OLTL Update Thursday 5/30/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/30/02

By Laura

Rae is burglarized and thinks it may have been Todd’s doing. Bo assures her that he is not a suspect and that there has been a low-profile burglar targeting other homes in the area, mainly those with large contents of alcohol in the house. Kerri comes, and Antonio stays, to offer Rae support and help her clean up. They find a very old camera that Rae gives to Kerri. She realizes that there is still film on it and plans to get it developed.  

Gabrielle suspects that Vicki wants Bo all to herself. Vicki offers Gabrielle a style editor job at the Banner, at double the price Todd paid her, and then reveals the one condition: Gabrielle must move out of Bo’s home and never have anything else to do with him again. She assures Nikki that she and Bo are merely friends, and roommates, but is still offended by the proposal, which she declines. Gabrielle leaves to tell Bo what Vicki has proposed, while Nikki fantasizes about Bo, kissing her and sharing a beer with her. Gabrielle tells Bo that Vicki is right and that she should leave because she’s no good for him. Bo immediately leaves, to go face Vicki. Nikki has changed into what she wore in her fantasy when Bo knocks at the door and demands to speak with her.  

Jen mentions the ‘third wheel’ to Chad and Al, who overhears, thinks she’s talking about him. Jen corrects an apologetic and hurt Al and explains that she was referring to Natalie as the third wheel. She adds that all Natalie cares about is Cristian. She heads back to the quarry while Al stays and convinces Chad, who has been having no luck finding one, to ask Natalie to be his date to the concert.  Then Al visits his mother, who praises him and swears how proud she is at his getting over Jen and moving on.  

Natalie tells Cristian that what Roxy says about her is true and that the proof is that no one loves her. She even reminisces about Roxy begging Aunt Corrine to take Natalie instead of Rex, about stealing Roxy’s clothes in order to have something to wear since Roxy wouldn’t buy her any, and about waiting up some nights for her mother to come home and then getting reprimanded for staying up past bedtime. She comments that Rex coming back into her life is even better than how she imagined it would be, but that now he’s Jessica’s brother instead of her own. Jen watches Cristian defend, compliment, comfort, and gently disagree with Natalie. Cristian asks Natalie to stay for the picnic and after she declines, Jen asks to speak to her alone. She warns her to stay away from Cristian.  

Max tries to break up with Roxy who swears that she’ll fight it tooth and nail. Max offers her a check, letting her name the price. Feeling insulted, Roxy refuses the offer. She insists that they have a connection of the souls, to which he responds that she doesn’t have one. She tries to get him into bed again. Roxy fantasizes aloud about how great things could be with Max and he reminds her that it's never going to be. In frustration, she leaves. Chad calls Max and advises him to get down to the Break Bar. When he does, he finds Roxy trying to remodel the place, and rename it ‘Roxy’s’.


And because I've been busy and forgot to do so earlier, I'd like to take a moment to tell you and all the fans how proud I am of our show and all the people who contribute to it, from actors/actresses to the higher ups and not so higher ups, etc, for making it daytime television's very best, and the award just adds the icing to the cake. Tanks OLTL for being the best. Laura Tesler

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