OLTL Update Wednesday 5/15/02



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/15/02

By Beth

While dancing on a chair with the boombox volume cranked, Niki

suddenly realizes that Chad is in the room with her. Startled, she

jumps down and turns off the music. Chad just can't believe what he

saw and asks "Viki" whether she's having a nervous breakdown.

Offended, Niki asks how he got in, mistakenly calling him "Brad." He

corrects her and explains that he rang the doorbell several times but no

one answered. He could hear the music and decided to let himself in, since

he needed to drop off some class notes he promised Jessica. He still can't

get over her behavior and thinks something is "off," so Niki tells him

she's a whole different person. Chad takes that as his cue to take off,

but she stops him. She says she won't let him go until they get something

straight between them, and holds up her index finger in a lewd manner,

scaring Chad. She doesn't want him to tell anyone about her "disguise."

Chad is skeptical and wants to know why she's dressed that way. She claims

she's going undercover for the Banner to do a story on illegal drug use at

the Llanview party scene. Chad tries to explain she's too old for this,

but she wants to hire him to give her a crash course in current slang and

dance moves. She tells him she pays top dollar for someone she can trust,

and flashes some money, which he's happy to take. He reminds her of the

notes he brought Jessica, and takes off. Niki laments not being able to

"teach" Chad the things she'd like to teach him.

Blair tells Todd she can't forgive him. When she said she could

forgive him for anything, she really meant it, but she had no idea he

could do anything this horrible. All that time, she blamed herself for her

baby's death. Todd's assertion that he's been honest about everything

since then leads to a question from Blair. If she had never told him that

the baby was his after all, would he have ever told her that he was alive?

Todd thinks that's a moot point. That's just what she thought; he's not

sorry for what he did. He's just sorry that she found out. Todd defends

himself. He really loves what they have together. He needs their family.

Blair tells him they're not a family. It's all a lie. Todd points out that

they lie to each other all the time, but she won't listen. She wanted to

believe in what they have, but it was all just a dream. It's all gone.

It's too late for them; Todd killed the dream. Todd still doesn't

understand. The baby isn't really dead; she should be happy about that.

She throws him out. She doesn't want to see him or hear his voice ever

again, or else she'll call the police. Todd admits that they already know.

Blair tells him he'd better hurry, then. Todd begs her not to do this to

him, but she says he did it to himself. Yelling at him to go, she closes

the door and collapses on the stairs. Soon she hears Suzanne talking to

Jack. She gets up and takes her baby and starts to cry. Suzanne gives them

some privacy, and Blair tells Jack that everything will be all right. She

knew she heard him crying in Mexico. She cries as she sings to her baby.

Alone in the house now, Niki has abandoned her wild side and is

wearing a bathrobe. She only wanted one night to herself, but now she has

to go back to being Viki before she planned. Suddenly, Todd bursts in,

saying he needs her help. His whole life is falling apart. She already

knows what he did, thanks to Bo. Todd's surprised he's not already in

jail, since Bo knows. Niki gets him a beer, which Todd takes as preparing

him for one of her lectures. Instead, Niki tells him he blew it by getting

caught. Life is complicated, and people do what they have to do.

Sometimes, people get hurt. Puzzled, Todd wants to know what's wrong. She

never agrees with him. It's like a bad science fiction movie. Did her DID

come back? At this, Niki reverts to Viki mode, and Todd says he knew it

was too good to be true. As Viki, she says she was trying to use his own

philosophy. What he did was appalling. Todd admits he's never seen Blair

like this. Niki tells him it's right up there with something Victor Lord

would do. Stunned, Todd says that's a low blow, and leaves. Niki tells

herself she almost feels sorry for him. Later, she tosses empty beer cans

into the trash. She realizes she almost blew it with Todd. It's so hard to

keep up the Viki act all the time. She has to get rid of Ben fast.

