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One Life to Live Update Friday 5/24/01

By Laura

Rex tells Natalie that he came to Llanview in an attempt to find her. He tells her that he had no idea that she and Jessica were switched at birth until Jessica told him. They discuss that he never received Natalie's cards and letters. Rex takes out "Mrs. Grundy" and shows the doll to Natalie. It was the only doll she ever had as a child and had given it to Rex on the day that he left, so that he would always remember her.

They continue to reminisce about their childhood and Rex remembers that Natalie isn't really his sister. She urges him never to say that again, because she will always be his sister in every way that counts. Rex wants to see the sights of Llanview and heads downstairs to wait for Natalie to get ready.

Lindsay thinks that Nora is there to gloat, despite her protesting that she is there to see a client and to check out the client's working conditions. Nora had even requested that the prisoners be cleared from the area. Lindsay offers the "grand tour" to Nora, and when she tells her about almost getting killed in prison, Nora asks why she didn't report it. Lindsay tells her that she did report it, to Troy, then comments that she's not surprised that Troy is already keeping secrets from her.

Lindsay asks about Sam and tries to make her feel guilty for hurting him. Nora says she's glad she saw Lindsay, because now she knows that Lindsay hasn't changed at all, and she no longer feels sorry for her. Lindsay says that once Troy has Nora, he won't want her anymore. She responds, "That's where you're really wrong. Cause he's already had me and he still wants me." Lindsay calls her easy and tries to make her doubt Troy's heart and mind, even compares him to Colin. Nora says that Lindsay doesn't know him and never did. Nora goes home to ask Troy if Lindsay had called him, which he admits to, and to confess that although Lindsay tried to make her doubt him, it's not going to happen.

Chad tells Seth that R.J. is grumpy toward him because he turned down some 'extra work.' Carlotta enters and throws Kerri's credit card bill down in front of R.J. She swears that if he keeps pulling these stunts, he'll lose Kerri, the same way he lost Tea. R.J. calls Tea ancient history and claims that he has no interest in seeing her. He also swears that he has changed, some for Tea, and more for Kerri. Carlotta tells R.J. that Tea was recently in town, but that she had the good sense to stay away from the man who she left for the devil himself, Todd Manning.

Asa throws Todd's actions in Blair's face, but she swears that she doesn't need Todd, or anyone else for that matter. Asa's friends want to meet Blair. He tells them that she's a she-wolf, but makes the introductions anyway. She flirts with Asa's friends. On his way out, he sees Jessica who calls him Asa and agrees with him that it would be nice if she could still call him Grand-pa. Blair flirts with Chad then sings to him, "What's Love Got to Do With It?" Blair suggests that she give Chad a private concert and he offers to take her home because she's been drinking.

Nikki asks Troy to give Ben more hours at work because he loves to work but will never admit it to Troy. She adds that she has a new project at The Banner and doesn't want Ben to get bored. Then she asks if he's seeing anyone, and offers to set him up with Gabrielle Medina. When he explains that he has just started a new relationship with Nora, she insults her. Troy asks her if she's feeling alright, adds that she's acting strangely, and wonders if there is a medical reason for it. Nikki apologizes, blames her words on caffeine, and then leaves.

Jessica tells Seth that Rex is in Llanview. She and Seth leave Crossroads after a while and go back to Llanfair to see Rex. They, and Natalie, walk in just in time to see Nikki lash out at Rex.

During Blair's song, there are images of Lindsay throwing things around her cell in anger, Troy holding the necklace, and then Nora, Blair previously crying over Todd; and while R.J. looks at a picture of Tea, Todd arrives at her door.

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