, and Jessica follows her, asking Seth to make sure Rex gets back to Llanfair. Seth promises Rex that he's going to be keeping an eye on him.

As Bo buttons his shirt, Gabrielle apologizes for coming home so soon. She did call, but when he didn't answer, she assumed he and Claire had gone out. Then she came home and saw Claire's shawl. She wants to get out of there now and give them some privacy. To her astonishment, Bo asks her to stay. He informs her that Claire left hours ago. Amused at Gabrielle's assumption, he informs her that he doesn't have sex on the first date. Not anymore. He refuses to elaborate on that. They clean up the table and talk about the problem with the air conditioner. She asks whether he had a good time on his date. Bo laughs at this; it's too hot to have a good time. Gabrielle points out that he could have taken her somewhere else, but he didn't want to. She just wasn't his type. Besides, he's never liked the dating thing. As they clear the table, something gets dropped on the floor. In an awkward moment, they both reach down to pick it up. Bo decides to leave the rest until morning. Right now he wants to cool off with a cold shower and then go to bed.

Antonio calls Tea from the plane and informs her they want to take her out to celebrate the fact that she got as far away from Todd as possible. Tea agrees that's a reason to celebrate. Antonio is looking forward to Tea and Keri meeting. Tea just knows they'll love Hawaii. After she hangs up, she makes dinner reservations for herself.

Keri is preoccupied with Rae and the man from her old photos. She tells Antonio about running into Rae at the student union and learning the reason for her reaction. As she tells him the story, Antonio is surprised to hear that the man's name was Mark and not Alan Quartermaine. He could have sworn that's the exact same story she told about him. All he knows is that Alan is rich and lives in Port Charles, and he's the father of Rae's daughter. They decide that Rae must just be unlucky in love.

Jen decides to call Cristian, but Al tries to talk her out of it. He doesn't think she should let him off the hook that easily. Cristian knows how much it upsets her when he hangs out with Natalie, but he does it anyway. Jen doesn't think they're fooling around, but Al tries to plant doubt in her mind. She's afraid she's acting possessive and paranoid like her mother, but Al assures her they're nothing alike. He tells her that if she calls Cristian, he'll think he can get away with anything he wants. He's the one who should be calling to apologize to her, not the other way around. Jen realizes it's late and starts to leave, but Al doesn't want her going home. He points out that Natalie might even be there. Jen is certain that Cristian wouldn't have Natalie at the loft, but Al continues to niggle at her with doubt. He admits he worries about her, and says he has a gut feeling about those two. He talks her out of going home, so she agrees to go to Sam's for the night. She feels awful about the fight, but Al points out that couples do fight sometimes. He offers her a ride but she wants to be alone.

After Jen leaves, Shawna, who had been spying on them, wheedles Al about his deception. Al tells her he's not in the mood for her games. She continues to taunt him, saying that she and Mollie saw Cristian at the quarry earlier with Jen, and they failed to get to them. In fact, Jen got up in their faces and really laid into them. She thought Al would be pleased with her for trying to mess with them, but he insists he doesn't need her help. He's over Jen. Shawna doesn't believe this at all.

At the quarry, Cristian picks up his cell phone, hoping Jen will call. He's definitely not going to call her. He strips down and goes for a swim. Jen arrives on the scene and, seeing his clothing, calls out for him. He emerges from the water and they make up and make love.

Rae argues with a student about his missing bibliography. He insists he included it with his paper, but she won't consider the possibility. He accuses her of being the one with the problem, but she won't budge. Hank approaches her to find out what's going on. Rae rants about her students, including Cristian. At least half of them didn't follow her directions, and then lied about it. She did give Cristian the benefit of the doubt, but it's very frustrating. She just hates dishonesty! This prompts Hank to ask why she's lying to him. She seems to be upset about something more than a few of her students. Rae is indignant. Hank lets it go and invites her out for a drink, but she declines.

Gabrielle goes outside to get some cooler air. In his bedroom, Bo tosses and turns, unable to sleep in the heat. Remembering the kiss he shared with his roommate doesn't help. He picks up his glass and gets up to get a drink. On his way to the kitchen, he sees Gabrielle cooling herself off with an ice cube. He watched for a while, then rushes off to the kitchen so he won't get caught. Gabrielle hears a noise as he goes by and calls out to him.

Blair and her entourage have arrived in Hawaii. Ross tells Todd his family's room number but advises him not to get any ideas. Security's tight, plus Sam is there. Todd wants him to find a way around it, but Ross insists it's not going to happen. Todd doesn't like this; he's paying Ross to help. Starr comes through the hotel, complaining about her mother's unfairness. Hearing her, Todd hides, even though he's already disguised as a tourist. Ross and his security team assure Sam that there's no chance of Todd getting through to Blair and the kids. Sam looks around for Starr and sees that she's ordering a hotel employee around. She wants a pina colada, spray cheese, crackers, and a lei. Todd's heart is breaking at not being with his little girl. He calls her on her cell phone, immediately warning her not to say anything. She screams, "Daddy!" and then has to cover and call him Danny. Sam overhears her and warns her she can't tell anyone where she is. Knowing she's really talking to Todd, Ross distracts Sam.

Todd apologizes to Starr. She has no idea what he did because her mother won't tell her. Starr keeps up the pretense of talking to her little boyfriend. Todd admits he told a big lie but even after he fixed it, Blair still wouldn't forgive him. She's just being completely unreasonable. The hotel employee delivers Starr's order but says there aren't any leis left today. Starr tells Todd she'd do anything to be able to see him right now. He reminds her of when she was little and she talked to Fred the Magic Frog. Sam interrupts and asks whom she's talking to. Nervous, Starr hangs up. Sam says he had no idea she had a boyfriend, and Starr replies that he misses her. She missed the last day of school thanks to Sam and Blair. Sam informs her that Blair wants her back upstairs. As they start to go up, Starr remembers to go back for the umbrella from her drink. Just before she gets there, Todd tosses his lei on the table for her. She doesn't know where it came from, but she loves it. She puts it on and doesn't get the umbrella. However, Todd takes it from her drink. He tells himself that he'll get her back and no one will ever keep them apart again. Suddenly, he hears Tea's voice asking whether that's really him.

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