OLTL Update Thursday 6/6/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/5/02

By Laura

Emily reminds Troy of his past, and of 'Joanna'. Nora shows up, Chinese food in hand, and strikes a deal with Emily that she'll tell her how Troy has spent his time in Llanview if Emily divulges all the secrets of her brother's past. When Troy is called out on a house call, Nora offers to show his sister around the campus of Llanview University. He is hesitant but gets Emily alone a moment to plead with her not to tell Nora about Joanna. After Troy leaves, Emily and Nora begin to get to know each other a little better. Meanwhile Troy fantasizes about a conversation with Joanna.

Roxy passes out and Max calls for an ambulance, and then changes his mind half way through. Unable to go through with leaving Roxy to die, he calls a free clinic. They send over Troy who reminds her that with her medical condition she can't be eating the way she does or she'll die. He comments that Max has thus probably saved her life by calling. Roxy swears that Max cares about her enough to save her life and he in turn offers her a donut.

Nikki turns to Bo once again and after mentioning that Ben threatened to choke Allison, admits that she no longer loves Ben but rather wishes to divorce him. When she tells Bo that she burned the letter from Allison, he temporarily grows suspicious of her motives. She claims she burned the letter on an impulse. She further explains her desire to divorce Ben; it was a crush as opposed to true love, he has no time for her, and he's changed so drastically. She suggests that he may even be cheating on her because she saw him with another woman at Crossroads. She claims that she doesn't want to ask for a divorce only because she is afraid of his anger. When Bo reminds her that she can always turn to him, she shocks him with her response, a loaded kiss.

Ben goes to Statesville to see Allison but is greeted instead by Lindsay. He convinces her to disclose inside information on Allison, especially regarding things she's said about 'Dave'. She confirms that Dave is the only person Allison has ever mentioned and that it was in reference to him getting Allison to fall in love with him while still being in love with is wife. To repay Lindsay's honesty, he confesses that he is actually Dave and explains how that came to be. After the guards ask him to leave, Lindsay tells Allison that Dave came to visit her.

Cristian asks Jen what she's doing to Natalie. She admits that she asked Natalie to leave him alone and he tells her that she's out of line and that no one chooses his friends for him other than him. Jen runs off, and as Cristian stays behind to convince Natalie that they are friends and that he doesn't intend to change that, Al follows Jen. Al comforts Jen and tells her how wrong Cristian is to not even try to be sympathetic and respectful of her feelings.

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