OLTL Update Thursday 5/23/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/23/02

By Laura

Roxy asks Natalie when she's going to congratulate her on her marriage. She attacks Roxy as a mother and asks if she's ever felt guilty about Rex. They argue over him and who took care of him and who loved him. She calls Natalie a depressed spoiler, and loser. Cristian comes to Natalie's rescue, in an effort to send Roxy back to her first class seat. Roxy accuses of him of cheating on Jen with Natalie. He forces her to return to her seat then sits with Natalie. He tells her that she's an amazing girl and that Jen is okay with their friendship. She is frustrated with Roxy's marriage because it means she'll be hanging out in Llanview a lot more often, but she's appreciative that she has Cristian on her side.

Rex, in a towel, walks into Jessica's bedroom, in his search for the bathroom. She informs him that there is a bathroom in every room, which surprises him. She also assures him that she's not embarrassed because she grew up with two older brothers. He explains that he never had his own room, and grew up sleeping on a pull-out sofa in the living room. Jessica wants to know what Natalie was like as a kid. He says that she was always nice to him. She asks about his aunt who he says is, "Okay." Jessica wonders why he hasn't asked about Roxy and he responds that his aunt told him not to ask so he wouldn't get disappointed. Rex asks and Jessica confesses that Natalie is very attractive but difficult to get along with. Instead of explaining, she urges him to figure it all out for himself when he reunites with her. Rex notices the resemblance in Jessica before she throws her little brother out of her room so that she can get ready for her date with Seth. On his way out, he runs right into "Natty."

Antonio surprises Kerri with a visit to a romantic, candlelit hot tub. She admits to him that she went straight to R.J. when she realized how Carlotta got the credit card bill. And although R.J. wouldn't confess, Keri cancelled his surprise birthday party. When its time to go, she picks up a towel to dry off with. Underneath is a travel magazine with a picture of the Mikinos Islands. She rants about how she went there with a friend and absolutely hated how tortuous and agonizing the trip had been; and then realizes that Antonio was trying to surprise her with a trip there. She insists that they can go there, and make new memories of the place, but he reminds her that it's a big world and that they can go anywhere in it.

Matthew asks Troy if he loves Nora and he stumbles but replies that he does. Nora is standing nearby hearing the conversation and Matthew turns and tells her what Troy just said, then asks if she feels the same. She struggles, but manages to distract him and get him to go upstairs. Troy apologizes for answering Matthew's question. She says that she's glad he didn't lie to her son, and explains that she didn't answer only because she doesn't want to confuse Matthew with something that confuses even her. Nora leaves to see a client and Troy says good-bye, adding that he never thought he'd be this happy "again." She comments on the "again" and he dwells on it, once home and looking at his African necklace.

Lindsay points out Tilley to Allison and asks if they can work together folding the laundry. Allison declines, mentioning that she works alone. When Allison walks away, Tilley throws Lindsay into the dirty laundry basket. Allison defends Lindsay and when Tilley asks who she is, and Allison answers, Tilley backs down. The guard comes in, caters to Allison, and sends Tilley to solitary. Lindsay realizes that Allison is so respected because she's been there before and knows the ins and outs of the place quite well. In response, Allison assures Lindsay that's she's full of surprises. Nora walks in to visit with a client, and runs straight into Lindsay.

Blair, in her bedroom, throwing Todd's belongings into a trash bag, looks up to find Sam looking at her. She insists that the marriage is over, and throws her wedding ring, which he tells her she may need later for court and agrees to hold on to for her. He speaks about property settlements and visitation rights. He adds that she will have to testify against Todd and that she will always have a connection to him because of the children. After Sam leaves, she starts hearing Todd's voice and laughter, getting the last word, swearing she'll never make it without him. She wants to call Kelly but Todd's voice reminds her that she, Cassie, and Dorian would just say, "I told you so." Blair throws on a sexy red dress and heads out for some 'fun.'

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