Roxy thinks it's destiny that she and Max both ended up in Las Vegas

at the same time. Max is in no mood to deal with her, mentioning that his

son hates his guts. Roxy knows exavtly how he feels; her kids can't stand

her either. She doesn't let it bother her, and Max shouldn't let it bother

him. She follows him around, trying to get him to have a good time, but he

says he'd rather stay depressed. He doesn't gamble anymore; he has a

gambling problem. Roxy follows him around and points out she has gambling,

drinking, and smoking problems. When Max points out that those are

addictions, Roxy claims she's just having a good time. People even say

there's such a thing as addiction to sex. Maybe she'll give that a try.

She tries to entice him to the craps table. Max doesn't want to gamble,

but Roxy gets him to blow on her dice. She has a nice throw, and asks

whether he's going to place a bet.

Natalie explains that she saw Al at the Llanview airport and knew what he

was up to. She feels as if she owes Cristian, and when she couldn't get

hold of him, she decided to follow Al. Cristian turns to get back to Jen,

but the Elvis impersonator grabs him. Elvis wants the money Cristian won

at the slot machine. It was his slot machine. He'd been working it all

day, and he just took a break to get some more change, when Cristian

stepped in and won. That money is his. Cristian generously offers to give

him half, but Elvis won't settle for that. Cristian pushes him down and

leaves the scene. Natalie is one of several bystanders. Elvis stands up

and takes off after Cristian.

Al gets an eyeful of a scantily dressed Jen. He insists he had to come to

Las Vegas, and barges his way into Jen's room. He came all this way to

tell her that Cristian and Natalie are seeing each other behind her back.

Jen doesn't believe him. Al's convinced she and Cristian came to Las Vegas

to get married. He heard them talking about it. Jen realizes he's been

spying on them, and he admits it, saying he had no choice. He can't let

Cristian hurt her. Jen points out he's hurting both of them right now, but

he feels justified. She warns him to go now, if he cares about her. Al

whines that he still loves her. Cristian arrives just outside the room,

but before he can get inside, the Elvis impersonator rushes up and hits

him over the head with a bottle. Then he finds a steak knife on a room

service table and prepares to use it on Cristian. Not a moment too soon,

Natalie finds them and screams. Al and Jen run out of the room, and Al

attacks Elvis. Security takes the Elvis impersonator away, and Cristian

relates the sequence of events leading up to the attack. Jen realizes that

Natalie was the one who screamed, and Natalie confirms that she saw the

guy with a steak knife. Jen also points out that Al saved Cristian's life.

R.J. feigns ignorance about how the credit card bill ended up in the

envelope with Antonio's paper. Keri points out that he was alone in

her office. She wants to hear it from him. He points out that Carlotta is

the one who's been rude and openly against Keri's relationship with

Antonio. Keri is his daughter, and he loves her. Carlotta obviously judged

her without knowing the facts. Keri shouldn't have to live with that kind

of behavior. Keri defends Carlotta, insisting she wasn't the bad guy. R.J.

wants her to see things from his point of view, but she tells him that the

dirty tricks stop here. She warns her father not to make her choose

between him and Antonio, because he might not like the outcome.

Tea, Antonio, and Carlotta have a reunion. They thought she'd never

come back to Llanview, but she's doing some legal work for a charity

foundation in Philadelphia. They argue about R.J., and Tea is stunned to

learn that he has a daughter, and wonders why Antonio is dating her. He

defends Keri. Tea expresses regret at marrying Todd, whose actions she

would never defend. Before leaving, she advises Carlotta to give Antonio a

break; Keri sounds great.

Keri returns to the diner and finds Antonio on the phone. Using his

credentials as a police officer, he warns the credit card company that

Llanview has recently enacted some consumer fraud laws that the D.A. would

love to test in court. Keri is grateful for his help. She tells him she

set things straight with her father, and Antonio reports that his mother

also realized it was all a mistake.

Todd goes to the coffee shop, where he and R.J. have a pushing match. R.J.

stomps off, insulted, and Nigel stops in to get coffee beans for Asa.

Nigel inquires about Jack's health, then Todd admits that Blair knows

everything. She hates him, and he'll never see his kids again. Nigel

advises Todd to give Blair time. He shouldn't despair; things change. He

should just hang on. As Todd sits there looking forlorn, Tea comes into

the shop and sees him.

The closing credits are done by Dennis Parlato (Michael Grande).


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