OLTL Update Tuesday 6/4/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/4/02

By Beth

Keri surprises Antonio at the Serenity Springs gym, showing him the photos she had developed from the old film in the camera Rae gave her. The photos are of a twenty-something Rae on a beach with a guy. Keri and Antonio like what they see of the beach and want to find out where it is. Since they haven't made definite plans for their trip yet, they might be able to go there.

Lindsay asks Troy whether he came to gloat, but what he wants is for her to stop harassing Nora. If she does it again, he'll report it. As he turns to leave, Lindsay asks how long he'll be able to hide who he really is--and what he's done--from Nora. The way he was able to fool Lindsay proves that he's very practiced at seducing women. She bought it, and Nora must be buying it too. Isn't there anyone left to even the score, or are all his women in prison? At that, Troy leaves, saying she'll never see him again. Lindsay tells herself that she certainly will see him. Allison finds Lindsay, who first tells her cellmate to go away, then starts talking about Troy, whom she hates with a passion. In twenty-eight years, when she finally gets out of Statesville, she's going to do to him what he did to her. Allison is sympathetic, assuring her there are ways to get out. "Special ways," she whispers.

Rex is waiting for Natalie when Ben comes home. Being friendly, Ben asks whether there's a problem, and Rex admits there is, adding that maybe Ben can help. He thinks he's bugging people, especially Viki, just by being at Llanfair. Ben can't believe that; Viki's the most easy-going woman he could ever meet.

Natalie is freaked out by Niki's words. Niki says the situation isn't good for her and she's worried about her losing her mind. Skeptical, Natalie thinks that would have happened by now, so obviously she's safe. Realizing she's not getting anywhere, Niki starts over by explaining D.I.D. She stresses that all her personalities were integrated years ago and she's completely cured. However, mental illness can run in families. She's seen certain signs that Natalie is on the verge of splitting into separate personalities. Natalie doesn't believe this; she's not worried. Saying she loves her daughter, "Viki" says she wants her to know the truth. Natalie has a genetic predisposition to D.I.D. Moreover, her childhood is a textbook case for triggering D.I.D. in someone with that predisposition. She can see how Roxy affects her. Natalie remains unconvinced. Niki goes on to say that Rex is a constant reminder of a horrendously damaging time in Natalie's life. It's vital that she stay away from stress. Therefore, Natalie must do exactly what she suggests. She's already seen some signs: a good Natalie and a not so good Natalie. That's exactly how it starts.

Ben interrupts and tells them how much he likes Rex. He tells Natalie some of the things Rex told him about their childhood, while Niki keeps trying to get Natalie's attention back. Finally Niki dismisses Ben by saying they were in the middle of something. Natalie insists she wants Rex to stay. She's really glad Ben came in when he did.

Ben tells Niki he hopes Rex can stay all summer. Niki gets rid of him again, then tries to figure out how to divorce him. Wondering who can send his temper through the roof, she comes up with the one name: Allison Perkins. She puts together a note from Allison that's sure to set Ben off.

Jen and Cristian are at the student union checking their final grades when Chad informs them that Natalie is his date to the concert. Less than thrilled, Jen sits down while the guys talk about Natalie. Chad is encouraged that she finally agreed to go out with him. Cristian notices Jen's mood but Rae takes him aside before he can mention it. Rae is sorry to inform him that she has to give him an F in her course. His paper was excellent but he neglected to include the required bibliography. He realizes he forgot to print it out, adding that his hard drive crashed and he lost everything. He promises to redo it and get it to her by morning. He gently informs Jen of the situation, but she says she understands. At the same time, Chad is on the phone with Natalie, who is cancelling their date. He's very disappointed and vows to hold her to her promise of a raincheck. He soon informs Jen that he managed to sell his tickets and even make a small profit in the process. He asks why her attitude about the concert changed, and she admits she just doesn't want to spend time with Natalie. Cristian goes to the library to redo his bibliography and finds Natalie, who's doing online research on D.I.D.

Keri finds Rae, who is surprised to learn that there was film in her old camera. Keri happily hands her the photos but Rae takes one look at them and abruptly tears them up and throws them away. She apologizes to Keri and rushes off.

Hank drops off some files at Troy's and talks to Nora about her relationship with the doctor. Nora admits she thinks she's falling in love with Troy, and Hank says that although he doesn't know him well, he seems to be a good guy. Nora is bothered by her lack of knowledge about his past, but Hank understands Troy's reasons for not talking about it. Much of his past involved Colin, and he simply doesn't want to bring that up to Nora. She counters that she's willing to hear about Colin a little bit if it will help her get to know Troy better. She wants to know everything about him.

Troy comes home from Statesville, tastes the dessert Nora left for him, and reads her note. He picks up his amulet, then looks up to see that she's standing nearby. She's sore from the morning's exercise, so he uses massage techniques from different countries on her. This prompts her to ask where he learned all this, and he stops. Why is she asking all these questions? Nora admits she has all these feelings for him and doesn't really even know much about him. Sitting down with her, Troy says his past isn't very exciting. He starts to tell her about Africa, when there's a knock at the door. A young woman throws her arms around him in a big hug, as Nora wonders what's going on.

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