OLTL Update Tuesday 5/28/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/28/02

By Beth

Bo gives Gabrielle some good news. He spoke with Hank, and since Blair isn't pressing charges against Todd, there won't be any charges against her. Happy, Gabrielle throws her arms around him. This act is witnessed by Niki, who is watching through the window. Bo accepts Gabrielle's offer to go to lunch. She's going to stop by Max's and make sure Al got moved in all right, then she'll be back. Asa catches Niki and accuses her of spying on his son. She denies this. Asa remembers when she was a decent lady, before she dumped Clint. That must have affected her brain. Niki claims she's spying not on Bo, but on Bo and Gabrielle. Asa says he tried to do something about her. He even called in Rae. He's stunned when Niki declares Rae to be totally incompetent. He thinks the only way to get Gabrielle out of Bo's life would be to kill her. Niki thinks he's right, saying she hopes Bo comes to his senses. Asa makes an excuse to leave, and Niki mulls over his provocative statement. Bo approaches her, and she informs him she cancelled her trip to London. He thinks she stopped by to talk about Ben. He doesn't have time now, but he'll call her at the paper after lunch. Niki tells herself Gabrielle probably won't make it to lunch.

Jen and Cristian are at the student union, where they're studying for a criminology final. When Jen makes a coffee run, Cristian notices that Natalie is also studying. He tells her he's been thinking about her and asks how she's doing. Natalie is in a very good mood because she saw her little brother last night. She fills him in, and Cristian looks forward to them all hanging out together during the summer. Jen returns in time to hear this and isn't happy about it but doesn't say so. After she finds out about Rex, Jen agrees they can hang out, but Natalie knows she's insincere and tells her not to lie about it. Cristian feels the tension but doesn't get in the middle of it. When he asks Natalie to study with them, Jen gets more annoyed and goes for another cup of coffee. She runs into Al, who's still trying to apologize for the way he behaved. When he sees the way she looks at the other two, he realizes she's jealous.

Jessica and Rex are talking when the doorbell at Llanfair rings. Al is stopping by to tell Jessica about Max and Roxy, but she already knows. She introduces him to Rex and comments that they're all related now, but Al qualifies that it won't be for long. He can't imagine his father would stay married to that woman. He fills them in on the circumstances surrounding Max's sudden marriage, including his own role in driving Max to get too drunk to know what he was doing. Jessica tells him not to be so hard on himself, and the two of them head for campus to take a final. Alone, Rex pulls a sheet of paper out of his pocket; Max's address is written on it.

Max calls Nora and insists there must be some way around the prenup. He's going to go to her office right away; between the two of them, they should be able to find a loophole. He heads out the door, but Roxy is just outside, ready to come in. Max isn't happy to learn that she took his keys and made copies for herself. She has a box of assorted donuts; she was planning to give him breakfast in bed. Max tells her he hates donuts. He also says his bedroom will stay locked and barricaded to keep her out. Roxy claims this isn't like him at all. When Max counters that she doesn't know him period, she says she knows all about him. Frustrated, he tells her to get out. She reminds him of the consequences, but he doesn't care. Roxy won't leave, but she points out that he's free to leave anytime. She opens the door and is surprised to see Gabrielle standing there. Roxy wants to know who she is. When Max informs her she's Al's mother, Roxy asks who Al is. Max reminds her that Al is his son, and Roxy smiles and remembers "Legs." Max informs Gabrielle that Al won't be moving in after all. Roxy introduces herself as Max's new bride. Taking a good look at Roxy, Gabrielle expresses disappointment that she's no longer the style editor, because she'd love to do a series of articles on Roxy. Gabrielle gets nastier, attacking Max, and Roxy defends her husband. Saying he'd rather spend the rest of his life with Roxy than one more minute with Gabrielle, he kicks his ex-wife out. Roxy is thrilled; she really believes him, but then Max informs her that marrying her was the biggest mistake of his life.

Later, the doorbell rings and Roxy answers the door. Not recognizing Rex, she tells him to go away, and shuts the door. Not ready to give up, he tries again. Roxy re-opens the door and asks what he wants.

Chad leaves Blair a phone message. He feels bad about last night. Part of him wishes he'd taken her up on her offer, but she was just so wasted. He hopes she's okay, and hopes they can get together some other time. As he hangs up the phone, Todd sits down beside him. Chad has no idea who he is but soon finds out. Todd warns that he's not someone Chad would want to mess with. He's liable to do something he probably wouldn't even regret. Chad tries to explain what happened, and insults Todd's character in the process. Todd scares him off.

Sam checks in on Blair, who is embarrassed about the previous night's behavior. She was hoping certain memories were actually a dream, but Sam gently tells her they're real. He insists that she drink his vile-tasting hangover killer. After he leaves for court, she takes a shower. She doesn't hear Chad's new message warning her to stay clear of Todd. She goes back to bed and puts on a sleep mask. Hearing a noise, she removes the mask and sees an angry Todd in the room.

Niki goes to the janitor's closet to look for something to use against Gabrielle. She picks up a hammer, then decides against it. She toys with the idea of using window cleaner against her enemy, but rejects that as well. Finding a box of rat poison, she thinks that's perfect. She goes to Bo's office to wait for Gabrielle's return. She puts some of the poison into a coffee mug, then starts pouring coffee as Gabrielle walks in. Niki talks about trying to bury the hatchet, which pleases Gabrielle. Niki suggests they have some coffee while they wait for Bo.

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