OLTL Update Monday 6/10/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 6/10/02

By Beth

After making love, Troy tells Nora that there's a part of his past that he needs to tell her about. He calls her the most moral person he's ever known, and asks how she feels when she doesn't live up to her own standards. From the way he begins, Nora thinks he's referring to the methods he used to get Lindsay to confess, and before he can tell her what's really on his mind, his sister returns from campus. Embarrassed, Nora rushes out, and she and Troy talk out in the hall. Emily overhears, and when her brother comes back inside, she asks him whether he told her about Joanna yet. She assures him that nothing could push Nora away from him. Troy tells himself that Emily doesn't know the whole story.

At Rodi's, Seth and Rex sit at a table while Jessica sings "The Look of Love." After the song, Roxy makes a spectacle of herself by announcing that Jessica is her daughter. She approaches their table and tells them about her recent collapse due to her hypoglycemia. Jessica isn't surprised, considering the way Roxy lives her life, and doesn't believe her vow to change. Rex is stunned when she tells Roxy to go away, and asks his sister to fill him in on why their mother is really that bad. Deciding to strut her stuff, Roxy then goes to the stage. Dedicating her song to the people who mean the most to her, she sings "These Boots Were Made for Walkin'." Although the rest of the crowd is really into her performance, Jessica is mortified. Roxy dances, bringing down the house. Jessica wants to get out of there, so they start to leave. Seth is the last one at the table, and he finds Rex's newspaper clippings in the floor and decides to confront him. He finds Rex just outside and accuses him of being just like his mother. Meanwhile, Roxy asks Jessica for another chance, but Jessica is unwilling. As she walks away from her, Roxy collapses on the Rodi's floor.

Keri is trying to get ready for her trip with Antonio despite not knowing where they're going. When Antonio comes to pick her up, he tells her to close her eyes. Then he places a lei around her neck. Realizing they're going to Hawaii, Keri becomes very excited. Antonio mentions finding one of the old photos of Rae on the floor at the spa, and she fills him in on Rae's reaction to seeing the photos.

At Natalie's request, Rae meets her student on campus. Natalie is anxious to talk to her. She's done extensive research into D.I.D., and it all shows that the condition isn't hereditary. Rae confirms this, explaining that it takes severe trauma during childhood to bring on the condition. She knows all about Natalie's childhood, and as bad as it was, it wasn't enough to cause D.I.D. Natalie is shocked to learn that her mother's childhood was so horrible. She informs Rae that she wanted to talk to her because someone--she doesn't say who--told her it's hereditary. Rae thinks it must have been a mistake, but Natalie's convinced her mother lied to her.

Keri and Rae run into each other at the student union, each apologizing to the other for the photo disaster. Rae explains that the man in the photos was Mark, her first love, and they were together in college. Mark's parents didn't approve of her, and his dying father managed to break them up.

Keri and Antonio leave for their trip, and Keri tucks the remaining photo in her address book. Rae still has one of the torn photos, which she places into her purse.

Seeing the romantic table setting, Bo thinks Gabrielle is behind it and reminds her he has a date. She explains that Asa did this, and she's on her way out to give him some privacy. She leaves just as Claire arrives. Bo points out that it may be hot because he's having some problems with his air conditioner.

While Bo and Claire enjoy their dinner, Gabrielle has dinner at the Palace, where Renee gives her a hard time. She's aware that Asa is paying for Gabrielle's meal and thinks she must be blackmailing him. The only other possible explanation would be that he's had a lobotomy. Not willing to admit he just wanted to get her away from Bo, Gabrielle claims they've had a reconciliation, but Renee laughs this idea off. Gabrielle calls home, and when Bo doesn't answer, she assumes he and Claire went out and it's safe for her to go back home.

Bo and Claire sit close together on the couch. He ignores the phone, saying he always gives his female guests his undivided attention. Claire is relentless and makes no attempt to disguise her desire to have sex with him. Just before they can kiss, a loud noise signals the death of the air conditioner. She takes the opportunity to suggest that they think of ways to cool off. Gabrielle comes home, notices the heat, and thinks Bo is gone. She's disappointed to find an article of Claire's clothing on the couch. Bo steps out of his bedroom, looking disheveled and embarrassed.

Niki berates herself for kissing Bo. She just wants to get rid of Ben. Viki points out that Ben will never leave her. When Niki threatens to kill him, Viki vows not to let that happen. Niki thinks it's a great idea; it would finish Viki off for good. Ben comes in and gives her a big hug, and she sees the letter opener on the table. She inches him backward as she reaches out for it. Her fantasy takes over as she imagines stabbing him. He falls down, Bo and Antonio come in, and she claims it was self defense, but Antonio points out that he was stabbed in the back, negating her claim. She comes out of her reverie and stops reaching for the letter opener. Ben leaves for the clinic, and she begins plotting her next move. Natalie storms in, demanding to know why she lied to her. She talked to Rae and found out that D.I.D. isn't hereditary after all. Niki laughs at using Rae as a source of information; she's certainly no expert on D.I.D. Natalie insists that her mother lied to her. Something not right is going on. There's a standoff as the two women face each other in anger. Natalie storms back out, determined to find out what's going on.

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