OLTL Update Thursday 5/16/02



One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/16/02

By Beth

Todd goes back home and calls out to Blair, but she's not there. Sam is there waiting for him, at her request. He informs Todd that Blair took the kids and moved out, and he has no intention of telling him how to find her. Todd blames this on Sam, who should have kept his mouth shut, but Sam points out that Blair figured it out for herself. Sam really thought they had a chance at happiness together, but Todd blew it; he broke her heart out of pure spite, just because he thought she'd given birth to another man's baby. Todd is convinced they can still work things out, but Sam leaves, refusing to help.

After a morning run in the park with Keri, Antonio stops by the diner. Tea has also just arrived, and she announces her intentions of leaving Llanview right away. She explains that she saw Todd last night, and he looked so lost. When she saw him, she froze, then turned around and left the coffee shop. She knows she has to stay away from him, but the problem is that she doesn't want to stay away. Carlotta warns her to fight the feeling. Sam comes in with Matthew, and the Vegas take the little boy to the kitchen, leaving Sam alone with Tea. Sam complains about Todd but doesn't elaborate, stating his refusal to let her get sucked in by Todd again.

Alone now, Todd calls Blair's cell phone, leaving a plea for her to come home. As he sits on the stairs and rehearses his apology, the doorbell rings. He rushes to open the door and is stunned to see Tea.

As Troy looks fondly at a photo of himself and Nora at the bike-athon, Starr arrives at his loft. She skipped school because she needed to see him, and she has a big favor to ask. Troy tells her to name the favor but is surprised when she asks him to let her live there with him. She explains that she, Jack, and Blair spent last night at a hotel. Blair tried to say it was just for fun, but Starr's not stupid. She knows her parents had their biggest fight ever. She wants to be with both of them, and it upsets her when they're apart. Maybe if she's not with them, they'll get back together so they can all be together. She's afraid they'll never live together again. Troy explains that it doesn't have anything to do with her. She might have to accept it. He loves someone he can't be with; sometimes that just happens. He tells her he's glad to be her friend, but she can't live there. She understands. Before calling her mother, he wants to give her something. He explains that he collects stamps, which surprises Starr because it's so geeky. However, she's thrilled to see that these stamps are of the type of spider that bit him in the funhouse.

Niki goes to the coffee shop to buy muffins, which she plans to give to Bo and pretend she made them. She fantasizes about Bo as a Sam Spade type, torn between having a fling with her and the knowledge that he would be betraying his own brother. Rae finds her lost in reverie and assumes things must be going much better with Ben. Niki confirms this and rushes out. Nora arrives for her meeting with Rae. She thinks she's running away from Colin. They sit down to talk, and she explains what happened with Troy, who is nothing like his brother. He's kind, gentle, and romantic. Rae counsels her to look at Troy and see all the ways in which he's different from Colin, and Nora asserts that the only similarity is in his face. Rae then tells her to look through his face into the man she knows he is, and to listen to her heart. Nora wants to think about this, so she heads out to take a walk.

Troy takes Starr to the park, calling Blair from the car. Nora sees them together and walks toward them, just as Troy sees Blair and sends Starr on her way. When he sees Nora, he turns to walk away, but she calls out to him. When she reaches him, it's obvious she wants to kiss him. They share a passionate kiss in the park.

Gabrielle is all packed and ready to move out of Bo's, but he arrives home and stops her. She expresses regret for lying to him. After all that's happened, she feels the worst about being a lousy friend to him. She tries to leave but he blocks her way. He can't understand why the whole ordeal with Asa didn't convince her to change. He's not just angry with her; he's also furious with himself. He asked her to move in for all the wrong reasons, the same way she took the job at the Sun for all the wrong reasons. There's a knock at the door, which Gabrielle thinks is her ride. Instead, it's Niki. Gabrielle tries to leave but again Bo stops her. Niki thanks Bo for telling her about Todd and for listening to her, and she gives him the "homemade" muffins. When she leaves, Bo asks Gabrielle to stay. He explains why he broke up with Melanie, and her claim that his standards are impossibly high. He realizes that everyone makes mistakes, and it's time to stop blaming people. Saying he's used to having Gabrielle around, he asks her to stay, and she consents.

After leaving Bo's, Niki calls Asa and asks him to meet her. She's surprised to see Renee came to the coffee shop with him. She informs them that she's worried about Bo and his involvement with Gabrielle, who's been in league with Todd for months. Niki was just at his place, and when Gabrielle tried to move out, he asked her to stay. Asa is suspicious of Niki's motives but Renee agrees that something has to be done. Asa calls Rae over to give her a proposition.

Max wakes up with a hangover. He rolls over and sees women's clothing strewn around the room. Curious yet apprehensive, he lifts up the covers. Suddenly, Roxy sits up from the foot of the bed. She says she had a feeling she could make him forget about his problems with Al, and she hit the jackpot more than once. She snuggles up to him. Max gets up and gets dressed, saying he doesn't remember anything about what happened last night. To refresh his memory, Roxy flashes her breasts. Max apologizes for anything he might have done to offend her; he must have been really drunk. Roxy insists there's no reason to apologize, and Max tells her he's not ready for a relationship. Then he sees a casino chip and asks whether he gambled. Roxy assures him that she looked out for him and the closest he got to gambling was kissing her dice. He was her good luck charm, and she won big! There's a knock at the door, and Roxy scurries to hide since she isn't dressed. Max opens the door and lets room service in. The waiter congratulates Max, who has no idea what he's talking about. The waiter explains that this is the newlywed breakfast special. Roxy shows Max her ring, and he looks down at the ring on his own hand and starts screaming.

Today, the closing credits were presented by Jessica Tuck (Megan).

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