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One Life to Live Update Friday 5/17/01

By Beth

Troy and Nora are at his loft. He wants to be sure that she's ready, and she assures him she is. He asks what changed, and she replies that she did. She's not afraid anymore. She started looking at what's inside instead of what's outside. She saw him in the park with Starr, and he was so kind and gentle. His face may be the same as Colin's, but his heart and soul are his own. Nora admits that she's terrified, but in a good way. She feels so close to him and wants to be with him, but it's scary because there are no guarantees. It could be the most wonderful day in her life, or it could be a huge mistake. In any case, she wants to find out. She needs to know. Troy admits that he does too. Slowly, passionately, they kiss, and when the time is right, they lie down on the bed and make love for the first time. Afterward, Troy admits he's glad about something he said when he thought they were breaking up. He's glad he told her he thought he was falling in love with her. Nora smiles and admits she thinks she's falling in love with him.

At the courthouse, Jessica tells "Viki" she wants to talk to her about Rex later, after the sentencing. Niki goes on and on about what Allison did to her personally, ignoring how it all affected Jessica. She excuses herself, and in the ladies' room, she talks to herself about what a drag the loving mother routine is. She takes a swig from her flask and says Allison should have offed those kids when she had the chance. At least that creepy little witch is finally getting what's coming to her.

After Niki walks away, Seth points out how strange she was acting--as if it were all about her. He and Jessica enter the courtroom, where everyone is gathering for Allison's sentencing. Allison looks at Ben, who is on his cell phone. Jessica and Bo hug, and they all take seats. Judge Fitzwater enters, ready for the sentencing. Announcing that a plea bargain was accepted, she asks whether the defendant has anything to say. Allison definitely does. She turns to glare at Jessica, then takes her seat beside the judge's bench. Allison announces that she knows this is the part where she's supposed to say she's sorry and maybe get a year or two knocked off her sentence. The judge explains that the sentence has already been determined, although she's free to speak her mind, within reason. In that case, the truth is that she isn't sorry. If she has to pay, the Buchanans should have to pay for what they did to her. She spent years in a coma because of them. Hank objects that the Buchanans were not the cause of her accident, a fact the judge already knows. Crying, Allison alleges that she's only going to prison for wanting what was due her. No one has ever given her that. All her life, everyone has treated her badly--except for one person. At this, she looks at Ben, whom she obviously still thinks of as Dave. She reiterates that she's glad she switched the babies; she's thrilled. By this time, Hank has had enough, and so has the judge. Allison is sentenced to serve a minimum of eight years and a maximum of twenty at Statesville. The guard leads her away, and as she passes, she looks at Ben, which causes her to stumble. After it's all over, Ben and Jessica speculate on where Viki is. Ben's been trying to reach her for quite a while. They're glad she didn't hear Allison's invective, but they know she wanted to be there. Jessica thanks Hank for all his hard work and asks whether getting to know Keri was weird. She doesn't tell him about Rex. Hank admits he doesn't know his niece very well but hopes that will change. He's happy to have her in his life. He has to leave when his beeper goes off. Jessica wonders whether she should have told Rex who she really is.

Allison talks the guard into letting her stop at the ladies' room. Inside, Niki confronts her. Allison tries to push past her but Niki is stronger. She's glad Allison is paying for what she did to her. Allison points out that the baby switch happened long ago, but Niki doesn't care about that. She's angry because Allison impersonated Niki Smith and made people believe she was the one who took the baby. Suddenly, Allison realizes that she's dealing with Niki, and tries to run. Niki stops her and tries to strangle her. They struggle, then Allison manages to push her away. Niki immediately grabs Allison's hands and holds them up to her own throat while screaming for the guard. The guard rushes in and grabs Allison, who sees Ben and tries to warn him that "Viki" is really Niki. Ben looks at Niki as Allison is taken away, all the while shouting that it's Niki Smith. Niki lies to Ben about what happened, and he's furious at the guard's incompetence. Niki sends Ben to find Jessica and make sure she's all right. Bo, who witnessed Ben's angry outburst, asks Niki what that was all about. He's worried; this has to stop. He excuses himself to find Ben, and when he confronts him about his problem with anger, Ben is confused. Niki runs into the ladies' room and jumps for joy. It's all coming together. Suddenly, she feels a sharp pain in her head, which causes her to stumble backward against the wall. Stunned, she goes to the mirror. Looking at her reflection, Viki is relieved that Niki is gone.

Blair takes Starr to the coffee shop for ice cream, asking why she skipped school to visit Troy. Starr makes it clear that she knows her parents are fighting and that she wants the whole family to be together again. She promises to be really, really good all the time if Blair will get back with Todd. Blair tells her daughter that she can't change anything, and a loud argument ensues. Starr wants Blair to give Todd a second chance. Upset, Blair takes Starr and leaves the shop.

Rex enters the coffee shop looking for Jessica. Shawna and Mollie check him out, and when they overhear him asking about Jessica, they assume he's interested in her. They offer to tell him all about her, and try to warn him away by informing him she has a boyfriend and a controlling mother. They want to show him around Llanview, but he's not interested at the moment; he just wants to find Jessica. Insulted, the girls leave. Rex turns to leave the shop and runs into Jessica.

Tea informs Todd that she came to the area because of work, but that she couldn't leave without seeing him. She just couldn't stay away. Todd tells her that was a nice try, but she's a terrible liar. Getting rid of her was the best thing he ever did. He hit the jackpot. He's back together with Blair, and she's nuts about him. He points to the family portrait. Things have never been better for him. Tea knows he's lying; she spoke with Sam, and she knows Blair left Todd. Sam's very worried about him, and so is she. Maybe she can help. Todd doesn't believe her, and launches a verbal attack. Hurt, she says he's despicable. No wonder Blair hates him. Then she tries to apologize, but Todd doesn't care. He orders her out of his home. Tea cries and yells at him. He'll never change. People leave him because they can't reach him. She leaves, and again, Todd sits on the stairs alone. He looks up, and Blair is standing in the doorway. He tells her he knew she'd come back.

Antonio finds Tea at the coffee shop. She admits she went to see Todd instead of leaving town as planned. Todd is in so much pain! Antonio thinks he deserves it, but Tea points out that all he wants is to be loved. She also believes he and Blair are better people when they're together. Antonio cautions her to just stay away and let Blair have him. She says she really should go to the airport now. She can't help Todd. He's on a path to self destruction.

Lindsay marks off another day on her calendar, noting she's been at Statesville for six weeks. She tells herself things can't get any worse, but Tillie pipes up from the other side of the bars. She just got out of solitary and she's looking for payback. She and Lindsay are going to be roomies. Lindsay doesn't believe her; this is the first she's heard of it, but Tillie claims everybody else knows. The guard comes along and threatens to throw her back in solitary, so Tillie takes the hint and moves along. Scared, Lindsay tries to get the guard to help her. She could share the cell with anyone but Tillie. The guard admits she could probably help, but doesn't want to. She read more about Lindsay's case and what she did to Nora and Troy. After that, having Tillie move in is exactly what she deserves.

Lindsay paces her cell. Later, as she sits on the top bunk, she hears footsteps approaching, and the clink of the doors to her cell block. The guard is back with her new cellmate: Allison Perkins. Allison takes one look at Lindsay's hair and snarls that she hates blondes.

Live Week comes to an end as Ty Treadway does the closing credits from Lindsay's cell. His white lab coat reads:

Dr. Colin Mac Iver

(Not Troy)

After the credits, he opens his lab coat and shirt to reveal the word written in red on his abdomen: LIVE!

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