OLTL Update Monday 5/20/02



One Life to Live Update Monday 5/20/02

By Beth

Lindsay's new cellmate is Allison Perkins, who takes one look at Lindsay and snarls that she hates blondes. Lindsay has equal contempt for redheads. She makes the first attempt to get along, and they realize they've read about each other in the newspaper. Allison points out that the papers only tell one side of the story, so she tells Lindsay her side. They commiserate about men, and talk about how Troy and "Dave" were just stringing them along. Dave doesn't even realize that his wife isn't who she pretends to be. They both hate men but are quick to clarify that they're not lesbians. Lindsay says she's pleased to have Allison as a cellmate, and tells her about her troubles with Tillie. She assumes Allison is in prison for the baby switch, but Allison contradicts this. She's at Statesville because she "tried to kill a few people."

As Niki celebrates her victory, she gets a sharp pain in her head and stumbles back against the wall. It's obvious that Viki is back in control. She tries to figure out how Niki managed to take over the way she did, when she's supposed to be integrated. She rushes out of the ladies' room to find Ben.

Ben insists he doesn't have a problem with anger, but he's yelling at Bo. He wants to know who put that idea in Bo's head. Who said he has a temper? Bo covers for Viki, saying it was his own idea since it's in the Buchanan genes. Ben goes to look for his wife, but as soon as he steps away, she finds Bo. She mentions Niki but doesn't get a chance to elaborate before Ben returns. She keeps trying to explain that Niki came back, but the two men won't let her get a word in edgewise. As they talk about Allison's nasty allegations, Niki regains control. "Viki" says Niki couldn't possibly come back, stressing the complete integration of all her personalities. Hank comes by to get Bo, who tells Niki to call him if she needs anything. Annoyed, Ben insists that she has him to help her if she needs anything, but Bo ignores him. Bo and Hank leave, and Ben goes to get the car. Alone, Niki tells herself that Viki won't ever get out again.

Max drags Roxy to the chapel to find out what really happened. He tries to remove his wedding ring but it's stuck. He calls out, and the officiant greets them. Max doesn't want to believe he really married Roxy, but the officiant says they paid for their top-of-the-line wedding. Max insists he couldn't have drunk enough to marry that "beast." It must be a scam and they're backing up Roxy's story. When the officiant's wife mentions that they paid extra for the video, Max demands to see it. They all watch the hilarious video, in which Max is plastered and Roxy takes full advantage. Disgusted, Max turns off the video. He's unhappy to hear that it was all perfectly legal and that there are no refunds. He can't believe it when the officiant asks whether they plan to have kids. He thinks this is so depressing. There's only one thing he can do. Since they're really married, he wants a divorce.

Rex tells Jessica he came to see his sister, Natalie. He asks why Jessica is there in Llanview, and she explains that he assumed she was a tutor and she didn't correct him. She goes on to tell him that she is really his sister. He doesn't let on that he already knows all this. They sit down to talk, and she invites him to stay at Llanfair a few days to visit her and Natalie. He pretends to protest but then agrees.

At Llanfair, Niki asks Ben what's going on between him and Bo, feigning ignorance when he says someone told Bo that he has a problem with anger. Niki says Bo has been acting strangely and that it must be because of Gabrielle. Alone, Niki kicks off her shoes and complains about how hard it is to be Viki all the time. She needs some time to be herself. Jessica comes in and introduces Rex. When she announces he'll be staying at Llanfair a few days, Niki protests that he can't stay there.

Todd assumes Blair came back to talk about getting back together. Blair tells him she had a long talk with Starr, who was very upset after having heard them fighting. Starr wants the whole family back together again, but that won't happen. Blair won't give Todd another chance; their marriage is over. Todd argues that Starr wants them together and she always gets what she wants. She'll be devastated! Blair points out that people don't always get what they want. It's over, and she wants Todd out of their lives. Todd says he won't let her take his kids away from him, but she's determined. Bo, Hank, and two police officers arrive with an arrest warrant. Todd points out that if he committed any crimes--and he's not saying he did--it was in Mexico. He is informed that since he and Jack are citizens of Llanview, this does fall under their jurisdiction. Todd claims his lawyer will have this thrown out, but Bo points out that what happens now is up to Blair. The commissioner asks Blair whether she wants to press charges.

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