OLTL Update Monday 5/27/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 5/27/02

By Beth

Nora and Troy are together at his loft. She wants to know more about him. When she says there are obviously things she doesn't know, Troy looks over at his amulet. They are interrupted by a call to Nora from Max.

Max thought Nora was going to meet him at the airport as he requested, but she wasn't there, so he went home. Nora tells him she'll see him in her office tomorrow. Roxy is banging on the door and Max is in a panic. He insists it's an emergency, so Nora agrees to come right over. As soon as he hangs up, he is startled to see Roxy standing in the same room with him. He knows he locked the door. Roxy informs him she just went around to a different door and let herself in. She doesn't know how they got separated at the airport, and then she found out that he gave her the wrong address, so she went to Break Bar and got it from somebody there. Looking around, she decides she wants to decorate her new home.

Roxy answers the door when Nora arrives. Nora recognizes her as Jessica's birth mother and asks Roxy why she's at Max's place. Roxy gets the wrong idea and informs her in no uncertain terms that Max is taken, showing off her wedding ring. Nora gets a good laugh out of it, and Max comes in and sends Roxy off to get a drink. He assures Nora that he really is married to Roxy and wants out of it. Nora is tickled by the whole situation. After a quick look at the prenuptial agreement, she warns Max about how much he could lose. She asks for the wedding video, and when Max brings it to her, Roxy informs him that she called a plasterer and a painter to come work on the house. Max loses his temper, and Nora stops him before he says anything too harmful. She gently gets rid of Roxy, then warns Max that he can't kick Roxy out, nor can he leave. She'll take a better look at the prenup and see what she can do. Of course, if the marriage wasn't consummated, it will be easy. The look on Max's face tells her that option won't work. Well, then he's royally "consummated." Nora congratulates him; he has a wife! After she leaves, Max bangs his head on the door as Roxy sings "Here Comes the Bride." Later, Max tries to sleep on the couch and is startled by Roxy, who announces that it's bedtime.

As Troy holds the amulet, there's a knock at the door. He's surprised to see Ben, who's dropping off resumes for the clinic. Remembering his conversation with "Viki," he informs Ben that there are some extra shifts to be filled, and Ben says he'll keep that in mind if he thinks anyone is interested. Puzzled, Troy tells him that he was under the impression that Ben was interested, and that Viki was the one who told him. He decides it must have been a practical joke, but Ben doesn't get it. Troy thinks maybe she was trying to break up his relationship with Nora so that she'd get back with Sam. That must be why she tried to set him up with Gabrielle. Ben just can't believe this. Finally, Troy advises Ben to keep his wife away from coffee; she was very high strung and blamed it on caffeine. The way she was acting, she must have been drinking it with an I.V. or something.

Following Niki's outburst directed at Rex, Niki is met by Natalie, Jessica, and Seth, who want to know what's wrong. They all sit down, and Niki explains that she's just under so much stress. Todd is ruining his life, and Allison switched babies on her. Seth is quick to point out that Allison's latest crime was to try to kill Jessica, and Niki adds that to her list of stress factors. In addition, Asa faked his own death, and Bo's in a relationship with Gabrielle. She snaps at Natalie for voicing her opinion on the Bo/Gabrielle issue. The girls urge her to lie down, but she just wants some peace and quiet, so they decide to show Rex around town. Before they go, Niki wants to speak to Rex privately to "apologize." Behind closed doors, she tells Rex they have to get a few things straight. He has to stay out of her way. If he doesn't, she'll be sure to turn his sisters against him. She warns him to keep quiet about their conversation. After he leaves, Niki is convinced she's going to get caught.

Sam goes to Capricorn to look for Blair. Disinterested, R.J. says he saw her earlier, and since Sam claims her car is still in the lot, she must be around somewhere. A woman comes onto Sam, but he explains he's looking for someone, and she offers to check the ladies' room.

Blair and Chad are outside the club. Chad breaks loose from Blair's kiss and asks about her husband. Unbuttoning his shirt, she lies that she doesn't have a husband anymore. She takes off his shirt and he undoes her dress, which then falls to the ground. Wearing only a bra and panties, she tells Chad to take her now. He's shocked and doesn't know what to do. He's afraid of Todd, and they're out in public, but Blair's aggressive come-on and his own hormones are too strong to resist. Before anything really happens, Sam comes out the back door and yells at Chad to get away from her. Blair is mad at Sam for ruining everything. Sam puts his jacket on Blair, then bullies Chad into leaving, as Chad tries to explain he only offered to drive her home because she's been drinking. Sobbing in Sam's arms, Blair asks how she's supposed to get over what Todd did. How is she supposed to get over Todd?

When Hank comes in, R.J. assumes he's there to bother him about something. Hank sees Tea's photo, and R.J. claims he's over her. Hank doesn't believe his brother, but to prove his point, R.J. tosses the photo into the trash. After Hank leaves the club, R.J. retrieves the photo.

Natalie and the gang go to Capricorn. Jessica is surprised to hear about Roxy's marriage to Max. Natalie talks about what it was like to grow up with Roxy, and Jessica says she herself had the most incredible mother. Rex takes this in and doesn't know what to say, considering the conversation he just had with her. Although both his sisters warn him not to look up Roxy, he goes to the bar on the pretense of getting change and asks R.J. for Max's address.

Tea wants to know why Todd tracked her down. He says she owes him and it's time to pay up. Tea doesn't feel she owes him a thing, and she regrets seeing him when she was in Llanview. She can't give him what he wants: Blair. Todd laughs this off and says that isn't what he wants at all. Blair is trying to split up the family and get sole custody of their kids. She's willing to allow occasional supervised visits with Starr, but she's determined to keep Jack away from him forever. Tea advises him to give Blair time, but he knows it's a lost cause. He wants to hire Tea to represent him in the custody battle, but she refuses to take a case she has no chance of winning. Todd pleads that he'll do anything she wants, but she stands firm. Todd is convinced she still loves him and that's why she should help, but she denies loving him. Then he asks her to do it for Starr, but she again refuses. She asks him to leave, starting to call security when he doesn't immediately go.

Niki tries to think through what to do now. Ben comes home and questions her about her visit with Troy, mentioning the extra work hours, the attempt to set up Troy with Gabrielle, and the caffeine. Niki admits it's all true. Since she's going to London, she thought Ben would be lonely. When Troy mentioned the possibility of extra hours, she thought it would be a good idea to help him pass the time without her. As for Bo and Gabrielle, that situation is worrisome. She thought if Gabrielle hit it off with Troy, that would get Bo away from her and let Nora go back to Sam. Ben is scowling. He says this is crazy. Then he hugs her and says it's just her to always be thinking of others. No matter what kind of crazy things she might do, she's stuck with him forever.

Sam takes Blair back to the Manning house and carries her to bed. Still drunk, she comes on to him, but he refuses to let her self destruct. She says she just wanted someone nice to love her--someone who would never do what Todd did.

When Nora returns to Troy's, she notices the amulet and picks it up. She recognizes it from when they first met, saying that it seemed pretty important to him. Troy tells her that it isn't anymore; it isn't part of his new life with her. Later, when they are in bed, Troy looks over at the amulet again and remembers time spent with another woman.

Somwhere, an unidentified woman with a suitcase looks at a sheet of paper on which Troy's address is written.

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