OLTL Update Friday 6/7/02



One Life to Live Update Friday 6/7/01

By Laura

Bo is shocked when Nikki kisses him, but Ben interrupts before Bo can say anything. Bo assures a furious Ben that he is on top of the Allison situation. Nikki lies about Ben getting a call from the clinic and Bo agrees to stay with her until Ben gets back. Nikki's excuse is that she kissed him because he was being so nice and compassionate that she thought he was Ben. Bo stresses that it felt wrong and that they can never be anything but friends. He swears he's not angry, and that they'll always be friends, but that it's all they will ever be. He advises her to get counseling, because leaving Ben will not be easy, and she agrees to see Rae. Ben comes home from his false alarm, and Nikki gets concerned about he and Bo talking alone. Bo discloses to Ben that Vicki is feeling stressed and scared. Once Bo leaves, she admits that she made up the call from the clinic but did it because she was worried about him getting angry in front of Bo. As Ben draws a bath for her, Nikki realizes that Bo will be of no help, an

Gabrielle opens the door to Asa with cream on her face and dressed ready for a relaxing night at home. Asa attempts to throw her out, even offers a free dinner at the Palace, so that Bo can be alone for his dinner date for which Asa proceeds to set up at Bo's home. Gabrielle swears that she's happy for Bo, and that she has no interest in him. Asa is doubtful. She explains that Bo would never look at her twice, and that they are way too different. She adds that she doesn't think, however, that this is an appropriate way to set Bo up on a date. Asa informs her that Bo has already agreed to it. Asa leaves after Gabrielle agrees to do so as well, but after she changes. Gabrielle fantasizes about the two of them getting romantic at the dinner table together. Bo comes home and sees Gabrielle dressed to kill and a dinner table set up with candlelight. He smiles, but looks confused.

Starr comes to bid Troy farewell forever and to explain that she has to leave town with mom because dad told too many big lies. She sees Troy's necklace and asks him about Africa. Then she asks if he, unlike her parents, always tells the truth. He swears that he always tries to.

Nora shows Emily around campus and they express an equal desire to get to know one another better. Emily assures Nora that she lives up to her expectations and mentions that its good to see her brother "happy again." That gives Nora a chance to probe for information regarding Troy's past loves. Emily responds by trying to get Nora to go back to Troy's, out of guilt for pulling her away in the first place. When Troy calls Nora on the cell phone, it seals the deal. Then Emily awaits her mentor who is going to show her more of the campus.

Back at Troy's home, Nora raves about Troy's sister and then they exchange raves about each other, adding how in love they both are. They make love and Nora comments that she feels like Troy is sharing all of himself with her. He replies that there is something he needs to tell her.

Chad is meeting a girl so that he can exchange the tickets for $200. He thinks Emily is the girl he's waiting for and there is a very awkward moment as Emily is led to believe that her tour of the campus is going to cost her $200 and Chad thinks he is going to be stiffed out of the deal. Her real mentor shows up just as they are beginning to figure out the misunderstanding. They both apologize profusely, and Chad offers to give her a better tour of the campus tomorrow.

Lindsay tells Allison that Dave was there to visit her, and Allison responds by choking her. Allison believes that Lindsay is lying to her until she describes Dave perfectly. Then Allison, starting to believe, asks if Lindsay is sure it was Dave, and not Ben. Upon Allison's probing, Lindsay assures her that Dave came to see her but didn't say why and that no one else saw him. Lindsay suggests that maybe he got there through the tunnels and Allison starts to get angry again thinking that Lindsay is playing with her. After Allison leaves to enjoy some of the finer amenities of the prison life (goes outside), Lindsay plots to use Dave and Allison to get free. She writes a letter from Dave to plant for Allison to find.

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