OLTL Update Wednesday 5/22/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/22/02

By Beth

Gabrielle is back in her office, where she resumes packing up her belongings. She knows she was good at her job, but she regrets not getting there on her own merits. Blair storms in and slaps her, then launches into a tirade against her. She's furious because Gabrielle knew the truth about Jack and didn't tell her; that makes her a monster, not a mother. Gabrielle realizes she was dreadfully wrong, and she apologizes. She wants to know whether knowing the truth makes Blair happy. Before she knew, she had a perfect life. Now all she's gained from the truth is pain. And that pain has turned her into an angry, desperate woman.

Gabrielle expresses relief that it's all over. Blair counters that it isn't over at all. She wants to see Gabrielle suffer. She wants her to know what it feels like to have her son ripped away from her. Gabrielle cries as Blair picks up Al's photo. Blair is going to make sure she never gets to be with Al again. Gabrielle is guilty of fraud, child endangerment, and blackmail. That should be enough to send her back to prison for a long, long time. Gabrielle doesn't understand why Blair would let Todd go free and instead go after her. Blair points out that she's letting Todd go for Starr's sake, but that doesn't mean he won't suffer. Gabrielle protests that she's blaming the wrong person. Blair admits she's going after her because she can, and Gabrielle says she doesn't have the guts to go after Todd. Instead, she's going after the closest scapegoat. Gabrielle suddenly realizes that Blair still loves Todd.

Niki primps outside Bo's place, then goes to the door. Bo lets her in, and she "cries" on his shoulder and says she needs him. He assumes it has something to do with Ben's temper again, but it doesn't. She thanks him for not telling Ben about their recent talks, and he assures her that he'll never betray her trust and that he will always be there for her. Niki tells him she needs his help. She's going to London to meet Clint to deal with some legal matters. She had hoped that Ben could accompany her and maybe they could work things out, but between Crossroads and his work at the clinic, he can't get away. Even so, he's unhappy about her seeing Clint alone. That's why she's hoping Bo will go with her. Maybe that will make it easier for Ben. Surprised, Bo says he'd love to see Clint but isn't sure he can get away. Niki pretends to try to leave, apologizing for bothering him. Bo stops her. If he makes this trip with her, she has to promise something. He wants her and Ben to go to Rae for counseling. She protests that Ben would never go along with that, since Rae knows both of them. Maybe she can find someone else--someone with the same wonderful insights that Rae has. Bo really thinks they need help, so she promises to find someone when she gets back from London. This satisfies Bo, and he goes to make some phone calls to see whether he can get away for a few days. While Niki waits for him, she has a fantasy about being in London with him, and the absence of Ben in her life. Bo returns with the news that since Blair isn't going to press charges against Todd, he's free to go to London with her. Niki throws her arms around him and is annoyed when Gabrielle comes home. Seeing that she's upset, Bo goes to her, and she tells him that Blair intends to press charges against her. If somebody doesn't talk her out of it, Bo will have to arrest her. Niki hears this and is overjoyed, but her mood changes when Bo informs her he won't be going to London after all since Gabrielle needs him in Llanview. Niki leaves. Bo comforts Gabrielle and asks for details. She cries and tells him she can't go back to prison. Outside, Niki is ticked off. She has to get rid of Gabrielle.

Al can't believe what he just heard. Roxy and his father are married?!? Impossible! Max admits it's all a mistake, and Al yells at him. Roxy had no idea "Legs" was Max's son, and says, "Yo, dude, come to mama." She throws her arms around Al, who pushes her away. Al insists on speaking to Max alone. He wants to know how this happened, but Max honestly doesn't remember. Al wants to know what made him get drunk enough to let it happen, and although Max tries to shield him from the reason, Al figures it out. He apologizes for the way he treated Max back at the casino, but Max insists it wasn't his fault; he's responsible for his own mistakes. At least he didn't gamble. He'll find a way out of this. Al's words didn't make him get drunk; the fact that they were true did.

Natalie confronts Roxy, who hits the jackpot at a slot machine. Natalie calls her a joke, and Roxy starts insulting her saying that no one loves her. Cristian comes to his friend's rescue and tells Roxy to leave her alone or deal with him. Roxy walks off, then Cristian leaves. Jen, who was watching the exchange, tells Natalie she has to talk to her. Natalie becomes defensive, assuming Jen has the same old problem, but instead, she thanks Natalie for trying to help them. Cristian overhears their exchange.

Roxy finds Max and tells him she wants to order a limo so that she'll hit Llanview in style. He tells her the house is at 72 Hill Road. Al tells Max he won't be living with him as long as Roxy is there, and Max reports he has no intention of living with Roxy. He must have "accidentally" given her the wrong address. Roxy returns and tells Max it's time to board the plane, and her arrival prompts Al to leave. Roxy can't wait to tell all of Llanview that she's the new Mrs. Max Holden, but Max advises her to hold off. He's getting a lawyer, and he's having that ring cut off his finger. After he walks away, Roxy gloats that she's in a win/win situation. Whether they stay married or he leaves her, she wins.

Troy and Nora are at her house. She's trying to get rid of him so that she can get some things done, but neither really wants him to go. As they kiss, Matthew bursts into the house. Sam is right behind him. They send Matthew upstairs, and Sam says he'll call next time. He walks out, and Nora goes after him. She wants to talk, but Sam insists that whatever was going on was none of his business. He would have knocked, but Matthew charged in before he could stop him. Nora says she didn't do that deliberately; she didn't expect them for another half hour. Sam also tells her that Matthew asked about how his parents feel about each other, and Sam told him they're friends. They both hope that someday that will be true.

Matthew comes downstairs and shares some candy with Troy. He's just full of questions. He asks why Troy was kissing his mother. Troy tries to explain that it's a grown-up way of showing affection. As they play Go Fish, Matthew asks Troy whether he loves Nora. Troy thinks about his answer, then replies that he does. Nora, who has come back inside, hears his words.

Blair goes home. She looks at the family portrait and throws a glass of wine on it. She tells herself that Gabrielle is wrong; she doesn't love Todd anymore. She sits on the stairs and cries, then goes upstairs and starts tossing Todd's things around, trying to gather them up and get them out of the house. She's still telling herself that she doesn't love Todd. An unknown person enters the Manning house, goes upstairs, and finds Blair in the bedroom.


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