OLTL Update Wednesday 5/29/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/29/02

By Beth

Niki tries to get Gabrielle to take the mug of poisoned coffee while they talk over letting bygones be bygones. Gabrielle is suspicious of this sudden desire to be friendly. They really can't stand each other, and that's fine with her. Niki explains that isn't all right with her, so Gabrielle finally takes the coffee. Pointing out that it tastes a bit odd, she collapses. Niki smiles at her accomplishment, then Gabrielle brings her back to reality. It was all another of Niki's fantasies. Gabrielle takes the coffee but avoids drinking any. Sipping her own, Niki tries to press the issue by declaring it to be fabulous. She wants to talk about forgiveness and decides to make a toast, insisting that it isn't a toast unless they both drink. Bo returns in time to interrupt Niki's plan. He notices the coffee and decides he'd like some, so Gabrielle gives him her mug. Niki protests but Gabrielle says she was only being polite, as she really prefers tea. Before Bo can take a drink, Niki bumps into him and causes the coffee to spill all over Gabrielle. There's also some on Bo's shirt, but not nearly as much. Niki apologizes and says to send her the cleaning bill, an offer Gabrielle is more than ready to take her up on. Her plan ruined, Niki takes off. Gabrielle informs Bo that the coffee spill was no accident. He laughs this off, having known Viki for so long and knowing she wouldn't do something like that. Realizing she'll never convince him otherwise, Gabrielle concedes that she overreacted. However, when Bo takes a call, she tells herself she's not fooled by this at all.

After her failed attempt to poison Gabrielle almost killed Bo instead, Niki goes home, complaining about her life as Viki. Viki appears and tells Niki she wants her life back. Viki is appalled at Niki's latest treachery; she's never gone that low before. Niki points out that Viki has no idea what she's done in the past. Viki demands that she stop. Ben and Bo aren't stupid. They haven't noticed anything yet, but they will. Viki begs Niki to relinquish control and let her live her own life, but Niki adamantly refuses, and Viki disappears. Niki resumes talking to herself about how to get rid of Gabrielle, when Gabrielle herself walks in. Now wearing a change of clothes, she wants to know whether the coffee spill was accidental or intentional. She's been thinking about it, as well as the other things "Viki" has been doing, and she's convinced that "Viki" wants Bo all to herself.

Max bursts into Nora's house, saying he wants to get "that greedy, drunken troll" out of his life. He assumes Nora has found a way out, but it's not that simple. She did make a few phone calls, but there are complications. She shows him the video, which should have proven that he was drunk and therefore not of sound mind when they got married. Instead, it's a tape of "Cross-dressing Bikers and the Women That Love Them." Roxy obviously switched tapes on him. Nora thinks she can round up enough witnesses on Max's behalf, but it's going to take a few months. In the meantime, he has to live within the terms of the prenup. He can't move out or kick Roxy out; they both have to live in the house. Max can't accept that.

Jen and Cristian go to the quarry after their final, and Mollie and Shawna show up and start taunting them as usual. This time, Jen tells them off, and they leave. Jen admits to Cristian that they were right about one thing. She was a fool for trusting Al and leaving Cristian. She promises that no one will ever come between them again. They decide to have a picnic, but since they don't have any food with them, they separate, with plans to be back in an hour.

Natalie and Jessica are both looking for Rex, and they discover Max's address written on a piece of paper where their brother was last seen. They realize he went to look for Roxy.

Roxy doesn't recognize Rex and doesn't give him much of a chance to identify himself. He finally manages to tell her who he is, and Roxy is stunned. She reaches for him, wanting a hug, but he backs away. He wants to know why she gave him up all those years ago. They go inside, and Roxy explains that Corinne took him and she couldn't have stopped her even if she'd wanted to. When Rex asks why Corinne didn't take Natalie too, Roxy changes the subject. She talks about her new marriage to Max and how the three of them are such a great family. Natalie and Jessica walk in, and Natalie talks about what a joke that is. They want to take Rex home. They tried to warn him but he didn't listen. Rex agrees to leave. Natalie stays behind and gets into an argument with Roxy, who torments her about not being loved or wanted by anyone, and calls her "a nothing and a nobody." This really hits home, and Natalie runs out.

Roxy looks at the old photo of Rex and tells herself there's nothing to worry about, cryptically saying that "the kid" doesn't know anything. She just has to work on keeping her new husband happy. This is going to be her best marriage ever. To her chagrin, Max returns home and announces that their marriage is ending right now.

Upset by Roxy's hurtful words, Natalie goes to the quarry. Cristian sees her alone and crying and calls out to her. She turns to leave but he stops her.

Blair is shocked to see Todd in the bedroom. He knows what she was up to the night before, but she claims she was at home with the kids all night. He calmly walks over to the answering machine and plays the first part of Chad's message. Saying it's none of his business, Blair warns him not to try to use this against her. He won't; he forgives her. This should make them even. Blair is appalled that he would equate her actions with his. She'll never forgive him. She never wants to see him again. Todd points out that she'll wish she hadn't said that. It isn't a threat; there's no need for threats when the facts are on his side. The facts are that she's a drunk, a tramp, and a Cramer. She should never have custody of the kids. Blair yells that he'll never get custody. If he even tries, she'll call Bo and press charges. She kicks him out, then calls Bo to report that he violated the restraining order. Bo promises to pick him up, but all he can do is warn him. He advises her to hire better guards. There's no telling what Todd might do.

At the docks, Todd tells an unknown man that there's been a change of plans. He's not going to let Blair do this to him. He starts to tell the man what the new plan is.


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