OLTL Update Wednesday 6/5/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/5/02

By Beth

As Roxy watches a horror movie on television, Al dumps some of her belongings on top of her. They were in the room he's going to be using. Then he grabs the remote away from her. After some arguing and trading of insults, Al picks her up over his shoulder and carries her out the door. Disgusted and depressed about his life, Max comes into the living room and looks around. Al runs back inside, locking the door behind him. Pleased with himself, he tells his father that he bodily removed Roxy from the house. They both get a chuckle out of this, but Max informs him it won't work. He has to honor the prenuptial agreement or lose a whole lot of money. He's stuck with her for a while. He lets his furious new bride back inside, and she storms off, while Max and Al have a good laugh. Max is surprised and pleased to hear that his son's moving in, but he wants to handle Roxy himself. Roxy returns with a demand that Max make Al apologize to her. After all, she deserves a little respect in her own home. Max refuses to do any such thing, and Roxy insults his loser son. Max sends Al off so he can talk to her alone. He warns her to never attack his son again. Roxy insults Max, who orders her out of his house. He throws a vase across the room, adding that he won't miss next time. When Roxy says he'll never get rid of her, Max counters that she'll end up begging to leave. Suddenly, she collapses. Max is happy that something finally went right.

Nora looks on as Troy and the young woman at his door exchange hugs. The woman introduces herself as Emily, and Troy is quick to add that she's his sister. Nora introduces herself, and Emily realizes she's the woman who killed Colin. She has something to say to Nora. Troy is apprehensive but pleasantly surprised when his sister apologizes to Nora for everything Colin put her through. She feels as if her family owes Nora an apology. Nora is stunned. Colin was responsible for his own actions, and his family doesn't owe her anything. Nora feels she should apologize for taking their brother away from them, but Emily understands that she had no choice. She's not glad her brother is dead, but he did scare her sometimes. Nora is grateful for her understanding. Since she's meeting Keri for dinner, she leaves the siblings to themselves. Troy tells Emily he's proud of her. He's also thrilled to see her. She explains that she's staying for the summer. She'll be taking some courses at Llanview University. Troy is ready to take her to campus to sort it all out, but it's already taken care of. She already signed up for classes and got a dorm room. Troy won't hear of his little sister living in a college dorm with all those hormone-crazed boys. There's an empty loft upstairs that he insists on paying for, and she's happy to accept his offer. They talk about their lack of visits since he got back from Africa, then the conversation turns to his personal life. He admits he's crazy about Nora. Emily is glad. She didn't know whether he'd ever fall in love again after Joanna.

After the fiasco with the photographs, Keri calls Rae to apologize but gets her voice mail. She runs into Jen, who tells her about Cristian's missing bibliography and their cancelled double-date. It's just as well, since Chad was bringing Natalie, and Jen doesn't want her around. She explains that Natalie is always hanging all over Cristian and is obviously after him. She told Natalie to stay away from him, and she promised that she would. Keri warns her to be careful, because she could end up looking like the bad guy, but Jen isn't worried. Natalie promised to stay out of his life.

In the library, Cristian tells Natalie his bibliography woes, then asks why she's there so late. She claims to be doing some research for a paper for next semester, trying to hide what's on the screen when he insists on looking. She finally gives in and lets him see that she's researching D.I.D. He knows that Viki had that years ago, but doesn't understand why she's looking into it now. Natalie is uncomfortable but says she wants to learn more about her mother. Cristian thinks Viki should be trying to get to know her. Natalie ends up helping him reconstruct the bibliography. When they finish, Cristian thanks her with a big friendly kiss on the cheek.

Jen arrives at the library in time to witness the kiss. She hangs back out of sight as Cristian thanks Natalie for her help before taking off. Natalie leaves as well, and Jen runs after her. As she catches up, she confronts Natalie about why she was with Cristian. Al overhears as their argument builds. As the argument turns physical, Cristian intervenes and breaks it up.

Nora finds Keri at the student union. They talk about Emily's arrival and Nora's jealous insecurities before learning that she's Troy's sister. She'd thought for a second he was involved with another woman.

Niki gloats over the note she put together by cutting the letters out of a magazine, and as she hears Ben approaching, she lets him find her trying to hide it in the couch. They argue about whether she's really hiding anything, then she pulls out the note. Ben takes one look at it and blows his top. He's going to Statesville to get the truth out of Allison. Niki rejoices that one of her plans actually worked, but Viki comes out and tells her it won't work. Niki dismisses her words and picks up the phone. A bit later, she tosses the note into the trash, then opens the door to Bo. She throws her arms around him.

In her prison cell, Allison thinks about the time she found Viki acting strangely at Llanfair. She laments not being with Dave. Lindsay returns to the cell, and Allison tells her that Dave's wife is two different people. Actually, so is Dave. She wants to change the subject, so Lindsay brings up the matter of prison escape. Allison doesn't want to escape. Wistfully, she says her father worked there until the day he died. Lindsay knows what it's like to lose a father; her sister killed hers. Her interest piqued, Allison wants to talk about that, but Lindsay won't be swayed. She reminds her cellmate that she mentioned "special ways" of getting out. Allison admits that there are tunnels underneath the prison, and some of them lead to the outside. Lindsay wants to see, but Allison refuses. She grew up in the prison and she doesn't want to escape. She likes it. They treated her special when she was a kid, and the guards are still her friends. There's nothing waiting for her on the outside. She has no money, no job, no friends. Lindsay reminds her of Dave, but Allison says that won't happen. Lindsay tries to convince her that if she were on the outside, she could fight for him and win him back. Allison replies that it's too late for that. When Lindsay says it's never too late, Allison thinks about it, then abruptly says she doesn't want to discuss it. One of the guards stops by to take Allison to arts and crafts, leaving Lindsay alone in the cell. Unaware that Allison is not in her cell, another guard brings by a visitor for her. It is Ben, who is as surprised to see Lindsay as she is to see him.


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