OLTL Update Tuesday 5/21/02



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/21/02

By Beth

Roxy asks Max whether he's serious about getting a divorce. She reminds him they had a lot of fun all those years ago in Atlantic City, as well as last night. Max admits that she's a fun person, and he appreciates her being there when he was upset about Al. He just wants to put an end to this now before there are any hurt feelings. Roxy says she won't fight him on this, although she's disappointed. It's a good thing she was thinking clearly last night, because she got a lawyer to draw up a prenuptial agreement. If he divorces her, she gets a half million in alimony every year. When Max protests that he doesn't make that much money, she says this is the start of a beautiful marriage. Max insists it won't hold up in court. He calls Nora and leaves a message telling her to meet him at the Llanview airport. He'll call back to let her know what time to be there. It's an emergency.

At the Las Vegas airport, Al finds Jen and tells her he wants to talk to her and Cristian. Natalie tells Cristian she's on the same flight back to Llanview. She hopes Jen will be all right with that. Cristian assures her it will be fine. She's been a great friend to him. Natalie's grateful that he believed her when she explained why she was in Las Vegas; no one else did. Cristian tells her he's there if she needs somebody, and they hug. Jen and Al come along in time to see this, but Jen seems okay with it. Al announces that he wants to tell them the truth. He flew to Las Vegas because he thought Cristian and Natalie were seeing each other. He didn't think Cristian was right for Jen and he wanted to protect her. He admits that he was wrong about Cristian and that his father even tried to stop him. He knows now that she doesn't love him; she never did and never will. He's just sorry it took so long to get that through his head. He's officially letting go.

Cristian and Natalie are both suspicious, but Jen takes Al at his word. She expresses gratitude for the way he came to the rescue and saved Cristian's life when the Elvis impersonator tried to stab him. She and Cristian go to buy some magazines for the flight, and Natalie tells Al it was a nice try but she doesn't believe him. Jen bought his lie, and Cristian sort of did, but she doesn't. Al doesn't care what she thinks. Max arrives at the airport and Al tells him he worked it all out. Then Roxy shows up with news that she hit it big. She managed to get the last seat to Llanfair, right next to Max. Al and Natalie want to know why she's sitting next to Max, and Jen and Cristian are back, observing the scene playing out in front of them. To Max's dismay and everyone else's shock, Roxy proudly announces that they got married.

Jessica protests Niki's refusal to let Rex stay at Llanfair. Rex turns to leave and runs into Ben, who immediately gets an earful from Jessica about what just happened. Niki claims she was just worried about Rex missing school, as well as thinking of how his aunt might feel about this. Ben stares at her, knowing something is up. Niki agrees to let Rex stay, and Jessica takes him to get settled in. Ben confronts Niki. He knows something is wrong and wants to know why she lied to Jessica. She finally admits that she's worried about how Natalie will feel about having him at Llanfair. Ben admits she has a good point. Niki then announces that she's going to London to see Clint, who plans to rewrite his will to include Natalie, and wants to discuss it in person. Ben offers to accompany her so that he can finally meet his other brother, but she claims his presence would be too distracting for her. Ben is disappointed but says he knows the change of scenery will do her good. Sad, he leaves her alone. Niki, on the other hand, is happy. Now she has to convince Bo to go to London with her.

Jessica tells Rex he's welcome to stay at Llanfair. He asks about Natalie, and Jessica replies that she's one of a kind. She's hard to get close to, but she is changing. Rex questions why Jessica would want to have anything to do with her after what she did, and Jessica replies that she's family. He lets it slip that Natalie got all of Jessica's money, showing he knows more about the situation than he's admitting. Jessica asks how he knows and he claims he just assumed that's what happened. After Jessica leaves for a class, Rex removes the newspaper article from his pocket as a smug look comes over his face.

Hank tells Blair she has to be willing to testify. Bo asks Blair again whether she wants him to arrest Todd, and Starr comes home just in time to hear his question. She runs over to Todd and orders her mother not to do it. She wants to know what he did that was so bad. She'll find out, whether Blair wants to tell her or not. She asks Todd, who explains that he told a big lie. Starr reminds him that Blair forgave her for telling the lie about the man with the big stick. She also points out that Todd forgave Blair for lying about Max being the baby's father. Todd thinks this is a good point, but Blair disagrees. Starr announces that she'll never forgive Blair if she sends Todd to prison. She'll hate her forever. Crying, Blair informs the police that she won't be pressing charges. Happy, Starr hugs her father. Bo and Hank both try to change Blair's mind. Starr thinks Blair will forgive Todd and everything will be okay. Blair clarifies to Starr that just because she isn't pressing charges, that doesn't mean she forgives Todd. Starr still wants to know the truth. She insists she has the right to know. There's a huge struggle to make Starr go up to her room, but she finally stomps up the stairs.

Hank changes his mind and says he might be able to make a case without Blair's testimony. Blair informs Todd that she didn't let him take Starr upstairs out of fear that he would steal her. She's going to sue for sole custody. She tells Bo to get an immediate restraining order and put an officer outside the door, just until she can have a new security system installed tomorrow. They leave, promising to have the restraining order within the hour.

Rae doesn't understand why Asa took her to Bo's. He claims it's for a family therapy session between him and Bo, since Rae's a miracle worker. At Bo's insistence, he went to her, and she helped him get his head on straight. Now he wants to return the favor. Rae wants to know what he's up to; he's never nice, and he knows it. Asa tells her to analyze herself and get her suspicions under control. He knocks at the door. Gabrielle answers and informs him that Bo isn't home. Asa immediately instructs Rae to "shrink Gabrielle's head." Rae is appalled, and Gabrielle is outraged. Rae absolutely refuses to go along with this. Asa wants Rae to tell Gabrielle she's a bad influence on his family, and tell her to get out of Bo's place. When Rae refuses, he says he's paying for this and she's going to say what he tells her to say. Bo comes home and demands an explanation. Rae announces this is a freebie. She says Asa brought her here on the pretense of family therapy session, when all he wants is to push people around. He wants her to get Gabrielle to move out. She apologizes to Gabrielle and storms out. Bo informs his father that he likes having Gabrielle around. He's not going to kick her out. Asa warns Bo he'll regret taking up with her, and Bo tells him to leave. Gabrielle thanks Bo for sticking up for her. The phone rings, and Bo answers. "Viki" tells him she needs to see him alone; it's so important.

Todd accuses Blair of not caring about her kids. Suzanne comes in, and Blair yells for her to take Jack upstairs. She doesn't want Todd to see him. She'll allow supervised visits with Starr, but he'll never see Jack again. She asks how it sounds to hear that Jack is dead to him. Todd swears he won't let her get away with this. If she wants war, he'll give her a war. He leaves with a determined look on his face.

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